Saturday, March 31, 2012

let bee anne go

You can't allow Bee Anne
To do the same business all over
They are running scared
You better finish it while you can

The leaders always say
They have the experience
To dig holes to fall
This is what they had been doing

Our nation wealth
Gone with the wind
They don't want to explain
They just write off

They think they are the owners
Of the land and wealth
So they can do as they please
Time to vote them out

We can't allow them to stay
We shouldn't feel sorry for them
We are the fools for decades
Now we should make amends

The country is crying
It is time to make the change
We must have the power to decide
It is our destiny to correct past mistakes

he can't get it on

The popularity rating
The black knight sleeps easy
On the hill of darkness
Only the spot lights bloom

Somehow he feels cheated
He doesn't have the confidence
He can't gallop to the city square
He knows he will receive rotten eggs

He has become the Santa Claus
Giving out aids for propping up his image
Using taxpayers monies for his projects
He can't fool the people for long

Now he dreams
Saddling on his black horse
As he gallops for his battles
He finds fire surrounding him

He calls for help
Shouting to charge the fire
He must be a fool doing that
The fire takes hold he stares in horror

When he struggles to get wake up
The spot lights tripped into darkness
He knows it is a bad omen
The palace is sinking and he knows it

dirty public toilets

Dirty public toilets
It never changes all these years
You pay money yet it is filthy
Enforcement always weak

Tourists complain
Locals get angry
What do the authorities do?
Issue statements and a job done

Will they go for the constant enforcement?
They don't say they give out to the contractors
Dirty public toilets we hear so often
We are immune to this mentality

Visit Perak Year
Are the players in government serious?
Go now to check on public toilets
At least once a week what say you?

life is full of up and down

Life is full of up and down
Once you get to know it
You will live with ease
There is no such thing as free

You can see the bad
You can see the good
You can touch the evil
You can touch the light

In your mind
There it lies
You don't have to go far
Life is full of up and down

Once you get to know
You will live knowing you aren't alone
Even angels and gods too have theirs
So take the challenges and go forth fighting

burying in water

The royal town of Klang
The flash floods got havoc
Buried deep in 4 feet of water
It caused anger and headaches

My home town once it was
It was green then massive developments
Without proper drainage systems
And the people's habits...

The decades of sludge and debris
It came to haunt Klang
Till today Klangians never learn
The indifferent attitude rules

Once I could go fishing
Along the border of Klang river
Now it is polluted
The years of the wooden bridge..

Now they woke up
The water of 4 feet deep
Would they learn?
After the clean up?

People of Klang
And people in other states
This isn't the end of the story
It will show reruns...

Friday, March 30, 2012

it hangs there with the wind

The body pieces
It never leaves the world
It hangs there with the wind
The closure hasn't done yet

The culprits of a murder
Some fools got the fall
The hooded heads in court
Nobody knew in public

The patience of waiting
For the fire to extinguish
Only then the spirit will seek
The way of closure of a death

The body pieces
Scattered every inch of the ground
The death was horrible...
It hangs there with the wind

the negatives flow

The negatives flow
Every page of a life
It is always there
It makes life moving

The life of many
Let it play its way
In the mind it will evolve
The experience of many changes

Don't let the thoughts scare
The bridges will always be there
The negatives flow of a life
Dig it in and come out a better light

It's the way
Life of the forces page
Let the tear fall but don't do stupid things
The pages of a life good things at the end

the puma women

young women

young women

The Puma women on the prowl
In the cities they hunt their preys
The silver haired men walking on the streets
The old guys driving expensive cars

They want the guys
The experience and skills
They want them for that
Riding the piggy banks

The older women may frown
Hey sisters you have your time
Now it's our turn to get the crumbs
The salt and pepper hair guys!”

The Puma women
They come right at you
The Puma women
They want to smoke you dry

Now in the cities
The Puma women
They don't let you hide
They want the action out of you

The Puma women
They know they have the time
The beauty and intelligence
So the salt and pepper men better don't hide

Thursday, March 29, 2012

learn it from The Lord

They tell you to dream BIG
They never tell you how hard it is!
You believe these motivators
They have strings of titles

They never tell you
Each person has a different take
They lumped all of you
In the basket and yell “You can make it!”

My scout master was much better
Do the small you will get the most
You get the success in every turn
It makes you difference to try the BIG!”

Turn the pages in the scriptures
You don't have to spend money to acquire it
It is there the Lord words in print through the ages
Believe in Me you will find success in your Life!”

susan boyle - never give up a dream

susan boyle
susan boyle

Once she wanted to sing
She dreamed to be a star
All the years she tried
She volunteered to sing in the church

The young age turned old
She never forgets her dream
She honed her skill singing for The Lord
All the years she never gives it up

One day the circle came to town
She entered the contest to sing
The judges ignored her when she stood
When she sung she made them listen!

Overnight she became a star
The sensation spread of her beautiful voice
The Lord may have played His part
He gave her the wish to sing to the world

Now she is a star
She cut 2 albums sold 16 million copies
iTune recorded a 500 millions hit
I dreamed a dream”

The poor woman she made it
She never forgets her dream
She never forgets her church
The Lord is smiling with her

Now there is a musical
About her life story
Susan Boyle she is a star
Never give up on your dream!

the frogs came out to croak

The frogs came out to croak
The pond was full of water
The flash floods and heavy rain
They croaked into the wild

The people didn't want to listen
They croaked until they grew red
Who could believe them?
They sold their souls to the black hooded man

He didn't want to cut them away
The tall grasses high season to trim
He found the frogs who begged for their lives
So he made a pact and they croaked

The raining season had a bearing
They knew they couldn't refuse
The rising water in the pond
They had to play their croaking music

the tricksters

The tricksters on the streets
They talked of the many sweet things
They could promise you heaven
They showed you magic

They never told the truth
They lied to you all the times
They made you believe
The greed and fear in your mind

They didn't tell you the truth
They just wanted you to fall
They wanted your money and body
They knew the weaknesses...

They knew they could
The stories they could tell
They talked of many sweet things
They never told the truth

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

think about it

Cancer the devil smile
The dreaded disease every one runs
As far away as the world can hide
The word itself sends shiver down the spine

Other life threatening diseases
The people can accept without fear
When it is cancer, the imagination runs high
The sleep will not come easy in the night

Drugs companies make money
The huge profits on human misery
The drugs and chemotherapy
Causing money woes to the people

Billions spent through the decades
The breakthrough isn't around yet
What they have is like hit and run
If you are lucky you escape death

In the garden of God's creation
The natural combatants to fight dreaded diseases
Like cancer where we feel the black evil is at the door
We dare not closed our eyes just in case he opens..

These are the natural healing power for the body
Healthy body will make the diseases fall

the changes through anwar

He had suffered the blues
The anointed to the jail bird
Any lesser man would have given up
The life miseries hard to stomach

He had learned his humility
In prison it could make a difference
From the ashes of disgrace
He could make it fly

Yet outside of prison
The gates were open
There were conspirators
Wanting him back in

He took it on
Crossing the bridge
Knowing the black dogs waiting
The onslaught of attacks

He never gave it up
He carried and charged
Face it up and smile
I stood the 15 rounds!”

He is still the best bet
The country needs him
He will bring the necessary changes
For he has learned his lessons

Anwar Ibrahim
For now he is the man
The country and people hope
Bring on the changes don't hesitate!

don't blow it all away

When you make it
Don't blow it all away
History of cases
Of sportsmen losing all

The drugs and booze
Women and songs
All for what?
To be in the news!

Now the stories
Of these sportsmen
Wasted their millions
Forgotten and dumped

Who will remember?
The sad stories of these sportsmen
Once they had the wealth
Now they are a crying shame

the evil of the mind

The evil of the mind
It never goes a way
It is there for a reason
To tell we aren't alone

We live in light and dark
What else we don't know?
The evil of the mind
It makes we worry in our minds

The darkness shadows
It keeps us on check
Don't we see them?
At the back of us all the time

The season we forget
The evil we may do
The darkness of our minds
We pay for our transgressions

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the uniform of blue

If only they realize
The uniform they wear
To serve and fight for the country
Color blind is the order of the day

The uniform of blue
It's the game it is played
The rules and the law
Color blind they allegedly forget

The history of cases
On the ruling elites and supporters
The uniform of blue opening files
The chain of investigations a tortoise walk

Now it's the time
Set up an independent body
To mete out investigations and punishment
Without fear or favor

the life of many parts

The life of many parts
You live with it all the times
You can't separate it even if you try
It is the sum of the whole

The bad moon rising
It happens every now and then
You can't escape it
You have to know

You can't blame every one
It is telling you a tale
You have to move out
Looking inside your cage

What's causing it?
The bad moon rising
Sit at a quiet corner
Visualize the images

N ow that you realize
Mix it with your smile
It brings back the shine
It isn't difficult to try

the old lies let it dies

You can say a few lies
You can't say all the times
The old lies let it dies
Why bring it up one more time?

You have no clues
You say it like today
It is old news but you pretend
You say it to prop up your image

You walk to the stage
You know your life sinks
Down to the sewers of debris
It is there you should lie

You can say a few lies
You can't say all the times
The sea of human eyes
They say” the old lies let it dies”

the last of the party line

June or September?
The black knight struggles
The way he thinks he should win
Then he sees the sea of lights

He isn't too sure now
Independent survey says he was high
He couldn't smile looking into his mirror
Will I live to be the knight?”

The last of the party line
The black knight struggles
The woes he has seen
The back stabbing in the dark

Now he plots and plans
Using the agencies to prop up his stage
And the black running dogs
They are running everywhere

Then he checks his mirror
He only sees his ship on fire
The sea of lights dancing in the open sea
Slowly crumbling into the depths of the darkness

The last of the party line
No matter what back doors ride
The change will hit the mind
Enough of the spinning tales of lies

Monday, March 26, 2012

our debts our burden

Our huge debts of $455 billion
The country will drawn in the sea of red
What are the government ministers doing?
They spend like no tomorrow!

The PIGS and FAB are worried
The countries will face the severe tests
The down grade of its status
While PIGS has cried for help

Greece will spook us
Yet our government awake or asleep?
It seems the finance ministers are dreaming
Paper money doesn't count as profit

It's the tangible value and cash
You can't live with something isn't there
The flooding is reaching the door
Yet they say we will not drown!

Citizens of the country
You have a choice to pick
Don't waste it when the time comes
Don't pick the wrong party!

the will of the people

The rumours have gone
The political funding of ameeno
Millions had gone into it
To buy for non contests in the election

It will be the dirtiest election
The “Freddy's nightmare “ is coming true
Ameeno had allegedly tested it
In the last election in the South

The opposition candidate disappeared
He didn't show up for his contest
In that episode the seat was won uncontested
Now the claws of deceit hit the voters

Now “Freddy's nightmare”
The rumours of millions in the pot
The buying of candidates will be earnest
Flash them the millions see them fall...

When change needs arrive
Nothing will stop the crusade
The will of the people
They don't want to be conquered

the clogged drains

The drains along the roads
The drains along the village
Once it was free flow
The fishes jumped for joy

The progress came
Mass developments drains clogged
The natural flow diverted
The bottle neck jammed in the drains

The rivers tributaries
Crying every day to stop the unkindly sight
Of humans who couldn't care less
They just dumped rubbish into the drains

Along the way it clogged the flow
Slowly the fishes died of toxic wastes
The rivers cry for our compassion
The humans never listened

They called themselves educated
When reality strikes, they just illiterate
They forget about Nature
They plunder and destroy her home

Now Nature hit back
The flash floods rising
Every time of heavy rain
Teaching the humans “respect my home”

time will change

Time will change
The remote villages around
The routes of tourism
People from outside will arrive

The taste of village life
The taste of special brew of tea
The taste of ethnic cooking dishes
The outsiders will flock to try

The world we live in
The concrete jungles abound
Highrise buildings and motor vehicles
The simple life has all gone

The field of space
The luxuries of natural flow
The city folks hold on to it
Time will change

So the city folks
Fly to tourist spots
Of village life and lakes
Feel the moment at peace

Sunday, March 25, 2012

the night of dreams

The night of dreams
On the quiet lake
The dark shadows row
Sliding the water

The moonlit night
The rays of golden showers
On the dark lake
The beating of ripples

On the shore
The dogs bark in unison
The echo of warning
Of the night of darkness

The dark shadows turn
The red eyes of the torchlight
It glows on the shore
The dogs stay quiet..

the end of his time

An independent survey
Ran it on the popularity chart
The black knight got a high mark
It seemed the score was high

In the corridor of power
The darkness never changed
He saw the long shadow of black
“Where was the light?” he wondered

The dark whispering with the breezes
The Mongolian beauty floating in the dark
Afraid to hold a tribunal on the former police chief and AG
The scandals clogging up the Pahang river

He looked at the chart
He couldn't smile with ease
The darkness overshadowed his euphoria
“You help me, I help you” treat

He knew he couldn't escape
The narrow corridor closing on him
The last of the line to hold the party
He knew it was the end of his time

where have the lovers gone?


Lake lugu

Where have the lovers gone?
In the dim light of the night
They have gone to the far city
Dancing in the twilight

The converge of many colors
It strings the night of red and blue
The songs of wine, women and men
In the far away mind of paradise

Do you know where the lovers gone?
Leaving the empty boats anchoring at the lake
There is silent and silent tear
The ripples of lost love spreading wide

In the silent of the night
The whispering breezes laugh
Why go so far away?
When love is at first light!

the tears will never stop

The tears will never stop
When Nature take her way
On the greed of Man
Looting without tomorrow

She has sent signals
Through the ages of time
Once it was 40 days of rain
The whole planet sunk in water

The memory may have forgotten
These horrifying days of the past
Nature keep sending signals
Do we listen to her cry?

The natural streams and rivers
Most of it blocked for progress
About Nature rights Man forgets
For tomorrow seems far away

The tears will never stop
Nature cry for Man
The memory of 40 days rain
Man seems to forget