Sunday, April 16, 2017

the season of justice

The Bamboo River plays its songs
The gong hits on the steel bars
Calling the sleepy heads to wake up
There is no time to sleep

The crooks wake up to hear
The noises keep playing in their heads
The chords, riffs and melodies
It never brings good cheers

They bang the steel bars
Shouting at the top of their lungs
The solid steel bars close the sound
The crooks are alone facing time

Once they were kings or warlords
They could do what they want to take
They had no respect of the law
They could say they were

When the power was taken away
The people could rejoice seeing them
Facing the law once they ridiculed
Now they would face the music

The Bamboo River never forgets
The crooks will have to walk in
The time will be for a long haul
The season of justice finally arrives

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