Sunday, April 09, 2017

the hell bill got its reading

The hell bill got its reading
The stealth operations in the row
Linking it to the power game
The coalition leaders got smacked

Though they will say
They know about it
The hell bill got its place
The Taiko wants that way

No debate no argument
In the House of angry faces
The spit and specks made his day
He got a new tar road so he made his play

Though it isn't a law yet
The dividing Muslims have to wait
The sadists want to exact punishment
They think they are the gods!

In the scriptures there are stories
About these kind of people to divide nation
Though they can spin tales of scriptures
Their hearts and minds are shallow

The Devil likes these people
They make the lake of fire fool of steam
The crying of pain floating in the air
Satan likes the noises in his ears

The hell bill
The black candles glow
The sadists gathered to crow
Our day for now!”

The light of people
The good ones who know
They will fight for the injustice
They will not let the devil grow

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