Monday, April 10, 2017

the women aren't chattels

The women aren't chattels
They aren't be used and put away
They are here for many reasons
Let the men live in joyous years

The women aren't the temptation
They are here to test of faith
How strong will the men be?
How good are they in their belief?

But the men always run away
When falling to disgrace
They put blame on the women
When they are in lusts they knocked them

Do they blame the women?
Nay..they will go after them
When the heat growing inside
They don't say the women bedevil their faith

Men are bully they don't admit it
They will try to lock the women's freedom
Even right to the dressing codes
The men have poor faith

The men better wake up
The women will come out of age
They are many educated ones
They aren't chattels they are the movers!

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