Friday, April 14, 2017

the dark clouds

The dark clouds
Drawing up its colour
It paints out the blue and white
The glaring black in the sky

The wind change its smooching sound
It turns strong blowing hard on the trees
It rattles the roof tiles as if wanting to take away
The leaves swaying in unison waking up from sleep

The sky turning black
The thunder rolling in the sky
It doesn't hit anybody yet
The sound of loudness rings

The rain come in waves
Battling from the sky to the ground
The angel tears for our sins
It cleanses our souls of impurities

Believe it or not?
It is hard to say
The impurities on the rivers
Floating and rushing along

The thunder rolling on
The rain keep beating its song
The stray cats hide in sheltered places
The humans watching the rain afraid of its tricks

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