Saturday, April 22, 2017

the power game

The power game
The blues going out to make news
Let the people read and know
The owned newspapers and televisions
The reporters will have to write
The newscasters will read the news
The fight on crimes will not stop
The government will go all out to eradicate it
The bad hats must be caged and put in jail
The police will not compromise
The bad people must face the law

Years the crooks harvested gains
They make on the addicts misery and pain
They make on the poor people who need aids
Once they fail to pay the rain of red and knocking doors
The crooks aren't going to let it go
They will come for the pound of flesh
Sometimes it isn't enough to satisfy them
The police take its own sweet time
Waking up from its slumber to find the evil grow
Now the blues going out to make the crooks disappear
In Bamboo River or exiled to neighbouring countries
The heat is rising; the crooks aren't feel safe

The power game
It sounds of election is coming
The coalition wants to look impressive
The launching of race projects
The mantra has launched
The writing flourished in prints
But the jittery in their heads
They see the waning power
They will feel afraid
Hearing the beats
The Bamboo River sings
Come to me
You painted souls!”

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