Saturday, April 01, 2017

rent or buy a house?

Rent or buy a house?
It is a choice many have to make
The choice isn't hard to tell
Can a person afford it?

Renting a house
It avoids the financial woes
Once you have no job
You still can delay payments

Sometimes you can negotiate
The owners may allow you to stay
Some may waive off the rent
Until a reasonable time

When you buy a house
It is a long term investment
It maybe the only one to own
For a long while

Once you default payments
Out of job or doing odd job
The banks aren't smiling
The banks will send letters of demand

Once you can't pay at all
The foreclosure will begin
You will be out of a house
Without a roof naturally

Don't go rushing in
Take time to evaluate your needs
Buying a house needs careful planning
Once you ink it make sure you can pay

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