Monday, April 03, 2017

the secondary jungle

The secondary jungle
The silent predators move unseen
Camouflage by the trees, bushes and leaves
The casting of dim lights and its shadows

The birds chirping away
The silence turn into sweet melodies
As the wood-cutter gathers his wood
In the secondary forest of cooling retreat

In the morning of the mist
The wood-cutter carries his load
Walking on the wet grass and misty air
He isn't worried about the silent predators

The mosquitoes bite on his shoulders
He shrugs it off and keeps walking
In the forest he uses to trek to collect his wood
He knows about danger behind trees and bushes

He sees cobra snake
Slithering away as he approaches
He says his short prayer knowing about cobra
Its sting is poisonous and death in minutes

In nature he trusts his soul
Stop at the streaming fall to quench his thirst
The lights begin to spread its shine
He can see clearly in the wide forest

Behind a tree he sees
The python crawls showing its head
He carries his wood and hurries along
He doesn't want to be the food chain

He reaches home
He relates his story
Of the silent predators
Operating in cool shade of the forest

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