Sunday, May 07, 2017

the bogus preachers

The Evil Lord will rise
His tentacles reached far and wide
He gladly offers sanctuary
In the darkness where light can't penetrate
There lies the sinful souls of bad deeds
They think they are in heavenly paradise
The Evil Lord will make them blind
In the darkness what's there to compare?
Everything will sound familiar
In the darkness what's there to see?
The false preachers will come
They will preach of fear and division
They will cause distortion and bad faith
These bogus preachers will teach
By brewing scriptures in their heads
The bad elements by religion
Many have fallen into the dark pit
What's there to complain?

Let the good Lord make His stand
The people need to pray for the good in themselves
Lucifer and his gang of bad elements will fall
Together with the bad people who joined them
The lighting rods will flash them alive

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