Thursday, April 27, 2017

the dogs and cats lovers

The dogs and cats lovers
They don't see the bad
They dressed up the animals
They take them on parade

Some spend a lot of money
Grooming the pets to perfection
Even a child will not get that treatment
The constant check-ups and grooming

Some dogs and cats are left running away
These animals will do their business freely
The owners will not scoop the waste
Somebody will step on it and start cursing

The responsibility isn't there
The pet owners feel it isn't their business
They let the animals do as they like
The cats will run to compound of houses

Some will tear up the morning papers
Some will break the flower pots
Some will urine here and there
Some will put their marks of waste

Who will do the mopping up?
The house owners have to get the job done
Else the aroma will be terrible when it is dried
But the pet owners will pretend it doesn't happen

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