Monday, April 24, 2017

satan likes the fire

It has been written centuries ago
Of the make believe prophets or preachers
They will come claiming every right and left
Delivering their speeches on cut and paste

The audience will be spellbound
Listening to the speeches make believe
Wooling it over their minds
The audience of the same faith

The wolves in sheep skins
They will cause division and hate
Even spreading the ill feeling
It is the cause of bad faith

Men of letters jump the wagon
Years of study they think they cut it
But what they say it seems shallow
This is why we have many religions

No religion is superior or inferior
It is a free religion to practise and pray
The basic rule is to live in harmony
With the different faiths and colours of faithfuls

Satan always likes to interfere
Jacked up the facts twist it around
It is the souls he wanted to collect
Many have fallen victims going the wrong way

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