Sunday, August 31, 2008


The fireworks display
The multi-colors in the sky
The darkness turns bright
The colorful midnight stars

The gathering of many races
Eagerly staring into the sky
The colorful color blind people
All come together to witness
The fireworks display

The gong sounds midnight
The voices of many ring the night
Singing National Anthem to boost a nation
On this day race has no relation

The sea of smiling faces
Race never comes to display
Eyes to the midnight sky
The stars of colorful light
The fireworks spring to live


Only now he wants to talk
LKY forgets when he was the leader and minister
Following blindly in UMNO greed of power
Now he is hoeing in his garden
He decides to give his worth

Tell his puppy KTK to pull out Gerakan from BN
When the party still has a face to smile
When it is too late to flow with the tide
Gerakan will be buried in the mud of empty wealth
Leave the coalition if Gerakan wants to survive

When one tasted power and greed
One will find it difficult to pull it away
This is the dilemma in Gerakan
The leaders think they still have a chance
Fooling the people is history
Wake up before everything goes to waste

UMNO Ahmad talked about racial slur in PP
The president only said he would advice him
No action no disciplinary procedures
The UMNO president is allowing his member goes free
What more do Gerakan or MCA or MIC want?
Hanging on there to receive more crumbs…….?
Like beggars asking for alms?

These race base parties should quit
In BN to fight for justice and equality
For the people in the nation
One voice, one race, one country
We are Malaysians


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borrowed Portraits

The fire works display
In the sky at midnight strike
I saw it exactly
When the hour arrived

The hoarse voices
Of ‘Merdeka’ rung out loud
The sea of faces
Color blind in all races

Will it happen?
Speaking as one nation
Races thinking as one race
We are Malaysians

Yet we have politicians
Calling us ‘pendatang’
It affects every one
Ancestors from China, India and Indonesia
And the colonial people who stayed behind

Merdeka was in 1957
Now it should be national integration
So far we haven’t achieved it
The policy of rules and divides
Happening so often in the government policies

National integration
Thinking of one race Malaysian
It isn’t so difficult to intermix
It is the government intrusion
Every thing gone into the rain

Merdeka done in 1957
We must find ways to integrate as one nation
Treat everyone with respect and dignity
The ancestors helped to gain independence
Now we must speak as one country one race
Can’t we do it now?


Budget 2009
For the cronies sailing the wealth
Giving handouts to fool the rakyat
In the end we will pay more
When managing the country falters

Cuepacs still want some more
One month bonus insufficient
The union wants Cola to alleviate living costs
Hello it is tax payers’ money………
They should be satisfied on current situation

All because of the sleeping beauty
Dares not make decisive orders
Everything he has to wait from his advisors
The weakest pm for the country

Rich men hobbies and goods
They are allowed to enjoy plenty
Allowing free electricity for 1.1 million households
Using less than $20 in a month
What about property owners and investors?
I am sure they are smiling………properties not occupied
The electricity bills will be free…..
So the sleeping beauty doesn’t know
He thought he could win………..

This budget is for his cronies
Companies linked to friends and GLCs
Only small token given to the people
Like additional tax rebate of $50
Fooling the people…………..
The clinging to power unwilling to let go
Plan budget for the people
Not for business profits companies

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Merdeka had gone
Celebrated got the freedom
In 1957

Now it should be different
It should be National Day
For all Malaysians

Why keep harping on Merdeka?
As it is now race relation is poorly managed
Politicians always sing to their race
Rules and divides on racial composition
What so great to celebrate Merdeka?

When races can identify
They are Malaysians
Truly then we have come home
Years after of 1957
The fabric of national unity has gone
Only amongst the young ignorant eyes
We see the hope of national integration

The current issues
Race still rocks our minds
Haven’t we learned it all these years?
Only change the government
Maybe we will have a new light
To celebrate our independence day


The sweet flow for the poor and lower income group
How much it can help them on the rising prices of goods?
1.1 million households using less than $20 electricity bills

What about rich owners buying properties?
Leaving it empty electricity uses is minimum
So the sleeping beauty never learns his homework
In one stroke he is helping the rich people

Households using less that $20 of electricity charges
They don’t have to pay from October 1 onwards
Will this help the poor and lower income groups?
When other goods remain high as of today….

The sin goods no tax increase
Rich, poor and lower income groups indulge in it
The sleeping beauty should have taxed
So that healthy habits can be cultivated
Environment will be free of this sin

It never really can change life style
It is just business as usual for BN
Propping up to sustain power
It sends the wrong message
When the rich still continue to enjoy it


Wake up from your sleep
Open your eyes to remember
Things will not be the way it should be
Don’t get fooled playing political games

When the ground shifts
Nobody can stop it
Wake up from your sleep
The forces within are marching in

It never works
Threats and laws
When freedom is curtailed
The underground movement runs
People just want to get heard
In every form and substance

Wake up from your sleep
Enough of plunder of nation’s wealth
Feeding the cronies and families
Camouflaged as development expenditures
It won’t work as the basic ground never hitched
As corruption and abuse of power never change

Wake up from your sleep
Listen to the ground
The soft beating of peoples’ hearts
It is asking for changing; it will come

Friday, August 29, 2008


The BN scares of influential bloggers
Writings people read some believe in it
Giving alternative news true or false
Let the readers find their ways

Blocking websites just to show
The power BN government gets
It is the people who elected them
The BN leaders should understand

The ground movement has set
Another nail to BN coffin
The BN leaders don’t wake up
Some of them so quiet………
As if they have no voice left

The spirit of the charter
It must be given its proper standing
In it where MSC flourishes
Now it is back to frog in the coconut shell

BN government is trying
To make the transit
When others prosper leap and bound
We are running backwards
Too scared to challenge the global world?

Banning websites
It can’t take away the liberty of the people
The borderless world shall not go away
Wake up and take the challenges
With BN the leaders have no guts to do


Will the frogs jump?
We wait for the outcome on September 16
Right now every one thinks Anwar is spreading rumor
Just so the ruling government can’t decide
Running the affairs of the country
Else thinking how to squeeze what wealth they could?

Najib says he is the party whip
He will know who will jump ship
Is he sure about it?
He is afraid he will lose his premiership
At the ground levels something is moving

The IBC leaders of East Malaysia
They too harp the same story
To me MPs will decide
They don’t tell their party elders
This one is for the people
They must do the right thing

Anwar isn’t spreading rumors
It is the receiver going agitated
Every hour checking shadow
Is it happening already?

The forces will move
Across the sea and nation
The subtle messages spread
They wait for September 16
The rising of the new light
A new chapter in our lives


DNA bill
A rush job to make into law
The BN government hasn’t studied it
It is for one man
The BN government got jinxed

Now going for its second reading
The BN MPs better think properly
Don’t be a rubber stamp
You will be out come next election

All in-coming legislations
It should be thoroughly studied
DNA bill is a rush job
The BN government wants to nail one person
Whom they think he will cause its downfall
So he must be stopped by any means

BN/UMNO leaders
Don’t they learn their lessons well?
Apparently they don’t learn at all
See their behaviors people want to puke
For the people yet it is for themselves

The day is ticking
The prophecy of downfall looms
Will history be made for the people?
When the date arrives
We will know our destiny
Of a new light a new chapter in history


A few days to Merdeka
The low key programs
We hardly hear the calling
The celebrating of Independence Day

The first phrase had gone
The people tasted their freedom
A right to govern on their own
With elected representatives forming government

The years of laws and cronyism
Rules and divides on the people
Policies and benefits catering to a race
It is hard now to call Merdeka

The 51 years old of Merdeka
It is time to unite all races
Sharing the common destiny
No laws and benefits advantages to a race
It must be distributed fairly amongst the people

This is the Merdeka
I see ahead to the future
Malaysia for Malaysians
The economic cake must be shared
Standing tall amongst the world
We are one race in Malaysia
Sharing our colorful heritage and cultures
Tolerance on religious beliefs
Opening up doors to intermixing

Merdeka must free our minds
Of racial discords and economic division
Let us all share together
For the destiny of our nation
Belong to each and every one of us

Till then I have my own celebration
Thinking what she will be in years to come
It needs of hard work and tolerance
Before we can really call it independence

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Democracy is alive?
Even dissenting views can’t tolerate
How could BN government compete?
One man’s views they are so afraid

Let the bloggers write
Set up teams to engage them
Put forward your views
Engage them don’t run away

The government of BN
The holes digging some more
One hole giving so much publicity
And this one blocks all the way

The magic of their words
The flip-flop wheel takes turn
The BN leaders never learn
Likewise so are the ministers

Afraid to read the messages
The criticisms of Malaysians
So why set up MSC?
We want to compete with the world
We can’t be living in villages
Listening to one track music

UMNO/BN never learn
In the recent by election in PP
It never humbles the leaders
Dismissed it as a bad dream

Democracy is engaging
Truth or false go out to explain
Laws used should be the last resort
So allowing democracy to really work


Malaysia Today
The scared BN government hacking away
It is now officially inaccessible
The ISPs ordered to comply with government order

The charter of MSC
Free access and free writing on the web
Now the charter has been bridged
Foreign companies will think twice about it

The web owner of Malaysia Today
He shall not sit quiet and let it be
He says he will make it a bad day
The scared BN government has to pay

The editor of Malaysia Today
He exposed allegedly corruptions and abused of power
Amongst the elites of the ruling government
Yet he is charged and jailed for helping the country

The scared BN leaders read here of UMNO
They want to put him away…………
He can’t be afford to walk free
He is called ‘King’ of Bloggers here

Now he has set up another site
It can be reached without forced traffic jam
The charter of MSC
It must not be misused by the scared BN leaders
Why want to hide?
Engage the Bloggers
Be a gentleman!


“The return of the King”
The script will be written this way
Marching his soldiers right to Putrajaya
The throne is his…… it is

The falling regime
Hurling cases after cases to derail his plan
Using the police and ACA to block his way
‘The return of the King”
Nobody can stop him then

He has learned his lessons well
In prison, got black eye
Yet when he is free
The falling regime wants to make him
Falling again on sodomy

There are many obstacles
One time closed friends got into the game
Spinning tales of decade ago
As if supporting the last drop of the falling regime

“The return of the King”
The date is set on September 16
On Malaysia Day a new leader begins
Marching his soldiers right to Putrajaya



UMNO was given a second chance
UMNO blew it hard on its face
Now the old veterans wanted change
Yet the core racist values remain

It isn’t the right way
Forever harping on malay supremacy
We are Malaysians, period I say
UMNO founder knew it
Sadly he was bundled away

UMNO must open its doors
To all races willing to participate
Cast off its racial sentiments
We must be colored blind in our unity perspective
Otherwise UMNO has to kiss its life goodbye

As it currently stands
UMNO will be history
The Rakyat will make it so
Unless it opens its doors
To all Malaysians

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The little sparks in the sky
It doesn’t mean a lot at night
It is the dim light will tell
The journey of one man
The aspirations of the Rakyat

The road to Putrajaya
It may seems impossible to arrive
A little step it will take
When it arrives nothing will stop it

UMNO and its partners
The silence of the night
Thinking of ways to escape
The inevitable journey will arrive
Like it or not your days are numbered
The aspirations of the Rakyat will triumph

The journey of one man
The aspirations of the Rakyat
When he finally reaches Putrajaya
Many things and laws will be set ri



The Barisan Rakyat Bloggers
A big salutation for the write ups and pictures
Toiling day and night in the raining spell
Just to give us the news
Right on the door steps

Braving the crowds
Sometimes hostile; sometimes gentle breeze
Making it all worthwhile
Writing to spread the messages
Let no MSM try to do otherwise

With notebooks and contacts
Disseminating news and reports
The Barisan Rakyat Bloggers feverishly write
Into the wee hours of the morning
Just people like me
Get the news quickly

The Barisan Rakyat Bloggers
The people wake up for you
Let the light always shines
In pursuit of equality, harmony and freedom
Once again I salute you all!


The good son triumphed
In Permatang Pauh by election
A victory the people needed
For Anwar Ibrahim goes for change

The old horse of BN
Too old now to challenge the world
Too many holes hardly have time to fill
Dreaming of 3Ps
This is what they do

With the experience of 51 years
They run the country with rules and divides
Brewing race base benefits
Saying they treat every one equal

It is just a lie
The policies stand out in our lives
The malay supremacy rules
Don’t they know we are Malaysians?

Now Anwar has his rights
The first hurdle accomplished
The line has drawn closer
Will a new government formed?

The celebration for this victory
It will never end here in PP
The marching onwards is just beginning
The prize is Putrajaya


BN government on the run
Now the leaders want to fixed fights
With the bloggers what else
Don’t they have other pressing matters to attend?

Maybe BN leaders can hang in space
When Anwar Ibrahim walks into Parliament
There will be a change coming
So out BN leaders go

The ground is asking for change
BN government going backward to blame
Of things and events, corruption and misuse of power
They don’t say arrogantly keep up faces
They think the people are damned stupid
Knowing nothing what they have done

Catching bloggers
Of lies and deceits are they?
They want to share news
Amongst others in space

MSM media
Controlled and bending low
To the wishes of BN leaders
Make out statements hiding out truth
BN leaders think people are that stupid

The bonus nail on the underground belly
BN leaders will go without fanfare
If they have learned their lessons well
They don’t come with arrogant statements
The guns just backfire on their faces
Poor souls they better pack their bags and go

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the swearing business

The swearing business
We don’t need court already
Swear on oath with the Holy Books
The deed is sealed
So is the after matched punishment

Why so easy to escape?
Rules of law man’s road bully
On this I swear
So I am not wrong….

Don’t take God’s name in vain
For He doesn’t allow anybody to swear
When you are wrong, admit it
For truth will make a person free

Humans in the wrong
Using God’s name to play the cards
“I dare to take to take the consequences”
Yet admitting it so hard to do


No discrimination?
He just says to win votes
The battle in PP he is afraid
When Anwar will bring his downfall

Does he know what he is saying?
He has record of flip-flop decisions
This isn’t the way to manage a country
He can’t decide which way he wants to go

Women in progression
He takes him ages to realize
When he was a civil servant he didn’t know?
About inequality in gender opportunities
Now he wakes up he tells it so
Afraid he can’t linger on to power
I guess he is very afraid of what may happen

So the government borrowing terms from US
The people there like to coin beautiful words……..
Flat to condominium or apartment
Domestic servant now to professional housekeeper
Sometimes known as house manager

The government of BN isn’t very serious
Women go to crime because of need failures
If the BN government wants to help
Let there be no discrimination of any kind
For every one needs a second chance of life

Don’t we all need it?
After all Allah always forgive us
For our sins only sometimes we never know
When we go dancing into our lives


Image Preview

Today is the day
The voters in PP will decide
Who is the candidate?
An ordinary MP or one who will walk in Putrajaya
The voters have to make the right choice

The 10 days intense campaigns
The big guns and small cowboys
Running, walking, smiling
Capturing the hearts and souls
Of the people in Permatang Pauh

Dramas and threats
Spies and bribes
The long list can’t be forgotten
Today is the day
The voters in PP will decide

Think of it
Race base party or multi-racial
Malaysia of many races
Voters you decide today

The country dreams
The demons walk
Make today a light for all
We have seen the ‘dark’ too long

Monday, August 25, 2008


Time of a life
Will history be formed?
As the nation watches

The hypocrites
The liars and twisters
Abandoned morality
Swearing to make it believable
It isn’t the day

The truth mustn’t be sacrificed
It must be told many times
Time of a life
It has a fixed shell span
So don’t waste it away

The wind of dancing shadows
Amongst the trees and tents
Blowing up hot and cold issues
The willing ears make or break
Will history be made?

Time of a life
Use it for the truth
Plant it for prosperity
Use it for peace and harmony
For it is here
One will be remembered


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Giving aids to senior citizens
MCA minister goes about
The timing people ask
Why in Permatang Pauh?

Doesn’t she has other places to go?
MCA allegedly bribed the Chinese voters
Telling them how good BN is
Giving them ‘angpows’ of $200 each
Isn’t it bribing for votes?

Senior citizens take the money
Come polling day vote Anwar Ibrahim
This is where the history will be made
Be part of it forget about MCA
And its towkay UMNO……….

Let history speak
About senior citizens who make the difference
In the fight for changing government
For the future and our children’s children


Najib talks on race
Telling people Anwar pawning malay dignity
Is this type of campaign we don’t need it?
He is playing on racial card again

UMNO the rules and divides king
When the power is going to be scrapped
It flags its wings to flee
Yet as a small king it can’t fly
It is so grounded buried deep in its hole
Crying desperately for help now
As the mood has changed

UMNO can fool people most of the time
Now UMNO can’t do it any more
For the people and malays know the truth
Umno is going down………….
Yet Najib sings about his race
Sad but it is true
Malaysia isn’t made up of one face
She has many children of many races
Nobody should project her as one race

UMNO will disintegrate
In this buy election in PP
When the next government is formed
There will be no gravy train for UMNO
There the members will jump ship
Never mind those who quite PKR joining UMNO
They are there to get slaughtered………..

The new beginning will be born
In Permatang Pauh where it will begin
Nothing will stop it now
Go Anwar Ibrahim kill the beast
This is where history will be made


The giant killer came
He spoke of cronies
When things looked bad
UMNO will run for racial lines
Propping up to make it relevant

The two more days
The decision will be made
The people of Permatang Pauh
The history is in your hands

The free food and drinks
Promises of licenses and cash
UMNO leaders go all out
Bring in the votes desperately

The near empty tents in UMNO
The coalition partners silently walk
The ground swells for Anwar Ibrahim
They played dirty and talked lies
Hoping the older folks can’t know why

This one is for Anwar Ibrahim
The people must tell him he shouldn’t forget
On the way to Parliament and Putrajaya
He better keeps his promises
For the new chapter will not die

Sunday, August 24, 2008


The road litters with promises
Signs of swearing book of scriptures
UMNO leaders go singing its melody
Divide and rule seems the story

‘Katil lama tukar baru
Surat khabar lama bolih jual’
So UMNO goes around
In the neighborhood………

Promises of many
Base on racial sentiments
Money, licenses and rights
Only in buy elections
You hear a lot of it

The wagons stroll
Into the hearts of hungry souls
Will the people opt for change?
Take the goods and go for it?


Praises and woes
In political campaigns
Fans and supporters
Demons and the crack pots

This election in PP
It bears the weight of change
UMNO can’t afford to lose
For it the crown too

Swearing on Holy Book(s)
It seems to fool the people
It doesn’t work this way
When wrongs don’t hide
Desperate people swear on Holy Book(s)
Telling the people
“I have done no wrong”

The voters in PP
Go for change
You will make history
Let Anwar wins this game


selling souls by lu gasp.
borrowed gasp)

Selling souls
When you want to make it in a hurry
You don’t think of the consequences
You think only for your greed

A few days job
Worth millions to share
You don’t have to sweat it
You just carry out the routine
Entrapment to the finest degree

You don’t want to escape
You build up your case
For you have sold your soul
Collecting wealth easy till the end

So you think
When in court the truth will be told
The holes that have been displayed
You can’t hide it away

Swearing in God’s name
It is just a desperate attempt
You want people to believe it
But God says ‘Don’t use my name’

Selling souls
For power, projects and prosperity
The truth will be told
When God makes it known
In His way nobody can escape


Tajol Rosli jumps the wagon
On the swearing business he explores
Telling he is willing to do it
“I am not involved in bringing down state government”

He told all and sundries
Swearing seems the easy route
Saifool, Na Heat and now Tajol Rosli
It seems a good business

How could I don’t believe it?
He reportedly said PR would fall on 31/8/08
Perception is the trick of politician
Let others draw the conclusion

Denying too is in the vocabulary
Arranging and disarranging the chair
It is the way tricks are made

Imagine his party trying to woo
PAS guys unsuccessful did too with PKR
When all else failed, plan B was hatched
Now ACA will charge the two state ministers
On graft charges so super efficient and speed
When it is just a few days by election in PP

It smells of hatched up plot
Let see the case in court
And suing battle with ACA
By the two Perak State ministers
The battle really hot up the issue

Saturday, August 23, 2008


fuel petrol diesel price hike reduction 220808

Petrol price down
A mere $0.15 per liter
This is the political vote buying
Allaying fear of inflation of 8.5%

The sleeping beauty said on 21/8/08
There will no adjustment until 1/9/08
He flipped again on 22/8/08
Petrol price adjusted to $2.55 per liter on 23/8/08

We can’t have a PM who lies
He flip-flops so many times
Now we don’t hear of others reducing price
TNB why so quiet too?

The economy stagnant and inflation
The businesses slowly picking up
The disposal income slashed unbearably
The peoples’ confidence way down the line

I measured the many houses on auction
It tells me the economy isn’t moving
The wage earners are fighting hard to stay afloat
Even car owners finding hard to keep the instalments

We have been taken for rides
Making us fools many times over
Even for this year 51 merdeka celebrations
Nothing much is said about it………


Billions gone
UMNO leaders don’t say

Telling bad things
They are good at it
When ask about theirs
They shifted away

Tapes and boxes
Swearing of desperate moles
Of money and gratifications
UMNO leaders don’t say

Police reports on the ruling elites
Nothing will be investigated
When it is on the opposition
The police move so swiftly
You just can’t believe it

Billions gone
The ruling elites dare not say
Hiding under OSA and Sedition Act
They think the people will forget

BN leaders make full use of it
Ignoring peoples’ sentiments
Billions gone
They don’t say


Police love RPK
Raided his house 5 times
So efficient and progressive
Children kidnappings
Nothing came out of it

RPK the police bogeyman
He lives police get headaches
Writing articles about current affairs
Police want him to put away

UMNO and its cronies
They can’t sleep when RPK sings
Writing on current affairs
They want him stop
Kah Moon Ting is where he will stop?

RPK helping the police
Unearth wrongs yet he isn’t appreciated
Police love RPK
Raided his house 5 times already

UMNO and its cronies
They can’t stand truth be told
Crimes, murders and corruptions
The crime lords go out free
The Police can’t lift a finger
It is said insufficient evidence!

When it is with the opposition
Police go out so swift and efficient
It makes you wonder why
The root of evil has set on their minds

The hunger for changes
It has to come to save Malaysia
And the people believing it will happen
In Permatang Pauh history will be told

Friday, August 22, 2008


Anwar must not lose in this by election
So much is at stake for him and nation
The people of Permatang Pauh has an important role to play
Cast your votes on the fateful day of 26 August 08
Send a strong signal to the ruling elites
Time they pack their bags and disappear!

The tricks of playing Saifool
UMNO thinks it is alright
This shows how low mentality UMNO has
To fight a clean one running away

UMNO wants to bury Anwar
In his home turf that must be very desperate
He is just one human being asking for change
The ruling elites run with tails between the legs
The famous quote from a judge
‘It is irrelevant
Anwar will win this fight hands down’

UMNO wants the Malays
They can’t get the Chinese and Indians
Taking action without merits
It has killed off whatever gains

Anwar will bury UMNO
The coalition partners will soon follow
When the head is trapped in chains
There is not much one could do
Let it counts it’s many holes
The lies, deceptions and corruptions

Permatang Pauh the bridge of a new chapter
Here lies the man who will make it works
Give all the votes to Anwar
He will bring the new light for all of us


A person must have guts to change
When events have flowed; when things aren’t the same any more
Why wait to prolong the agony when it has gone?
Why waste time really?

The ground has awaken
The people make their stand
United we march together
Show the world we are one nation

Racists and race base parties
It can’t be around to fool the people
The internal revolution has begun
The old premise no use any more

Politicians with hidden agendas
Running fiery speeches on religion
It can’t be had in pursuing national unity
It must be the choices carry equal weight
When it isn’t balancing equally
The demons will strike economically
At the stupidity of not doing any thing

The people now open hearts and souls
Knowing this land belonging to all
The cake must be shared equally
One nation many colored people call
Sharing our joy when the new chapter writes
The Malaysians of Malaysia


UMNO youth ‘We will bury Anwar’
The deputy chief had said it
He is saying the end of UMNO
When Anwar wins this buy election

UMNO is desperate
Knowing its fate hinges on this by election
Giving so many promises and money
Thinking the people can be easily exploited

The famous unemployed should fill up the ground holes
It has become very unsightly smelling of improper hygiene
People have known it wasting and stealing wealth
The riches of the nation for the selected few

This is the Waterloo
UMNO will be buried in its holes
Too many to get it fills up properly
And its deputy youth chief thundering off target
Into his own hole he will bury himself

The BN party whip is so cock sure
No BN MPs will frog over the sea
The beautiful mermaids waving nearby island
It is just matter of time
The sea ripples with floating white waves
Rushing eagerly to meet the angels

And UMNO leaders go tell stories
The people have enough of it
This will be the last on the scene
For tomorrow comes you have nothing

Thursday, August 21, 2008

drumming beat as one nation

BN official drink
Marketed by another crony company?
Will it be paid or donated?

As someone commented here
Be careful of the BN bottled drinks
Maybe Si-Saifool had mixed it
In the end every one drinks
The mind and soul think of BN
Life will be flowing like shit…..

Seriously the voters have decided
The person whom they want to give their votes
The good son has finally returned
The people in PP want him in August House
And get his government moving
Unshackled the rule and divide systems
And the entrapment done by UMNO elites
And the lapping dogs will be gone………..

The twists and turns
We don’t hear any more
When new page is written
The glorious glowing
The light of truly Malaysians
Drumming beat as one nation


Most of the ordinary folks
Love free gifts and food
In their minds that will be right
Asking them for help

In politics the cronies go
Giving out free food and drinks
Gifts for elder leaders to say some good words
Gifts to the community leaders assisting the candidates

It is the season on any election
Yet there are no investigations by the EC
It is UMNO/BN doing it
These leaders minted the peoples’ money
So it goes back to the people

It is the way it is done
It breaks the election laws
Yet EC never takes action
He is just doing his job
Closing eyes and ears

So you see the buy election
Giving free gifts and foods
By the UMNO/BN leaders
With peoples’ money to boot


The way it was played
I saw the film ‘Entrapment’
Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones

Now two Perak Exco members nabbed
By ACA officers yesterday
Of corruption charges regarding to a housing project
Worth $180 million in Ipoh…………

The sting was done within 2 minutes
In a restaurant meeting with one exco member
The guy didn’t even know the brief case contained money
He didn’t know he was entrapped into it
He was meeting the other party who brought the brief case
Within 2 minutes ACA officers came in
And arrested the state exco member

The other exco volunteered to meet ACA officers
He was arrested when he showed up
Was it not an entrapment by ACA?
The ACA officers talked about cash and sex
It sounds so familiar in our daily lives

Think about it
Tajol Rosli says he will get back his government
On August 31………..
When his members filing cases of last election were rejected
Plan B swung into action to trap Pakatan members

Look Pakatan members reportedly rejected millions to cross over
Yet they were charged to accept a measly $100,000/-
It is not even recorded one of them took the money
A meeting with the other party who brought the cash in a brief case
A desperate attempt to topple the state government

Perak MB says there is no such project
It wasn’t even discussed in the exco meeting
Now ACA seemed to know the name of the housing project
When the state government has no knowledge of it

To derail PKR ambition
Why ACA never act on reports on UMNO/BN leaders?
It leaves me with a sour taste………


Bloggers got many praises
Of the different kind from the government
The latest from sleeping beauty when he woke up
‘Blogger is evil!’

Flying a nation flag upside down
It doesn’t show disrespect……
It is showing a distress signal
Something isn’t moving right in the country

Wake up open your eyes
The sleeping beauty shouldn’t sleep all the time
Events have passed him by
He doesn’t know what is right and wrong

Maybe one should fly half mast
Signaling demise of country’s wealth
Running away with the handsome tall UM-NO guys
And the drum beat boys of the coalition

We the people get the crumbs
Of the sloppy flip-flopping decisions
How long can we bend when our bones are hard and cracked?
Tell me why don’t you walk around amongst the people?
Go to the tea stalls and cafes
Open your ears and listen to the conversation
You get first hand knowledge
Then you can sack your C4 boys
Then you save taxpayers’ money eh?

Look into your backyards
There are many evils lurking
Draining out the country’s resources
Corruption, cronyism, greed of power
What have you done thus far?
Nothing in my book

Who is more evil?
A man fighting for his truth
The administration sleeping through
Talking without understanding
Doing without realizing it is worth it?

Malaysia call your white knights
Time to fight for your honor
For this land belong to Malaysians
And the people will sing it through

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We are ‘Anak Bangsa Malaysia’
The day we were born the day we will die
Living harmoniously amongst all the blind colored children
This is the home the country we will fight for honor and grace

The road to achieve it
It is always besetting with plots and twists
For amongst the flock of sheep
There will be wolves in sheep clothing

We pin our hopes
On the politicians to willed the changes
In peoples’ minds and perception
Schooled by 51 years of BN/UMNO tricks
Dividing the people on race
Dishing out unfairly rights of distributions

UMNO always blame the Colonial Master
Yet these UMNO leaders use the tactics to divide
Benefiting their own kind in the kitchen circle
Leaving other people fighting for crumbs

‘Anak Bangsa Malaysia’ will rise
In the future the people will decide
The many small steps taken to initiate it
It will become a reality in our lives

I salute you guys for establishing it
For the future starting with people like you
Small steps to bigger rewards
For dreams will turn into light


Swear or not to swear?
Leave The Lord out of it
He never says in His scriptures
Don’t use His name for personal gain

If one has a problem
Solve it like a gentleman
Face to face like open debate
Let the people witness
Say your piece answer questions

If one goes to court to decide
Proof your action with facts and documents
Along with witnesses to support your distress
Do it fairly without ulterior motives………

But do we get it there?
Minds of men and women
The 3Ps rear its ugly head
Most people fall for it
Power Projects Prosperity

Every flock of sheep has a wolf skin
Pretending pious spreading evil lies
Belittling the flock making it fight
Only wise flock of sheep leaders
Blah blah blah it away

Lie to make it right
It will fall when it is put to the test
No matter what you swear on it
It will destroy its creditability

When your mind is not at peace
Better don’t go for praying
It is better to ask for forgiveness
Within yourself and understand it
Humans have all the faults and crisis
When your mind understands it
It is easier to pray with conscious clear

Only the truth will prevail
When the tests start to call in one by one
The liars will be had the punishment will rain on them


The circus in town
In Permatang Pauh
The Saifool video on swearing
Repeatedly shown in the big screens
By UMNO; bankrupt of ideas

Telling the simple malay folks
It is alright to swear on the holy book
Believing what you say is the truth
The Lord will help you……….

UMNO leaders; one eye closes
They don’t tell the truth
It is the power and wealth talking
The people need it to feed many

Gerakan spin
About $9 million lost
Anwar had a hand in recommending
A decade ago………
The court was in Gerakan
Why Sue Kool didn’t collect it?
All those years he left it slide
Now he blames Anwar
Anwar didn’t manage the state government
It was Sue Kool tenure of CM then

The circus comes to Permatang Pauh
The tricks and half truths plenty to listen to
Promising goods and licenses
Permatang Pauh voters grab the opportunities
Then go and vote differently

You see the BN ship with many holes
Patching work unprofessionally done
Water seeping through at sea………
Crying for help yet proudly thumbing nose
Ignoring the people basic needs and liberty

Now in this buy election
The tail spins will be severe
The UMNO leaders know it
The eyes looking for ways to escape
The after effect of tsunami
Don’t go unprepared!


An MP the first line
Representing the people
Nothing else matters

When an MP holds many hats
He should beware the line of duty
The ground he walks
The badge he wears
It tells him representing people

He can’t portray
He represents an organization
So he goes protesting in multi-racial environment
Forgetting he holds his badge as an MP
He betrays the people’s trust
He shouldn’t go blindly

Religious issues are always very intimate and sensitive
We don’t need our MPs going naked arguing about it
We need our MPs to stand neutral putting decorum and civilized way
Putting ideas how to discuss rationally…………

The world will move us by
When we have MPs forgetting voters
Of many multi-racial multi-religious people
When they start saying they represent their race and religion
Forgetting they are in a multi-racial multi-religious nation
Voting by people to represent them not by race but country
As a unity representing Malaysia………….

If MPs can’t think like that
They shouldn’t be in the August House
They better go to the narrow dark alley roads
Nobody will care about them

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The relay man
He never stays in one place
He goes running
There is no fixed place

He puffs and puffs
Hands stretched out
Holding the baton
He runs on again

Along the way
He brews his toxicity
Telling he knows so many
The past and present history
He talks until he drowns himself
Listening to his own echo

Have you seen the relay man?
He has no backbone; he has no principle
He knows how to stretch his hands
He wants to get the baton
So he can run again

He talks about blaming game
He brews cold tea on plots and twisting facts
He is just the running dog
Thinking of his bone every day



O the dogs!
They do it in public
Dragging the partners
Eyes staring at the interested crowd

When it is there too long
The crowd disappeared
Children throw stones
O the dogs barking loudly
‘Please don’t report
It is our way’

We learn through nature
Behaving like dogs
Feeling no ashamed
And they called it puppy love

So it is interesting
Na Heat talked in his speech
The backroom guys shake it
And he waves his hands

O the dogs!
Barking for the bones
Likely it will be given
Show them the way

When the dog catchers swing into action
The public entertainment disappear
Barking and wailing hiding in fear
Calling for help other dogs howling
‘Don’t worry
It is just a show case’


UiTM students demonstrate
From a mere suggestion by MB of Selangor
Every student and academician protest
UiTM should be a malay university

It is good the malays wanted it
It is to show how inferior the race become
Afraid to compete; living like Mat Jenin
Dreaming of grandeur in the sky

This is a public university
Funded by the taxpayers’ money
Majority from the non-malay
So what is the fuss?

Basically afraid to lose
No keen desire to compete
Amongst the elite universities
In the end no applause
Only a sad journey for its graduates

Open eyes to see
All the top universities have multi-racial students
From there the value of these universities
Parents, guardians and students fight for it
What have you UiTM?

Universities must be opened to all
Base on merits and entrance examinations
In this way the core value will be retained
And the name of any university will shoot the popularity chart

If this the way UiTM wants
Let it be; let it be the unknown amongst the best
Where the graduates will find it hard in the job markets
Adding to the string of many unemployed graduates

Monday, August 18, 2008


The upright leaders in BN
MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP
And other small party members
Know your worth in multi-racial country
Brewing race base philosophy
Is a thing of the past………

It is time to rethink your value
The country has evolved; people have changed
Yet these UMNO partners still get stacked in time
Wake up and do the rightful thing
Be multi-racial in outlook join the PKR wagon
For the country needs and prosperity
Do it for the people

There is no shame in changing color
When you are treated unequally
When your voices aren’t making any difference
It is time to rethink your strategy

UMNO only thinks of its race and religion
Brewing many policies and regulations
Propping up its race……………….
And what have you got?
Begging for it
Lip service saying you are equal in partnership
The truth is you are just the number in the coalition
Following orders for the sake positions and wealth

Go do the right thing
Let the last applause belong to the people
You will save your face value
In the new landscape of managing change
who is he?
borrowed the sun newspapers

Hooligans are many
Society breeds them
Alone or in groups
Branding their kind of nuisance
Fear and blood
Lashing it out all and sundry

Minds tortures
Making life like hell
It can be anywhere
Where group is held

So in the political campaigns and dialogues
Many hooligans will come out in full force
Intimidating individuals or in groups
Just that they can get their daily doses

Who is to blame?
There are many agents on both sides
Police and political parties
Denying them isn’t the right way

The police may want to do it
Creating a reason to take action
Maybe to declare a state of emergency
When the situation goes out of control

The political parties want to muscle in
Throwing caution to the wind
Telling supporters they have the numbers
As well as the hooligans in their ranks

You can see
The group of police officers nowhere to be seen
I am sure they had been briefed many times
They just let it happens for a reason

The blaming game
Who is at fault?
The people keep saying
The hooligans……..
They are the educated lot


Will the drums beat loud and clear?
On the day when it plans to happening
Bringing it a new chapter for the country
For the people wait for it……………

Listen to the waves
The voices deep and angry
Money seems so tight to handle
When the economy doesn’t sing

Yet we hear protests
About artistes union on songs aired
Arguing about local products
When it isn’t good, why bother to buy?

The radio stations playing
Foreign artistes’ songs on neighboring countries
The local singers and musicians must improve their craft
Else don’t ask for help; it doesn’t worth the time and money

The politics in the country
A new beat seems to hang it there
People eagerly wait for the history making
A day BN will fall from grace

Will the radio stations play the new songs?
When it is happening, will the DJs sing along?
Don’t cry like a baby…………………
Something new is writing it our way


Why leave Saifool alone?
The sleeping beauty has come out to support
He dares to swear on charge not allegedly true
Yet the UMNO top guns lend support

Saifool must be brave to face
As it is now, he is trying to hide
Saying all so contradictory
He is lying starting from the beginning

Funny that the sleeping beauty
Woke up to finally lending his support
There is political maneuvering
To satisfy one power base and wealth

The plots and twists game
It has been plotted months ahead
Basing on report I read
This is political gamble
For the UMNO elites

The power base going up in smoke
Come September 16 a change will materialize
The Atlantuya Na Heat says he is the party whip
MPs shall not tell you when they want to defect
Don’t live in your private cozy world
You haven’t seen what will happen next

For the UMNO elites
Permatang Pauh the cave in
There the memory will be written
For trying to destroy one’s political career

Sunday, August 17, 2008


courtesy mob1900

Languages to fool
BN runs out of ideas already
Speaking Mandarin and Hokkein
It doesn’t make a good leader

It is the heart and soul
Believing the good of the country
Does it for the welfare of the people
It isn’t about personal glory

Most of the non-malays
They can speak Malay language well
In their daily routines in the business sectors
They don’t publish it for all to understand
Action speaks better than publicity

The BN dishes out $1 million for Chinese schools
The UMNO leaders don’t say it is tax payers’ money
They don’t have the courtesy to say it
They think it is their right with the funding

Now the tricks and treats begin
BN will go all out to please the people
Dishing out money to say for developments
When in the first place, nothing is happening
We only hear when it is a buy election……


borrowed www.

The day BN will know
Its rule has finally reached its limit
No more gravy train
There is no way it going to live

So many holes to dig
Never spend time to cover it up
The stench has reached its course
Time it sinks it all

The last hurrah for the 51 years
The people have seen the tricks and treats
Even till its dying breath
It is still dishing out the same thing

One UMNO leader
Canvassing about ‘jihad’ on one man
What low conception it has become!
Afraid to lose the power and wealth

The day BN will know
The Waterloo for the party
In Permatang Pauh BN will sink
The end is near the final battle looms

The people already spoken
On nomination day the message is clear
BN will kiss goodbye
When forgetting multi-racial people

Saturday, August 16, 2008


The nominations completed
The show of strength finally over
Now is the hard part
Let the ball rolls

The campaigns will be hard and dirty
The troopers of BN will go behind the scenes
Touting the stories of yesteryears and today
They hope to crash the people spirit

Likewise with PKR and partners
They want the people to give Anwar the mandate
It is now or never in Permatang Pauh
For BN and UMNO know it is the Waterloo

This by election is about forming next government
For it is here the history of the nation will be made
The people expect clean, transparent, corruption free rule
For they have enough of BN/UMNO antics

The faces of worry
Amongst the political elites
For the road to riches will become history
It is Permatang Pauh, the Waterloo to sink it all


It is show time in Permatang Pauh
This is the day BN will fall

The people of Permatang Pauh
Gathered to lend support
For the good son has returned
To claim his glory denied years ago

Forget about the sodomy charge
It is another farce up package
By the desperate leaders to derail his come back
On the whole it has many holes……..

Now the supporters and friends
On the streets dancing with freedom
This is the man Malaysia needs
As he will unfold the stage we will be

BN/UMNO leaders know
The time to fall has come near
No matter what they say
No matter what they want to hatch out
The Rakyat shut down their allegiance
For BN/UMNO is on the way to oblivion

So the voters of Permatang Pauh
The Rakyat wait for your decision
The future of the country lies in your hands
With it the man to lead the country
Of so many colorful people and religions


Swearing doesn’t say one is innocent
It will not be though one will try to believe
Asking Allah to grant you favors
When He asks not to swear on Holy Scriptures

The truth lies in one soul
You make a charge; the other tries to challenge
In between other parties will come together
For in human nature wealth and power rule
So every one tries to say
“I am telling the truth
By saying and swearing on the Holy Quran
The sins have already begun”

The politics of character assassinations
Through history it never fails to do
When one feels one power is diminishing
And the wealth too going away
The plots and twists will be unleashed
A few sacrifices to enrich the power game

When one is so eager to swear on the Holy Quran
Here lies the truth in his soul……………………..
He wants the public to know he is innocent
By using it he dares to say he isn’t lying

Can the ‘victim’ say honestly on the medical record?
He dares not touch on it still insisting he is telling the truth
It reminds me of Azizan Abu Bakar of a decade ago
When in court he said he wasn’t sodomized 3 times….
Yet the High Court judge punished the Malaysian icon
He sent him to jail……..for a charge fixed it up in a package

This one is another déjà vu
Minted by the new players with old plot
Thinking once it could get away
Now they think they can do it again

Imagine the way it was done
Announced and sworn on it yesterday
It was a plot alright in the beginning
Now the people see the truth of it all
A sad episode; the world laughing at us!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Saiful swears on the Holy Quran
About his sodomy case he reported
Why didn’t he swear on the first medical report?
Has he conveniently forgotten about it?

For a good Muslim
Nobody should swear on the Holy Quran
The Holy Quran is a book of scriptures
Telling the wisdom and way of life Allah wants His children to go
He never encourages Muslims to swear on it
What is the point to say one isn’t guilty?

This is a farce to plot down the icon of Malaysian politics
A university dropout who can’t think straight
Propped up by his handlers to gun down an innocent man
Just so the powers that be could sleep easily

Dr Osman has qualified there is no sodomy intrusion on 28/6/08
So how can sodomy performed when it isn’t there?
Saiful why don’t you too swear on the medical report?
The way I see you are lying through your teeth

You think by swearing you say you are innocent
You have a long way to learn about your life
You aren’t getting free; you are being used left and right
Your reasoning holds no water in my mind
A strong young man couldn’t fight back……….
You were forced to commit sodomy by an ailing back problem man
In my mind you are greedy in wealth…………
Otherwise why make up a story when truth has been known on medical record?

I pity you young man
For by swearing on Holy Quran
You don’t proof you are innocent
You troubles just begun


The King of Bloggers
He got sued in every way
From one party to another
Claiming falsehood and criminal charges

The blue officers
Bending rules to accommodate
The hidden hands flow with it
The unfairness pursuit
They don’t want to explain
Bring the laws to stop
The power and crony say

The Judiciary in public
The icon of creditability declines
The final pillar to stop the erosion of confidence
It fails in its duty to be truly independence

When the allege truth is published
The affected party takes laws to hide it
Why can’t the party explain?
Taking laws to conceal the truth

The King of Bloggers
Fighting for truth to prevail
Against the powerful and well connected people
He doesn’t care if he has to go to jail

The royalty in his blood
The sea warriors of his ancestors
He isn’t bending to fight for his truth
He does it for the country and her people

The country will not fail
At least she has one royal warrior to fight
Until he gets send into the dark dungeon
He will send his battle cry far and wide


PAS on greed already
The party wants Hadi to be PM
I think PAS should change its clothing
Before they ever think about it

So Hadi now opens up his ambition
Secret talks with UMNO
Finally this truth prevails
The power grab seems on the card

Now PAS wants the other controlled states
Flow with Kelantan administration
Is PAS playing along with UMNO?
No more Pakatan Rakyat in their minds?

Let the other states work
With the partners in government
One system there work
It can’t work in partnership rules
So let the other states be
Don’t push your luck imposing your views
For in reality PAS can’t govern the country

Maybe PAS too has Trojan horses
Galloping to derail partnership for personal glory
Greed of power befalls any person
Don’t they learn it at all by now?

Thursday, August 14, 2008


The economic landscapes don’t change
Flip-flop again
What will be the effect on investors?

The pull strings
Barging for right to be heard
In the last minute call
What the BN government up to?

Private investors
Footing all the bills?
Nay the people will pay
As usual with this flip-flop BN government

The foreign investors cautious
About the economic activities here
This is another serious weakness
In the administration of the nation

The last minute effort
To ride on the gravy train is it?
A whopping $18 billion project
By one company…….!

No open tender
No transparency
Why never learn yet?

Let the Permatang Pauh by-election
Be the signal to drown the corrupted leaders
Time we have a clean and efficient government
Running the affairs for the people


The rule of laws
The leaders in power say
What they meant
One for you one for me way
For the truth the power holds
The powerless can’t go away

The corrupted people
Bending the laws to suit the powerful
The well connected in place
Hoping the get the gravy train

When you fight for justice
When you fight for rights
When you fight for peace
When you fight for your life
When you are powerless
You aren’t worth a value

When you think everything is lost
God steps to right the wrongs
Somewhere a few good people arrive
Putting the powerful back into hell

For God know the value
About truth and living harmoniously
For unity all races must live peacefully
Under the nation of one flag
So be it; nobody should change it


Desperation entails silly moves
The mind just can’t see beyond truth
Lies and deceits trick the mind
Ignoring conventions democracy triumphs

As it is
Democratic principles playing
The powerful and well connected win
The weakest and followers cry
It isn’t fair
When power and wealth don’t flow
Equally in channeling down the line

The borders of twists and turns
The words brushing into the minds
Listening influencing in the process
Has democracy failed in human existence?

The powerful leaders enrich the scheme
The poor have nothing to pick up with
On the benches in the quiet public parks
The banana sellers and small time hawkers
Plying their trades to earn decent living
As their eyes and minds stare into the lake

Will it be distributed fairly?
When labor and truth can’t reach the top
They know the power resting on the people
To decide the fate of democracy works


Alone we fail
In any quest we want to do
There is no support
There is no two way traffic
It is a lonely stretch of road

Life is fragile
It can be strong
When it is united
So no external forces
Do harm or break it away

Yet in all our living
We are dreaming alone
We expect miracles to happen
No Sir…………we are just sleeping!

Our living will progress
When it is shared or borrowed
Discussing dreams ideas flow
Like the breezing wind
Stopping amongst the trees
Branches, buildings and seas

When we can’t discuss mutually
About religions about life itself
On dreams and desires
We are doomed on this planet Earth

Nothing will help us
We must help ourselves
For peace to nurture
We must be united as one family
Facing the challenges together
Else alone we fail!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Image Preview
borrowed cracker)

Loan sharks
It never controls
It is business as usual
The poor folks get burned

The Police inactive pursuit
Knowing they can do it
Yet the forces close one eye
Let the loan sharks flourish

The police receive many reports
On the people brush with loan sharks
When repayment fails to materialize
The nightmares begin……….

The banks what they do?
Stringent measures derailing people hope for a way
In fact banks have become legalized loan sharks
When you see the interest charged

The police should take proactive measures
They can find business cards and leaflets
On poles, public areas and shoplots
Why can’t the police take it on?

The poor folks should know
Borrowing from loan sharks better forget it
The nightmares aren’t worth the easy approvals
When you fail, life isn’t easy any


When will be the day?
Talking freely about religions
Bridging the gap of religious divides
Amongst the multitude of people
Walking proud on Mother Earth

Love your neighbor we told
Help them too when they have problems
Give an ear to listen to neighbors
In reality it is religious dividing
Amongst the people……….

The days of kampong spirit is gone
I don’t find it mushrooming anymore
It has gone into the invading wind
Taking it away in our hearts and souls

Why can’t the educated people sit and talk?
Sharing ideas, experiences and sorrows
Our lives here aren’t forever
Make it a happy ending for all of us

The recent uproar
Amongst the members of political parties
PKR, Pas and UMNO
These leaders and members never learn
Without facing to honest discussion
We will be no where when the world walks us by

Shouting seditious remarks
Demanding aggressively showing lack of decorum
Where is the Merdeka spirit of the last 50 years?
Nay……they want us to be colonized again…….

Majority disagree
The few hundreds gathered illegally
For the country to progress in unity
Let share our burdens, politics and religions

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Politics is selling and trading
Souls of perfection shouldn’t be in the loop
They can’t hack it there
So are those religious brewing leaders

Politics is for the hardened people
Dare to play the game; dare to get the fall
Nothing for the weak hearts and souls
You lose your balls; the balance of your life

So will Anwar sell the people out?
Every leader will find which way to benefit the country
Anwar has his connections internationally
Only those who feel they are on the way out
Will come out with statements to tell otherwise

The fear of change manifests unwarranted statements
One plays for politics to win; it is the nature of it
And willing to take the fall when politics changes
You can’t make profit all the years
You will make losses in lapse of concentration

Politics in democracy
The people can decide for change
So far we don’t know what Anwar will do
I think he will be the better PM for the country
Let him gets his chance…….
Why worry about one man?
We had been colonized before
We have been cheated many times
So what the difference?

Let play ball
Dribble it, passing it around
In team spirit scoring goals
Let see what will the outcome
No venture no gain
We have to change
Don’t get stuck in the 21st century


courtesy mob1900

UMNO must pay $218 million
For the election campaigns in 2004
Now the UMNO president says it should be BN
It isn’t about UMNO……………

Hello…..the materials printed in UMNO logo
So how could it be under BN?
Passing the buck so fast already?
Be a man take responsibility

Anyway it doesn’t matter which coalition partner
When you are judged to pay for the goods
You must pay for goods delivered
Now I wonder who is going to pay

The materials already spent
Yet at the time no protest
After using it, refusing to pay
It is the logical way to tell others
Uses it now, pay or doesn’t pay come later

Don’t use tax payers’ money
Use your members to pay for it
It is just peanuts in term of numbers
UMNO alone less than $100
BN( all coalition partners) less than $50

What UMNO waiting?
File for appeal
Citing wrong party in legal complaint
So we wait and see


Wanita UMNO jihad in Permatang Pauh
They want the voters to think about it
Don’t vote for one man who wants to be PM
Don’t let him sit on the throne of power

Wanita UMNO should look inwards
Jihad on themselves to bring the shine
Do they forget about beauty and light?
Has the power and greed gone darker for them?

Wanita UMNO should explain
The country wealth gone to waste
The people know more about it
The fabricated sodomy charge
The continuing corruption in the government
And the benefits dishing to the cronies
What jihad are you talking about?

Don’t go tell different stories
We have enough of it already
The days of BN will be coming to an end
As the people know about the truth

Anwar Ibrahim will be the man
The country needs for the time
No matter what BN leaders try to do
The power base is over soon

The people of Permatang Pauh
Beware of the witches with golden apples
They aren’t what they claim to be
They want your souls so they can be free

Check mate them
Send them away
Let them cry
On the lost pride
It is better without them
Running your daily lives

Monday, August 11, 2008


Let PAS shout and jump
It is democracy to disagree
Holding concerts in our land
Of multi-racial people and religions

PAS has not changed its color
It is still the same image………
When you see PAS
You know what they usually do

But UMNO faces change
Every time suiting its needs
You can’t believe in what you hear
The two hands showing so many tricks

Then we know about the coalition partners
Never raise a hand to protest……………
The elder brother says everything will be alright
So they go out pouring ‘teh tarik’

Nobody is above the laws
So it seems we hear everyday
Let the issuing authority makes its decision
For the laws should take its course
But you and I know
There is always two set of laws here
One for the friends; one for the opposition
And this is nearly 51 years of independence

So PAS will keep protesting
Until the moon drops out of race
For it is its nature
The party shall not change


The circle roping home
The truth will triumph in the end
Freedom of the mind
Choices of the eyes
Cooperation to harmony
Don’t destroy it

The tools of government
Use wisely else the demons will come
It will suck it dry
When playing the dark forces
It isn’t free at all

Now the sleepless nights
The corrupted leaders dream
What life will be testing own medicines?
The heat of the dreaming flight
Minds pray it never happens

Day by day
Remembering the years of yesterdays
Division of people by color
Never as a nation of many multi-racial people
It will end when new page of history begins

The circle of lies and deceits
It never goes away
Now it has come to haunt
Leaders who plot and twist their ways

The blue oceans and the land
Face like a man admit mistakes
It is no shame to say it so
It will free one soul
Peacefully into the nation


There is changing
Every waking wink it seems
Events never stop at one place
It has to move on
The circle never stops

Turn on your radio
In the morning you hear voices
Melodies and songs
The circle never stops

On the roads
Many colors of cars
Many colors of buses
Many colors of vans
Many colors of lorries
The circle never stops

In the market places
Shops and shopping complexes
Colors of people walk
Parents, lovers, children
Eyes glow minds so far away
The circle never stops

There is changing
Every lip whispering
The costs going up
So are the relationships
The circle never stops

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Muslims everywhere
Why don’t you say your prayers?
Honestly and see what you have done
Creating chaos and bloodshed
In the name of Islam

In Palestine internal conflicts never end
Fighting amongst cousins to achieve personal glory?
Islam never teaches that way
Islam tells us to sit down and discuss
Ways to live harmoniously

In South Thailand see the Muslims terrorists
Gunning innocent people and killing soldiers
To what end you want to prove…………
The government unfair to your religion
It is about economic train
You have to jihad yourself to make it works
You don’t blame the government
And the policies; you blame yourself to fail the opportunities

Over in Iraq the Muslims fight amongst themselves
Americans came to help costing own lives to sacrifice
Suicide bombers in the name of jihad…………
Brainwashing the Muslims yet the Muslim leaders never do
Tell me why the one way ticket in pursuing a cause?
Islam doesn’t teach us to take our own lives
Just to satisfy a cause the Muslim leaders dare not try themselves
Asking followers to do it so they can live in power

Likewise in Afghanistan
About Taliban once they had the chances
Yet they failed to pursue the normal world of Islam
They became arrogant working for personal glory
Until Allah kicked them out in utter disbelief
The arrogant Muslims never learn at all
Islam the way to peace and meaningful living harmony
The Muslims forget in pursuing greed of power

I read about the Chinese Muslims in China
Demanding own state to rule for themselves
Isn’t it rather too egoistic living there?
Living in harmony spreading the faith they forget
Marching to confront the Chinese government
At a cost of Islamic values and administration
Don’t they learn about Islam at all?

When I look back home
The Muslim Malays have the lands
Yet they cling to NEP/NDP
As if it is their bible to enrich themselves
Forgetting about giving the best way
Teaching Islam the way of peace and truth
Sharing the wealth and harboring of peace
To the rest of the people in the country

No way these fanatic Muslims
They want it all forgetting the lineage
We are the people of Adam and Eve
We are the children of Allah

The government of the day
Implementing policies to give a leg up
For the Malays to take advantage of the economy
In the end the policies make the Malays lazy
They don’t have the stomach to take hard jobs
They want easy way out in their lives
Islam never advices it
Work for your labor Allah will compensate it
People forget Islam never wavers
It is there for the truth will be free

The Non-Muslims fight for it
Even though under tremendous disadvantages
Yet Allah helps these people to prosper
Telling the Muslims wake up and learn to work

A new thinking government will emerge
Malaysia will progress from there on
Otherwise I can only watch and pray
That Allah will forgive us all for our stupidity
When we have the land, peace and living harmoniously


The fanatic Muslims should read the Holy Quran again
Understand the wisdom enriched in its scriptures
Then open their minds to see the changes in their eyes
It is there bridging the gap for a family unity

The freedom of religions embedded in the FC
Why can’t these people understand it?
The subject of conversion to Islam one shouldn’t feel offended
It is good that Non-Muslims gathered to discuss about it

So what’s the fanatic Muslims problem?
Is it Islam better that other religions?
Allah says He has perfected His religion Islam
Into it He releases it to His children……….

Nobody should run down somebody’s religion
Islam teaches that earlier prophets must be appreciated
And value their contributions to bring people closer to God
What these fanatic Muslims do is a disgrace to Islam

I feel sad that these fanatic Muslims can’t discuss fruitfully
Amongst the people of other faiths………………………
Tell me aren’t we the descendants of Adam and Eve?
Learning the lessons from the previous prophets…..

Holding placards in seditious drama
Aren’t the police going to charge them?
The people know the drills
Nothing will come out of it

Allah saves Malaysia
For we have some narrow minded radical Muslims
Parading the seditious illogical minds
Let the freedom flow
Allah will know what to do
We should make our stay
Fruitful and meaningful
For our time here is fixed
Why waste it?

Saturday, August 09, 2008


The rich will live in luxuries
Grabbing the choicest properties and positions
Areas will be gated to condone unwanted pests
Division of housing caste system mushrooming

The high end rise buildings
Selling millions each………….
The locals can’t afford to buy
So foreigners make the killing
In the end the whole caste system
Of properties division………….

My take for Penang Island
No more buildings to spoil the image
The government should shift it to mainland
The Chief Minister should make it a ruling
Otherwise don’t expect Penang Island to shine
She will be choked with fumes and traffic jams

The people on the streets
Earning living hard to meet daily needs
About housing ownership far from their minds
When surviving hard to live by

The state government should study comprehensively
The housing needs on the island
Don’t spoil it any more
Learn the mistakes of Gerakan and UMNO
Don’t do it again

Bring the heat to the mainland
There are plenty of empty lands
Promote it there ease off pressures
The Penang Island needs breathing space


Why waste time and money explaining to the world?
When our own people don’t believe it the charge at all
About the icon of Malaysian politics…………..
Allegedly framed charges on sodomy

Rais Yatim wants to do
Believing already the charge so framed?
UMNO leaders have no balls…………
Explain to the people

Contradictory statements
UMNO leaders spin the yard
Afraid to lose the crown
Only one man
They called him shit head

Yet they are so afraid
UMNO leaders find ways to block him
On his way to Putrajaya
They ganged up to bring his downfall

Now they wait
The plan has finally done
Charge him on sodomy
One more time again

On Kenny Hill to the city ground
The litters loitering flying around
The hot breeze doesn’t stay in one place
It brings the news to everybody

The plots and twists
UMNO leaders put up obstacles
One man can make the difference
They can’t sleep easily
Unless he is put away!