Sunday, April 16, 2017

he is the loose cannon

He is an old man
White hair bald headed
Even the sun will shine it bright
The reflections of his life

He should look in his mirror
He is that old man standing on stage
Cooking up meals hard to swallow
He thinks he can give sage advice!

He says old men are loose cannons
He never thinks he is one of them
Standing on stage proud like a peacock
He should listen to his own advice

He should step down
Before the worms eat him up
In the brain where he knows
He is that old man

He forgets his needs the old men
They will make him look no difference
He shouldn't give his sage advice
He seems to  have the hallmarks of lies and deceits

Look in the mirror old man
Tell us what you see yourself?
The dark angel is laughing at you
He is bringing his wagon to take you home

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