Wednesday, April 19, 2017

the man on the bridge

The man on the bridge*
Sitting on the ledge staring to sea
Close off his ears feeling the silence
He feels he is unworthy

He forgets life isn't about money
Though unemployed with wife and children
He thinks falling into the sea
He will solve his depression and be free

But he never sees the other party
The tears will fall when he is gone
Leaving behind his misery and shame
The world he sees isn't fair to him

Satan is waiting
The bag of souls ready
Today Satan isn't in the loop
A good man stops by pulled him away

Satan curses with the wind
The sea stays calm no splashing of waves
Though the man curses at the top of his voice
The good man holds him until police arrive

Suicide doesn't solve any ills or problems
Somebody has to carry the burden when life is gone
Talk to people even strangers will help
Life isn't about money; it is about fighting the demons

*penang bridge

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