Tuesday, April 18, 2017

old people marked it wisely

The old people
You have been warned
Don't be a loose cannon
You are advice to stay at home

Read books watch televisions
Pass your time doing gardening
Get yourself involved in community services
Get yourself occupied with grandchildren

If you have no grandchildren
Go watch movies in town
Sit in the coffee shops with friends
Talk of old times remembering the years

But old people don't talk politics
Bee Anne leaders don't like your kind
They will say you are a loose cannon
You don't know what you are saying

The old people
You know where to cross your vote
Don't be stupid to cross for Bee Anne
You better cross for Pakatan Harapan

It can be DAP, PKR Amanah or Pribumi
But don't give your vote to Bee Anne or Pas
You have a better chance with Pakatan Harapan
A chance to be free!

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