Wednesday, April 12, 2017

the elephant in the room

The elephant in the room
The one party leaders dare not do
They don't even want to table it
A no confidence vote

They live in sinful bliss
Knowing they have a share in it
The credibility has gone down the hill
They don't feel nothing is wrong!

Yet in the opposition camp
These leaders want to table a no confidence vote
Even in their own party they don't play the game
It shows the bad faith in their leadership skills

Even on religion one leader asks others to back off
He says it has nothing to do with the other faiths
He forgets this country is Secular with her Constitution
We don't need a different set of punishments

Sad really with these leaders
They feel the heat the ground is breaking up
They feel they will have nothing in the end
The wagon train they can't sit to enjoy it no more

The falling will be hard
There is no way they can survive
They have to learn to beg and cry
They forget the basic rules of sharing

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