Monday, April 10, 2017

be a little kinder

You can't live by religion
It will make you poor
You will have nothing
The day you die changing to ashes

Religion is a guide post
To the life you hear but don't see
It is the fate in you to belief
How true it is you couldn't say

Once religion in politics
The hell will get into the way
The enlightenment will run away
When the focus will be wealth and power

Many have fallen
Using religion to divide and conquer
Satan will be laughing
How easy to trap the crazy of power and wealth

In the lake of fire
The screaming voices will ring high
Nobody can offer help
The sadistic angels will hop and smile

Religion will not make you rich
It only helps to enrich your soul
When the time comes to go
This is what will help you

We are born with nothing
In time we will return the way we came
Don't be greedy, don't be corrupted
Be a little kinder it may help you in return

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