Saturday, April 08, 2017

the sexual predators

Rape is a rape
There is no two way traffic
The rapist must face the law
The criminal act shouldn't go unpunished

There is no shortcut on social ills
A rapist can't twist around to get married
The victim will have the darkest fear
What if he rape again in marriage?

Even consensual sex is a statutory rape
On the underaged person involved in it
Unless it is proven both parties agreed
To get married when they are caught

Statutory rape is different from criminal rape
One can ask to get married on the statutory rape
There is no force element involved in it
It is the consensual sexual act willingly participated

But criminal rape is a forceful act of penetration
Without the fullest consent of the victim
Here there is no shortcut to get married
The rapist must face the punishment by the law

Don't try to hide a crime in marriage
It never solves the issue of forced sex
It is best the sexual predators face the law
Lock them up in jail let them learn lessons

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