Sunday, April 30, 2017

once your star is shining bright

Once your star is shining bright
Everything seems to turn into golden rays
You will be in high demand in the corporate world
Even in the entertainment industry too

Every bigwig wants to share
The good bright star you will bring
The big companies or motion pictures companies
They will spend millions to get you in

Everything you request will be given
Even right to the smallest details
They will say “Everything can be arranged!”
Once your star is shining bright

Once it is over
You will find you are alone
The people whom you thought would know you
They will say it is a long time ago

You finally realize fame has a price to pay
While you were at the top of the game
You must prepare for the losing star
Don't get stucked in the past glory

All the wealth you have made
Do not lose it all by stupidity
Everything will be gone
Once you forget your root

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