Wednesday, May 03, 2017

the blue eye party

The blue eye party
Time to wake up
It's no use in dreams
See the signs gathering high

Don't harbour for support
The green moon has left you in distress
Its leaders make wrong judgement
On your leader for a high post

The blue eye party
The de factor leader is in jail
For a sexual act many don't believe
Without him the party runs around

The internal conflict
It is better settled it soon
Personal tastes and desires
It shouldn't mix in the party

Look at the grand picture
Don't let petty issues cloud a judgement
There is a rumour of defection
Watch it on the back door swing!

Don't forget Perak back door
It was said of money enticement
Don't let it happen again
If there is a chance called for snap poll!

The blue eye party
Don't dream in paradise
It isn't going to happen
If you don't wake up soon

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