Monday, April 10, 2017

when leaders forget our constitution

When the bad laws take root
Nothing will ever be the same
We mustn't be fooled to believe
It isn't for me but them!”

When leaders forget our Constitution
When civil servants fail to defend the Supreme law
Nothing will ever be the same
The little devils will make the day

Turning it into darkness of the mind
Going backwards to the cave law
It is the warlords games of rule and divide
They are afraid to lose power and wealth

By using religion as a camouflage
The hidden agenda hides from the truth
The law that will pass or try through the back door
It will smell bad no matter what they say

They promise to defend the Constitution
They take oath to protect the Supreme law
Yet in the back door they renege on the promises
They forget the oath to take when accepting office

Let us stay united to defend our rights
In our Constitution we must return
Let the moon party and red and white mirror go
Into the mirror beauty of the lake of fire!

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