Tuesday, April 18, 2017

a new star will be born

The war drum beats
Bee Anne is going to face
The test of its life
If only the party leaders know

The good times must end
Over 60 years it has its run
The cycle has completed
A new dawn the nation will face

A new star will be born
In the ashes of greed and corruption
There is no two way about it
The nation needs her change

The end of the prophecy
The last letter took its way
The major scandals and problems
No solutions to solve the crisis

Bee Anne thinks it will win
With all the agencies under its thumb
It is the people who make the decisions
The crooked ways befallen the nation

No Sirs you can fool people
You can't fool them all the times
A cycle of 60 years will come to pass
A new star will be born to save the nation

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