Sunday, April 02, 2017

driving on the road

Driving on the road
Trunk roads or highways
Don't lose the concentration
Don't talk too much while driving
Always check the rear mirror
And the side mirrors of the vehicle
The bad always happens
Once the distraction in the eyes

Don't tail too close
The brake may fail
The crushing of knocks
The vehicle may turn turtle
The screaming may not help
Death may call it a day!

Driving on the road
Don't try to overtake sand carrying lorries
These drivers are menace on the road
They drive to get more commissions
The safety of other road users they ignore
Sometimes the sand lorry may over-turn
Causing death on the accident

It is better to arrive late
Then feel sorry of the fast lane
Once life is lost that's the end
The tears may not bring back the life
So once behind the wheel
Let good sense prevail while driving
Some say speed can kill
Some say the carelessness of the drivers

Pick the mode
Make sure life stays intact
Through the road reaching the destination
In one good body and soul
With smile, hugs and good cheers!

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