Saturday, April 15, 2017

the dark night

In the dim light
The breathing heavy
The fingers explore
Along the contours of a naked body

The man doesn't say much
He fingers it along the body
The softness he feels it
The raging hormones increase

The hissing sound of his blade
He stops and stares on the cut
The woman lays still motionless in his eyes
He breathes in heavy

His hands feel her breasts
The coldness doesn't scare him
She's alone with nothing to say
In the dim light

Then she unexpectedly moves
Open her eyes with a smile
The man wants to scream
She bites him savagely

He falls to his death
All the blood he can see
The woman stands over him
I am not dead fucker!”

He sees her run away
The naked body bouncing in his eyes
He tries to scream but no sound to save him
He knows his time has changed

He gets up and walks to the mirror
He seems normal and wholesome
What am I today?”
The living dead smart ass!”

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