Thursday, April 13, 2017

time to change the game

The arrogance of Bee Anne
Too long sitting on the power chair
Until its leaders don't recognize
The power belongs to the people!

Look how they behave
Look how they talk
Look how they make policies
Look how they make draconian laws

The bad tentacles spread
Into every institution it touches
Bringing out the fear and divide
Even on the religious law

If we don't change it
We will suffer for our stupidity
We have to get out of our addiction
We mustn't fear of a new horizon

The new taxes the heavy loads
Everything rising high our pockets full of holes
The petrol price in yoyo swing
It says much of Bee Anne

Time to change the game
It will have hiccups
It is a better choice to make
Don't let fear and division bring us down

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