Wednesday, April 12, 2017

the beggars on the streets

The beggars on the streets
On 5 foot ways or in nearby malls
The adults and children hanging around
With eyes full of sadness or pretend

The way of living
There will be the good and bad
The evil ways or the cheating gangs
The beggars too have the game

The beggars by force or choice
Some find it easy to beg for a living
Some can't think of any better thing to do
Begging seems that easy way to live

The syndicates find the loopholes
Of the compassionate people who will give alms
For the children on the streets
For the handicapped persons begging

But the authority has given advice
Don't give alms to the beggars”
We know the reasons why
The syndicates try to milk us dry

Don't feel pity for the beggars
Some are lazy to find employment
Some women bring their babies along
Sympathy on the wrong side of compassion

The beggars on the streets
Is it a test on our faith?
It is hard to say
There are many faked ones we have seen

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