Monday, April 24, 2017

time on the walls

The years may have gone
The silence in the mind
The time may have recorded
The good thing is memory
It never fails to reconnect
Wiring up the brain to recall
The time when it was there

The circle that was gone
Turn to pieces go separate way
Into the life each would call its own
No strings attached no sad stories
But the good thing is memory
It recalls what it is.....

The walls on the circle
There will be pasted notes and guides
Staying there for years and times
The silence claims its own life
In the vast void sometimes the echo whirring
Linking the memory of times gone by

The whirring wind
The notes will flutter
Racing to fly away leaving the walls
But it stays stuck with glue for ages gone

The virtual world
The windows of the mind
Once a name to remember
It comes into memory

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