Sunday, April 23, 2017

a mufti once we thought...

A mufti once we thought
He could be the moderate voice
Amongst the lot of fanatics
In the multi-racial and religious society

Now he paints his true colour
He sings a different song
The days of his moderate views
It has gone to waste

A fugitive Indian Muslim preacher
Wanted by his home country he escapes
Now residing here with the perks and protection
He is afraid to face off his sins

This mufti has responded
He supports the Indian Muslim preacher
It is sad he hasn't notice the red alert by Interpol
A man wanted by his home country

Many countries have barred him
He brands his message of division
Inciting hatred instead of peace and compromise
It is bad when we have Muslims don't see it is wrong

Every religion is a path of peace
It encourages every faith to live in harmony
It encourages every faith to compromise in relationships
Of views, interactions and agree to disagree

We have enough problems here
We don't need another scandal to besiege our minds
This preacher should be deported back to India
Let him face his music; let him plead his case

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