Friday, April 21, 2017

we have to change to make a new way

60 years time to change
We can't be sitting on the same bench
We don't get to see a new wave
It has been waving at us

Are we afraid to get it?
The fear of reprisals in our heads?
Bee Anne has become complacent
Its leaders think they owned us and the nation

Don't forget the scandals
The shame of its crooked leaders
They make us covered our faces
We seem to lose our pride and dignity

60 years time to taste a new menu
Bee Anne will try to feed with transformations
Throwing goods and cash to the community
A lopsided way leaving others empty

Don't let religion crawl into politics
It will make the worst decision for everybody
Religion is a private matter with God
It shouldn't be running in the mix

We don't need this type of management
Dividing through politics and affiliations
Even granting of projects through divisional links
We have to change to make a new way

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