Thursday, April 20, 2017

a fugitive from India

A fugitive from India
Bee Ann gives him shelter
He should be deported back
The nation doesn't need him

Here we have enough scandals
Do we need to harbour a fugitive?
It is best let the Indian officials deal with him
The man has to return to face his sins

He dares to preach
He must be dare to face his trial
He mustn't run away
He mustn't be afraid

Even Jesus went through with it
He has his conviction; he believes what he says
He faces his hardship, tortures and death
But this man runs crying baby!

Bee Anne shouldn't give him refuge
He must return home to face his crimes
He can say what he wants but go home
He must face his trial in his homeland

The country doesn't need him
He only shows his seeds of division
Now he seems to get involved in our politics
This man must be deported back to India

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