Monday, May 01, 2017

once the old man stood

Once the old man stood
At the gate watching the traffic flow
For hours he would stand there
Doing nothing but stare

When his wife asked him to do
Cutting the grass at the side porch
He would stand there ignoring her
Sometimes he took a while to go

While his son would shout at him
Talking him down but he stood his ground
When he had finished what he wanted to do
He would reluctantly trim the grass

He would do a lousy job
Until his wife would take it over
There he would stand at the gate
Watching the traffic going by

Now he can't do it
Something has happened to him
He may have fallen down injured his legs
He may have suffered a chronic ailment

He hardly stands at the gate
He sits on the chair the whole day
Occasionally he will walk with his stick
A slow movement to reach his object

Sometimes his wife will nag at him
While his son will shout nonsense
The whole neighbourhood will hear
The crazy family going their own way

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