Monday, April 10, 2017

the moon party

The moon party dreams
We can't blame its leaders
The smell of success near the door
The fruition can wait

The collaboration with red and white
The moon party leaders hide in joy
The rumor grapevine runs high
The millions gone to its bag!

The moon party leaders never say
The bad and scandals on red and white
Its leaders stay silence like a mouse
Hiding in the hole waiting for darkness fall

The moon party dreams
80 seats in the next General Election
Its leaders forget to remember
The moon may not get the shine!

The country isn't Islamic
The moon party should remember
Living in the Secular nation
Why want to break it when it isn't broken?

The moon party and red and white
The roses aren't blooming in broad daylight
The buds refuse to open in the day of shine
It stays in darkness with future in decline

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