Friday, April 07, 2017

understand the root problems

The heavy punishment
The crimes will not decrease
By human nature they will try to beat it
A challenge or stupid bravery

Look at the drug penalty
Even death sentence will not stop drugs
The drug lords will dare to go in
Recruit mules to run the show

The syariah law amendments
It is only for the power hungry people
They want to cow the faithfuls
The heavy doses of punishment

It is the wrong teaching on religion
Why the faithfuls fail to understand?
Why the sexual crimes keep rising?
It is the weak mind, raging hormones

It has to go back to the roots
The basic drills of life and its creation
Why sex is for creation and reaching God
The creation of another human being!

Babies dumping isn't a cause
To try to amend the syariah law
It is the religious root and its teaching
Why the message fail to reach its audience?

Any law civil or syariah mustn't divide the nation
The laws mustn't be above the Constitution
This is the guiding principle of harmony in the country
And don't forget the nation is Secular!

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