Saturday, June 04, 2016

the stray dogs run

The stray dogs run
Around the back-lanes
Searching for food
Sometimes a place to stay

When crumbs are thrown
The stray dogs will look up at you
The pitying eyes staring at it
They are afraid to taste

The stray dogs have its own dignity
They may feel it can be a poison in the food
They smell it slowly with caution
They don't want to be dead on instant

When they hear of dog catchers
The air of smell they all disappear
No stray dog will be found
They know it isn't good to hang around

The stray dogs
The sins of the owners
Once they have them
Now the stray dogs are left alone

They scavenging around
Seeking for food on the ground
Sometimes at the garbage bins or tongs
The pitying eyes the sorrowful tales

The stray dogs
Are they any different from homeless?
Walking or running on the street
Scavenging for food or alms?

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