Monday, April 03, 2017

let the bad tumble from the steps

The bad sucks the candy
The honey coated makes the day
Once the bad has tasted it
Nothing will stop the bad

We know how money work
Once it is used for buying allegiance
Nothing good will be seen
Every pole erected will be tainted

There will be the red paint
Telling the public this is how it is
On the wrong wave of a bad move
The bad will laugh all the way

When the public is still half asleep
The bad will cart away the wealth
Worst is the closing eyes public
They don't want to get in the play

When fear rules the day
The downhill will be the crying
The people shouldn't be afraid
The change for the good is necessary

Don't let the bad suck the nation dry
Put a stop before the disease spreads
As of now the nation is crying badly
Learning her wealth is carting away

We have our votes and rights
Learn to exercise it in good wave
Let the bad tumble down the steps
Then we can say sing “Amazing Grace!”

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