Tuesday, April 18, 2017

the ns highway

The NS Highway
The motorists should beware
Driving in to the R&R areas
Don't leave your vehicles unattended

There are crooks hovering around
They will punctured tyres or oil gasket
When you take your rest and then drive away
A short distance you will feel something amiss

You will pull aside to stop and check
You will find your engine oil is gone
You will find you have punctured tyres
Before you can call anybody, somebody will arrive

You will find you have been fooled
Somebody wants to make money out of your misery
The mechanical faults or repairs can be done immediately
You have to pay to get your journey moving

Now it is said Plus has stationed its people
Moving around the R&R areas to catch the crooks
It is hope Plus will nap the culprits
And put them behind bar for a time

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