Friday, April 21, 2017

the greed

The greed of wealth
The fall of many in history
Once isn't enough to satisfy ego
Many times in need to feed

The political leaders too
Once they taste the power
They know they can get the wealth
The crooked leaders will plunder

Leaving the nation in poor shape
Stashed their ill-gotten wealth
They will escape when the fall is great
They will hide and spend in luxury

The greed in inner circles
Once these leaders can't get it
They will show displeasure and resign
They don't have the spirit of the nation

Lucifer will always be there
Bringing his bag to collect souls
He knows it is the season
The loads will be heavy and he likes it

Like the earthworms
After a heavy down pour of rain
The worms will crawl out to see
They will get stucked, dried and died

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