Thursday, April 30, 2015

sometimes it is too late

Falling slowly
The fall from grace
When wrong is done
Nothing will escape

Falling slowly
The words have no effect
The deeds have been done
The punishment will come

The crying will bring sorrow
Of a time a bad has been done
What is left to the mind?
Turning into a new leaf

Sometimes it is too late
The wounds are deep and unforgiven
The souls of many have perished
The bad deeds have been done

So falling slowly
The fall from grace
The dead will be forgotten
The living will try to live free

the cat and mouse game

The cat and mouse game
Across the country the hidden spots
The police will do the look out
The Isis militants hide for now

The militant groups know
The falling comrades in jail
The aim is to create chaos
The fear they want to plant it here

We are a country of many colours
The Isis militants and its ilks should know
We don't subscribe to its ideology
It is bringing religion a bad name

The Isis militants should read the scriptures
Don't just try to make falsehood claims
Leave the bad habits behind quickly
Before the fire consume the whole lot

the small kittens

In the market's place
The row of hawkers' stalls
In the night some are open
The rest empty of silence

Cars park in the rain
The moody weather hits the sky
The low thunder across the clouds
People walk with umbrellas

Walking to the steps
Reaching the dry floor
Amongst the tables and chairs
The abandoned kittens meow

They are just born
Maybe a few days ago
Crawling about in the cool day
The mother cat can't be found

So a guess
Somebody puts them there
Why can't let them stay a month or so?
When the kittens can search on their own?

A stray dog wags tail
Nothing the dog can do
Looking at the small kittens
It is better they never born

all our lives in circle

All our lives in circle
We have to move around
Some get the gold
Some get the mud

All our lives in circle
We get rich we get poor
It is true hard work
It is through lazy nights

Likewise in a country
We will get hooked in its net
Good tax or poor tax
It still burdens us all

The powerful tell stories
We need your money
But where does it go?
The tax still haunt us

All our lives in circle
Sometimes sunshine sometimes darkness
It depends whom we elect to run the show
We have to travel through

the sugar daddies still come to town

The old men and single women
They seem to get along fine
Finding them in night clubs
Some in social gathering circles

Once the old generations would say
The sugar daddies came to town
The single women hoping to ensnare
The rich old men for a better life

It isn't about the web lines
It isn't about the manhood
It isn't about the salt and pepper hairs
It is about the money in the pockets

But time hasn't changed
As the generations before us
The sugar daddies still come to town
The single women will still sacrifice

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

compassion by example

Do you hear the bullets fly?
On an island of executions
Of the bad people who bring misery and pain
To others who want to forget reality of misfortunes

It is the capital punishment
Meted out to the drug lords or mules
Of drug traffickers in the net
The society feels better without them

The people who buy
They too bring it upon themselves
They want to fall slowly
Into the dark pit of livng hell

Now whose fault is that?
Blaming it on the chemists?
Hunt down the cultivating farmers?
It is the greed of living easy

The Bali 9
The two ring leaders died
By the bullets they took
A sad way to perished

Compassion should be the rule
They were young when they were caught
God always give us second chances
We fail to honour by example

tomorrow is a blur

The polishing statistics
It is just for good feel factor
On the ground the perception is different
The struggles to stay

The pockets feeling empty
With the new tax gearing in
Costs of goods and services run high
Polishing statistics is just an excuse

If it is so good
Why give out BRIM?
It is just a waste of money
So is the book vouchers

The few billions save
It can be used to build homes
Give it to the people
It is much better this way

Imagine every year
So many billions to save
So many homes to shelter
The people will be grateful

Why not explain our debts?
Why not explain in detail on !MDB debts?
Is this the way to cover up to feel good?
Tell it to the people on the ground

drug trafficking

The tears will flow
The family members will cry
Knowing death will come
By the bullets fly

Drug trafficking
Death is the law
Once the net closes in
Don't stand there

Some will hang
By the rope till they die
Drug trafficking
Don't get caught is the advice

The short term to richness
It makes no sense to die
Go and play lottery
Once you are lucky you live happy

But drug trafficking
Death is the law waiting
Once in handcuffs

Life is gone

let give life a chance to change

The Bali 9
The struggles finally over
The bullets will fly
The 12 men firing squad

Drugs destroy
The people of any country
Law is passed to fight this menace
Running into the fabric of society

The Bali 9
The drug dealers knew
The fate wait for them
Once they are caught death the way out

When appeals are filed
Through government to government
Compassion must be viewed for the overall good
On the bilateral relationships of governments

Holding on to principles
It makes no progress for any country
When the crying asking for clemency
The authority should listen

Commute them to life imprisonment
It makes sense to government to government appeal
Why can't it be done because holding to principles and law?
Taking out lives we have no right to do

Learn from the scriptures
Forgive is always divine
Let the tears stop at that point
Let give life a chance to change

*cilacap to nusakambangan

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

marriage in rape

Marriage in rape
The men have no right at all
Marriage in rape
The women's right to refuse

The husbands must understand
Marriage doesn't say they have the absolute right
The bodies of women aren't on sale
The highest bidder gets the goods?

Without women men will be lonely fools
The men should learn to live in harmony
Understand the concept of sharing and giving
It is the faith in religion to respect each other

Marriage isn't a passport to satisfy your urges
Marriage isn't a legal front to rape a wife
When she refuses the man shouldn't get upset
She may have reasons to refuse sex in marriage

Some learned religious men
They miss the point in their study on religion
They better look at themselves in the mirrors
Or look at their own wives of what they preach

Marriage in rape
The attackers must be punished
Marriage doesn't allow men to do as they want
They are laws to prevent or jail them

tomorrow we may have nothing

What will become of the nation?
The debts piling so high
It hasn't decreased through the years

The greed and corruption
It never misses the mark
It catches the get rich schemes
In the shortest time

The wealth display
The leaders don't care
The opponents can talk
Until the tongues get tired

Don't call the crime busters
They will give the standard answer
Show us the proof
Otherwise there is no case!”

It is for us to change
The fastest we do the better
We can't be talking and waiting
Tomorrow we may have nothing!

learn our mistakes

The sports persons
Don't play ignorant
Know what you drink and consume
Banned substances career downhill

Understand what shouldn't take
Know its duration it stays in your system
Don't play the fool
It will not help you

Let Lee Chong Wei's doping case
Be a lesson to every sports person
He gets 8 months suspension
Backdated lucky for him

But the damage had been done
Our nation got a black mark
Our sports persons must bring glory
Don't bring home disgrace

come out and be like a man

You sit alone swallowing it up
The hard earned people's money
Reaching high when you fall

You don't listen
You take what is in store
Leaving a trail of debts
Running high to $42 billion

You cry you have assets
You don't say it is over-priced
Maybe over assets valuation
To look financially good on paper

One plump China man
He seems to get the hit
The money trail goes to his companies
Raking in the money

But the home players keep quiet
Playing the hit and run tactics
Until The Old Man keeps up the pressure
The boiling hot water spilling on them

The white flag for the people
We have seen many failed enterprises
1 Malaysia Development Board
Come out and be like a man

Monday, April 27, 2015

the police on high alert

The Islamic militants
They are sleepers in the land
The country has a fair share
Capturing them in the past

Some shot dead in foreign lands
These Islamic militants brought shame home
Malaysia brands as the moderate nation
The Islamic militants painted her red

Police managed to napped red handed
12 Islamic militants planning to create havoc
The bombs can spread over 500 meter wide
Targeting government buildings and entertainment outlets

What have these Muslim Malaysians done?
In their own backyard they wanted to destroy
The moderate nation of many religions and colourful people
They shouldn't be allowed to go free

They face the death sentence
It is better to let them live the hard way
In prison until the day they die
Hanging them is too easy and quick

The Isis militants
The police must be on high alert
This new wave of terror group
The police mustn't sleep on it

the backlane cats

The backlane cats
I see many hanging there
An Indian woman keeps feeding
Breeding kittens and more nuisance

The male cats will fight
Over the territorial rights
Maybe sometimes over female cats
The “yes and no” ringing loud

One cloudy day the backlane seems quiet
I don't hear the sound of cats or kittens
I don't see them hanging around during feeding time
As if something sweeps over the cats

I find out to that the Indian woman
She is hardly around at the backlane
Maybe she has gone for a long holiday
Maybe she has shifted house

Now the backlane is quiet
The cats have dispersed...
Looking for food elsewhere
The familiar cats all have gone

the castle lord

The long poles of fire
Pointing high to the sky
The walking beats
The stomping hard on the ground

Around the walls fencing
It seems like the fire burning
The castle knights look down
The fear in their eyes

This isn't the enemy
It is the people getting angry
With crops destroyed
With water tainted

The masses getting mad
The knights getting cold feet
The castle lord just sleeps away
He doesn't care

He wants his sleep
He wants his wealth
He wants his power
He thinks he earns it

The outside walls
He should pay heed
The people aren't satisfied
With problems besetting the State

The music flow
The entertainment glow
Into his eyes he only sees
The glory will come

The angry mob is rising
The knights know it well
Tell the castle lord
Do something before it is too late!”

Nobody runs
They know what will happen
The castle lord hangs them
Do not show disrespect

don't let failures be the fall from grace

Women why don't you see?
The men want your bodies and monies
You think they love you all
The men will break promises and disappear

Women why don't you realize?
You are going for your fall from grace
The men will quietly hoping you fall
They can run take your monies

Women why don't you remember?
The many broken sentences the men say
Hiding it all in private affairs
Holding court standing like proud peacock

Women why let love make you a slave?
Sweet words to fool and bring you down
Once the satisfaction drills in the men run
Oh pregnancy? It isn't my doing!”

Women why want to hold the burden?
Learn the rules be prepared for the outcome
Into any relationship there is bound to be a break down
Learn how to cope with it with head holding high

Women learn from mistakes
Don't let it repeat too many times
You know there is always up and down
Don't let failures be your fall from grace

truth is the man who whips

The clandestine operations
The selected few have the privy
Others will not be in the circle
Until the cake is baked

The creeping shadows will search
Finding ways to infiltrate
There is the wall with no name
No door no way to find

The hot air will be blowing
The leaders will say all in negatives
But the drive to find the truth
Is the man who whips....

Justice is from the strong
They decide what is good for the weak
The clandestine operations
It's to make the strong knowing the fall

Sunday, April 26, 2015

the single parent

And the baby cries
The silence cracks open
The mother isn't around
Busy working to get by

The babysitter tries
Telling the baby stories
Singing her lullaby
It helps to soothe her mind

The mother works hard
She doesn't want to be at a lost
Without an income for support
She can't imagine the future

And the baby cries
Touching the face so unfamiliar
The babysitter tries
Singing her lullaby

The single parent
Living by working hard
Thinking of the future
And the baby cries

is God fair?

Has God sent us a message?
How high we are we can be brought down?
Living up on a hill we think we are safe from floods?
Nay...nothing can hide from The Almighty!

Even forest fires on the lowlands spread
Catching the wind hit the high note
The heat of unbearable torches run
The sparks of flames come down in red dots

Sometimes we think God isn't fair
Rain on the abusive people on religion
Killing as they please creating fear
But God just let them do the rampage

The evil doers smile and laugh
Raining bullets butchering people
Other countries talk no action to hit back
And where is God?

He waves his hand
He hits the wrong places
The innocents fall and perish
The evil doers celebrate

Maybe God will have His last laugh
He may hit the evil doers when the time is right
For most of us struggling to live and be at peace

We pray He makes His move quickly

the human trafficking

The modern human trafficking
The young women disappear
The parents will cry
The children will not return

There are layers involved
Every one wants a cut on it
It is still the money involved
Shipped them out to faraway lands

The police will try
Hunting the culprits down
They aren't as efficient
As they do to the opposition

The cases of missing persons
It happens when young girls ignore
The parents or police advice
Don't party all night

Don't go out with strangers
Don't go out with friends of friends
What motives they have?
They don't tell

The missing persons
The crying in the family
The evil men get the rewards

The police will keep hunting

the old woman

The old woman
Walks slowly by
Eyes saw the past
The future has nothing left

She carries her plastic bundle
Walks to the Indian restaurant
She carries her rice picks 2 vegetables
She sits down to eat her meal

The years gone away
Leaving her alone in her world
She sits quietly enjoying her meal
She never looks around...

I want to pay for her meal
The restaurant owner says she gives her free meal
The old woman in her twilight years

She has nothing to show but her sadness

Saturday, April 25, 2015

the cats never learn

The cats never learn
They think they are a kind
They roam to make a nuisance
Thumbing their nose to the humans

Even there is an open field
They can do their business there
But no Sir they will come to your home
Poo on porch or garden

The cats don't care
What happen after they have gone
They will know it isn't right
But they will still do it

The cats look down on humans
They believe they are superior species
They make the humans dislike them
Some cats get justice of death

I heard story of a woman
She collected stray cats
Reared them to matured animals
She neutered it too

Yet some house owners didn't care
They found the cats a nuisance in their compound
They fed the cats with rat poison
The cats all died one by one

But cats have this DNA
They want to roam into other homes
Do their business thumb their nose
They don't care what they have done

in clandestine meeting

The young Turks
In clandestine meeting
What they want really?
The seat of power!

They don't tell
Why should they?
Let the leaders feel it
Nothing should stay

In public they clap hands
Voicing support hiding the issues
Blowing clarinet but changing tunes
The leaders don't get the hint

They see the gravy train
They have so little for so many
So the young Turks
In clandestine meeting

don't tell lies

Don't tell lies
It will make the day bad
The cycle of the time
It doesn't need distraction

When you want to leave
Just say so and pack and go
Why wait to sing the woes?
Don't tell lies

You just break the egg
The heart will bleed for a while
By tomorrow the light will shine
It's the truth say no lies

The wind will stop blowing
When the lies come to be known
Why carry it away to other places?
Don't tell lies

Friday, April 24, 2015

the old has the experiences

The old must give way to the young
So the prime minister says it in public
Likewise he should heed his own advice
He is already a senior citizen

Why still sit on the chair?
When you want to give advice
Look in the mirror and say it there
Listen to the sounds hollow

The old should give advice
With the experiences the old has gone through
Of life and the cut throat business and politics
The young need the experienced hands

Najib should accept reality
Majority want him to go
He has too many baggage
Promises he never keeps

The nation is on nosedive
He plays his organ off key music
He thinks he plays a good music
The audience applause

He should take notice
His popularity has dipped
IMDB and GST, POTA and Sedition Act
He surrounds by it no room to escape

the back lanes

The back lanes
There are things to pick and see
Walk along it
Sometimes I feel the echo
Of a time long gone
As if the ghosts of the past
They don't want to leave
The world once they knew

The mining pond near the road
Occasionally men come to fish
They don't think of the danger
They think of the fishes to hook
They play ignorant of the past
Where dead claimed the living
Fishing on the mining pond

The drunkards at night
At the back lane the hang out
With cheap beers swallowing in sorrow
Of a time they wished they had
Looking at them sitting on the floor
They have lost the will to live
Every dollar they collect
It's back to the alcohol addiction
Taste the cheap beers forget about reality
In the night they sleep to forget

The back lanes
The dogs and cats prowl
Sometimes venturing into homes
Stealing chicken meat
Hear the owners shouting
Who cares the dogs and cats take the meat?
It's the owner's carelessness

But life moves on
The back lane the short cut to walk
Back to the ongoing traffic
The living still calculating the time

Tomorrow the shadows may smile