Sunday, April 30, 2017

the nation will face a new dawn

The weak government
We hear the nonsense in the news
Even a judge makes a bad ruling
Does he realize what he has written?

All of us are immigrants
During the centuries of our people
What we hear today is the arrogant speeches
The country is made up of the sum of her people

If only the government is strong
The willed of nation will not bend backwards
It is the poor management of government
It allows the Talibanism to raise its ugly head

The scandals hit the head
The sins will not go away
Though every sidekick will try to say
There is nothing wrong with it!

But the people know
The lies will not cover lies
It is the truth will make us free
We don't have to worry about backdoors swing

The cycle has to finish
It is at the final run of things
The nation will face a new dawn
It must happen now!

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