Tuesday, April 04, 2017

the healing in the kitchen

The spices in the kitchen
There are the benefits in the score
If only everyone makes the efforts
The diseases will be stored

The health benefits abound
In the kitchen cabinet we find
If only everyone knows about it
There is no reason to forget

Onions, garlics and lemons
Turmeric powder, virgin oils like
Olive, oregano and coconut
Take it orally, drink or mix in food

Green vegetables and cucumbers
Fruits and many other nuts
Drink fresh water forget the bottled drinks
The diseases will not cry for your body

Even stage 4 cancer
The doctors will say no cure
Pray for a miracle else death at the door
Take baking soda with water nothing to lose!

God gives us the natural foods
The way to fight our diseases in our bodies
Though we know He makes all kinds
It is our faith believing the natural goodness

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