Friday, April 07, 2017

they sing ruu

Rasputin Rasputin
You play your tricks
Everyone falls asleep
When they awake
They sing RUU

Mary takes her 3 bags
Rasputin takes it all away
Hide it in his store
He tells his tales of grandeur

Mary runs to the forest
She sits under a tree crying away
The God fairy appears
Why cry my child?”
Rasputin Rasputin!”
He wants me to sing RUU
But he takes away my 3 bags
As my punishment for disobedience”
Now go home child
I will deal with Rasputin”

Rasputin Rasputin
He stands at the high peak
Feeling the grandeur
Of the sunlights on him
He feels like a peacock
The radiant colours bloom

Hey Rasputin!
You are a devil
Bringing bad news
What? Who's talking?”
Don't you know me?
I gave you a warning!”
Rasputin shivers
Feeling the heat of fear
Oh my God fairy!
I am sorry you came”
You bet Rasputin
You told many lies already”

No God fairy
I am talking my business
They want to follow me
I never force them to sing RUU”
Rasputin! Stop it now!
You can't let go power
You want it forever
You sleep on it
You dream and taste
It's time I take it away
You aren't fit to hold on to it!”
But God fairy!
Without it I have nothing
Nobody will believe me
They will say I am a crook!”
Hahaha Rasputin!
You still telling lies
The backdoor swing
The stealth movements
You are done, Rasputin!
You are banished for good!

Rasputin falls down
The tears falling from his eyes
Knowing the power will disappear
Nobody will be scared of him
Mary will dance in joy
Rasputin will feel the disgrace
Falling from his peak
The God fairy flies away
Rasputin Rasputin
You aren't a man but a bully
Time you taste disgrace
It will be good for your soul!”

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