Sunday, April 09, 2017

we are in cages

Walk by the shop-lots
Of many type of businesses
Along the road in the old town
The parking lots insufficient

At one shop-lot I watch
The birds in cages
Hoping wild to get free
There is no place to fly

The big and small birds
Each has a cage of its own
If we can listen to its chirping
The birds may say “Get me out of here!”

Like a prison in locked gates
The birds will stay
Until somebody will buy
Maybe there is a chance to be free

We are too in the cages
We can move around but aren't free
If we say the wrong way
We will be in prison in locked gates!

The draconian laws will fly in
Like the eagles attacking its preys
Showing no mercy but sadistic tones
We must wake up and change!

The country needs it
There is no doubt about the tears
We mustn't fall prey again
We must strike and be free!

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