Sunday, September 30, 2018

the back-door stabbers

The backdoor stabbers begin
The purpose is to deny Anwar the victory
The monies will spend to make it happen
Though the backers will realize it is futile

The man in a hurry
Though he has forgotten what he said
On releasing from prison with a full pardon
Now he is in a hurry to get into the game

He shouldn’t think of the prime chair
He should focus on his party internal problems
The cohesiveness still not up to the standard
Of a house isn’t playing the melodious keys

The crowded field in the by election
They what to dilute his votes for him
But the voters will pick Anwar
A potential prime minister for the nation

There is the chance for development
In Port Dickson the voters need to embrace
They have a chance to make it happen
By voting Anwar NS will have a prime minister

nothing to feed but the blue

The devil’s alliance
The fall out into the fire
The common objective
The greed and corruption

The common goal
The one track 3R
It has gone with the wind
There is no way to bring it home

The rain has washed away
No more footprints but a memory
Once the power of fear
The wealth in the rear

Now it is a big stone
Block the entrance
It’s devil’s alliance
It finally seals the lies

The addicted ones
They can’t forget the past
They craze for it
Until they speak lies

The devil’s alliance
Once there was the gravy train
Now it is empty track
Nothing to feed but the blue

she is 15 years old

She is 15 years old
In a hurry to taste the coke
Drink the liquid feeling good
In the life of her own

This is what she wanted to do
Learn the craft behind the house
The shadows hide her well
She is in a hurry to taste the coke

But the parents think she is old
Matured well into her age
When money is an issue
The parents have no choice

When an old man knocks the door
One look at her the old man knows
He shows the money the parents let go
She is 15 years old

The hue and cry
The parents don’t realize
They get the money
The responsibility disappears

But the girl smiles
She can have her coke
She can drink the liquid
Dreaming of the control

She is 15 years old
Grow well beyond her age
The civil law says otherwise
A religion turns blind

Saturday, September 29, 2018

sarawak report will defend it

Sultanah of Terengganu
Forgive is divine
Compassion is a hallmark of a religion
Yet you still bend of suing Sarawak Report

1MDB has its sinners
The many players who were involved
It started off in TIA
Hippo Joe played his role

Now the fun in court will begin
The testimonies of the players will be called
Sarawak Report will defend the book
It will be an interesting court case to listen

Maybe the can of worms will be opened
Karma has a way to work mysteriously
IMDB started off in TIA
The time to find the truth

Suing for $100 million!
Isn’t it going too far to claim defamation?
Claire Brown can’t be fooled easily
She fought her case for years on 1MDB

Remember you will have to attend court
You will have to be questioned by the defense lawyer
It is better to forgive and remain in goodwill
In court you will face your indignity

amno baru is your own doing

Amno baru
Don’t put blame on PH
It is your own doing
Blinded by cash was king

Now you crashed
You blamed others for it
You don’t blame yourself
You think you are an angel

You supported corrupted leaders
Those who are found with monies in their homes
You still say they are innocent
Where is your moral compass?

Don’t say you are persecuted
You don’t even understand the word
You used it before now face the law
You don’t have to sing a different tune

Amno baru
You will bite the dust
As the Old Man says days ago
You will disintegrate

Malaysia will not feel sorry for you
She is glad you will be gone from her eyes
Live today for tomorrow will be something else
Karma has returned to claim its booty

the 7 horsemen gallop

The 7 horsemen gallop
One is waylaid and retreated
Leaving the hopefuls, the chance
To grab the first line of victory

Now the battle will begin
The campaigns to woo the voters
Port Dickson has a chance
A prime minister on the way

The voters have to decide
How they want to be represented?
A better deal of a prime minister?
Anwar Ibrahim will win his bout handsomely

It adds colour to the election
The main actor in sodomy 2 entered the fray
He is just wanted to make fun of Anwar
What can he do to contribute?

There is no secret in Coalition of Hope
Its leaders have agreed Anwar will be the prime minister
When the opportunity comes in 2 years times or less
Anwar just wants to be there when his number is called

Personally, Anwar should wait until next year
He shows he is in a hurry to stay within the circle
He feels he can’t be there when his number is called
Impatience isn’t a good way for a leader

Now the battle is set
The 7 galloping horsemen
Who will be the Magnificent One?
Let PD voters decide

the get rich scams

The get rich scams
Hit the greedy investors
Believing they can make it rich
With the huge promising returns

A few runners will spread the news
Let the greedy investors hear it
Once they smell the honey money
They will be easily influenced

Once they invest in it
That’s the end of the story
The get rich scams take the monies
Leaving the greedy investors crying in shame

The sharks will disappear
If the police haven’t got up with them
They will hide and regroup to do it again
With a different name

Don’t invest with greed
When a scheme promising high returns
It is always a cheating game
Don’t fall for the sweet coated deals

the long darkness

The long darkness
It will never end
The long hours
The time for regrets

Telling lies
The whisper will return
When the power is gone
The chips are down

Cash is king
Where there is no stained
The good as it can get
If it is stolen, the law will knock in

The long darkness
The log of the times
Feeling the wind blow
Nothing to save the souls

Friday, September 28, 2018

how mo1 has the millions for the bail?

Macc should investigate
How M01 has the millions for the bail?
It will be better to find out now
He will sing out his songs

He can’t have so many millions
The perception isn’t in his favour
Macc should open a file to look into it
How he has the millions to post bail?

To date he posted $4.5 million
With his pay he can’t save the millions
He mustn’t be allowed to wriggle it away
Every move must be found out how

If it is from family members or friends
It is better to trace the source
It is better not from 1MDB
Make it a clean sweep, Macc

amno baru time to go

Amno baru
Time to fall to its knees
Its leaders still haven’t learned
They still speak of their high

The party can be considered illegal
By its constitution to get the postponement
By its rules it has no right at all
It is on the way down

Now it wants to claim
The millions carted away by the police
Its leaders say is the party funds
The police say it is under Amla Act

Amno baru seems headless
Running around trying to catch the eggs
It has no proof at its disposal
In court it hopes to get through the back door

Amno baru will face ROS
Amno baru will be hauled up under Amla
It will be interesting to see the fire works
When the Old Man gives the green light

Amno baru will face its fate
The members better start to move out now
It is no used waiting for its fall
Don’t listen to the talk it makes no difference

the sexual freedom

The sexual freedom
It is the right of the people
There shouldn’t be any laws
To make it illegal to indulge in

What the parties do
In the privacy of their own
The consenting adults
The law shouldn’t declare illegal

The judges must be honest
There shouldn’t be a wall to it
Let the sexual freedom flow
Without the red light to poke their lives

The criminal act of section 377
It has to be repealed and make sex flow
The creation of this law is in bad faith
The British Parliament abolished long ago

Now in India the Supreme Court declares
Section 377 should be thrown out
It doesn’t serve the present time and day
Even the British Parliament amended its law

Even adultery isn’t a crime
A woman shouldn’t be chattel for the man
She has her rights as an individual
Though adultery can be a ground for divorce

Now we wait and see
What our law makers will say
Let the outdated laws die
Let us flow with our rights

the grilled of many hours

The grilled of many hours
The fat will start to melt
It will paint a nightmare picture
Of distorted images of its flow

The cooks aren’t satisfied
The creation on the table
The design isn’t up to expectation
The look on their faces tell it all

The cooks keep using different approaches
Along the way they hope to get it right
They have the time to play along
The creation will take a new shape

The onlookers stare and watch
Hoping to get the perfect match
On the table display
The grilled of many hours

The judge will arrive
He will give his judgement
Now the cooks have to grilled more
Let it come out in perfect score

Thursday, September 27, 2018

life without money

Life without money
The crying in shame on the street
Begging hard to live for a day
Under the sun hoping for a good Samaritan

When money is gone
Lost through bad deals or scams
Life without money
There is nothing to say

Living has gone weak
The position of power is gone
Life without money
It’s the cruelty of life

Words can give encouragement
It will not put food on the table
It is out in the hot sun begging
Hoping for a good Samaritan

Life without money
The sadness in the eyes
The walk in the hot sun
The cold in the night

the hippo joe

The Hippo Joe
Living his good life in the wild
Sitting on the hill burning his wild boar meat
He doesn’t care what Malaysia say

He has his billions stashed
He makes MO1 hold the fort
While he takes the cream
Laughing his way to the bank

The Old Man says Hippo Joe in China
Maybe China has a role for him to play
A bargaining tool for economic games
He has the experience to make it

It is better to offer reward
Let the underworld gangs find him
Though China has no reason to deport Hippo Joe
She needs him as a bargaining tool with Malaysia

The Hippo Joe
The crime will hang on his head
He will live afraid of the hanging rope
One day he will tumble forcing him to regret

The crime will put him down
The circle will knock him off his stool
He thinks he has the billions in his accounts
When he falls, the billions can’t save him

In China the Old Man says
The Hippo Joe stays
The engagement of a private pursuit
Let the fat man sweat in oil

the past deeds

Dig up the past deeds
It will be easy to find
When the way is cleared
Nothing will stand its day

The culprits will stay quiet
Once they talked too arrogant
Now the whispers behind closed doors
Afraid of the leakages to the air

The clouds will pick up clues
Pinned together to show it all
Why the culprits can’t escape
The circle will return to haunt them

Now enforcement officers should go over-drive
Hunt the culprits bring them back to face the law
Let nobody escape the easy way out
No deals they have to face Bamboo River

compassion breaks barrier

When the men’s erections die
They will scream in loudly in silence
They will feel how useless they have become
They can’t go hunting the women

The men will feel at a loss
Urging the minds to do quick draws
Let the male erections hit the song
It never wants to sing its tune

The silence of shame
The men walk in prayers
Consulting doctors for cures
Losing monies and sleepless nights

This is how LBGT+Q feel
They aren’t men or women
They are in the middle
The authorities deny them the rights

They want to have their own space
They don’t need the ridicule and bashing
They don’t need the authorities to invade their privacy
They just want to live their own lives

When general elections come along
The politicians will woo them earnestly
They will be in demand for their votes
Nobody will say bad about LBGT+Q

A compassionate government
Will have a space for these people to live
In the Constitution there is no discrimination
But the enforcement officers are clueless

The men’s erections woe
Young and old make no difference
Like LBGT+Q they need compassion
To work out their dilemma and stay on the glow

the two hot books

The two hot books
Launched in the country
By the Sarawak Report and WSJ
On 1MDB scandals

These books will be the records of history
Of how the highest public official did
Together with an outsider to plunder the nation
Carted through banks the billions gone!

The crimes do not pay
In the end the circle will return
The players involved will face the truth
The absolute power corrupts the mind completely

The lies of deception
Using donation as a key
It can’t stand the test of time
It became clearer when the documents traced

The change of government
The culprits will face the law
The 32 charges on MO1
Many more are on the way

The billions are still missing
The tracing of it will take years
The crooks must be sent to jail
Let them rot until they regret

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

the fat rasputin

The fat Rasputin
The magic has died
She can’t do a thing
She can’t bring back her spell

The mirror has broken
The pieces fall to the ground
The million pieces spread around
There is no hope to spell

The fat Rasputin
In the lights she enters
The Lord of Host commands
She can’t cast her spell

She stands naked
The bubbles of droplets flow
She can’t say her words
The records flash on the board

The fat Rasputin
The angels take her away
Into the dark dungeon she will go
Cleanse up her soul

In the silence she will scream
“It isn’t fair I am in
I am not the only one”
But nobody shares her dilemma

The fat Rasputin
In the cold dark floor, she sits naked
Feeling how she has fallen from grace
She can’t cast her spell anymore and she cries