Saturday, May 06, 2017

watch your back door ah min

Watch your back door Ah Min
Stay in constant vigilence
Don't get poo on your face
It will be a shame!

It sound like a deja vue
Of once in the Silver State
The back door swing
The millions pouring in

So it was said
The barter trade
The turncoats got titles
The turncoats got millions

Don't let it happen in your watch
Get your party members toe the line
Else better ask for a quick solution
Go back to the people before it is too late

The hungry dogs smell the pile of meat
They can't sleep those hungry years ago
The green moon has become a bad news
The red and white will pour in the millions

Maybe it may not happen
The rumours run wild in the air
Take the best way to get it done
Let the voters decide

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