Friday, April 21, 2017

we are living in a Secular Nation

The hidden agenda
The Islamization of all people
This is the work of Talibanism
Rearing its ugly head

The religious clerics are playing gods
They think they have the rights to say and do
Years of study makes them good
So they think they walk on sinless road

They forget God never sanctions anyone
The last prophet came and gone
Leaving behind the Holy Books for all
Leaving the seeds of goodwill and compassion

Somehow Lucifer plays his game
Playing a different scale to confuse the people
Even the learned scholars can't escape his claws
The 7 sins hitting hard for all of us

The ruling government has failed
It has led to this scale of discontent
Hades has come to the shore
The cold winter he doesn't want to go home

The political eunuchs in the coalition
They sink into the sin of pit and sorrow
Once they are indebted they can't escape
The cash is king will tumble and fall

If the people aren't awakened
The Islamization will ring true
The extremists will dance on the street
Beating drums singing their own songs

We are living in a Secular nation
No religious laws should override it
This is our founding fathers decree
Let no political party run amok

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