Saturday, April 01, 2017

don't live in chains

Don't live in chains
You will not find your freedom
You will always hanging by a rope
You will never know when it's your day

Don't live in addiction
Everyday you need a fix
Once you can't get it on
You will turn crazy like a mad fool

Don't live in spoon feed
You will not know your potential
You will be cowed to behave docile
With a mind in total dreams

Don't live in corruption
When you steal will not let you go far
You think you have the luxury
Once you fall nothing is left behind

Which way you want to live?
Live in a healthy mind and body
Live by doing good deeds
It will carry you through in life

Don't live by wealth alone
Don't live in greedy mode
You will never get it going
When the day God calls it is done

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