Saturday, May 06, 2017

it isn't your day to plunder

The crooks waiting on the wings
They smell the gold, diamonds and rings
They gathered their horses on the field
The signal they will watch with anticipation

The sky slowly turning dark and cloudy
The strong wind blowing up the dust and rubbish
The whoring sound can be heard in their ears
They steady their horses don't let them gallop away

The jewel on the central plain
The digging of wealth they dream
Once they had it in their fingers
They lost it by their arrogance

Now they smell the rat
The aroma filtering into their noses
It excites them once again
So here they are gathering on the field

The signal they watch
The time ticking it away
The whoring wind blast their faces
Then the rain then the flood on the field

The crooks see the danger
They aren't waiting but gallop away
The whoring wind wave them goodbye
It isn't your day to plunder!”

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