Thursday, April 20, 2017

the jittery leaders

The jittery leaders
They see the fall in their eyes
The fear they will make
Issuing uncalled for directives

On one hand we hear the race issue
The pampering still walks the corridor
Spoon feed over addiction and more
This race better wake up before it becomes too late

When the plug is pulled out
What will they become over their addiction?
It is better they learned the lessons now
Get up and fight for your own

The six decades of learning
Learn the ropes be a better race
But the addiction causes the laziness
Sweat a little crying back home

The jittery leaders
Some stay quiet; some want to play
The game of politics of division and wealth
Forgetting the nation is crying all day long

Let us stay together
Fight the injustice for a better growth
Let the arrogant party bite the dust
We have a better alternative to run the show

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