Wednesday, May 31, 2006

report and report so what's new?

The deadline for IPCMC is today. The AG is still studying it. The PM said he is waiting for the legal department to advice him. And the meantime, the police was against it. As was reported in the police website. When an order has been given, all followers must carry out the instruction. There shouldnt be any delaying tactic to slow its process. Every one must be open to new rules and regulations. We can't forever work in the old clothes all the time. As years go on, new inventions come into play. So is the new way of doing business. The police tends find ways to go against its implementation. For once they should remember they work for the people since it is tax payer's income which goes towards their work done. The police shouldnt act as if they are above the laws and the people. No way. The PM should insist it should be done and for those who refuse the order, he should retire them. Why wait for report? And report? We want action PM. Words are cheap and easy to buy. Every one can do that. It is action that made the melody.

Look at last Sunday peaceful demonstration turned ugly. Police injured the demonstrators. They should allow them to proceed peacefully. No...they wanted to show who are the bosses in this...As a result many people were injured.

They are many murders, rapists, robbers, terrorists and commercial crime robbers for the police to act on them. These peaceful demonstration on the fuel hike, power hike and what's not should be allowed to proceed without any interference from the police. Yet the police couldnt handle it. Like in Thailand. Thousands and thousands yet it was peaceful show of protest..

Malaysia.....let peace begin in our hearts and souls

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

fascinating life

Fascinating life....on earth it is the paradise. Just dont forget about it. In the future, it is hard to predict what it will be like. Of course the scriptures written by men to paint a glorious home....which no one has seen it or return to narrate stories about the place. We can only try to imagine....I can only say it should be like earth. This is where paradise kept life going. Society makes life difficult to enjoy our fruits on earth. You see so many obstacles in our ways. Even in work you find the harsh truths about it. Greed and corruption. No compassion. Lies and deceit. So you see things move differently which make life sad. In this context you hear people commit suicides, lose hope and faith, can't believe in this world and every one is a liar and a cheat....The negative vibes roll out life. On earth is the paradise. The preparation for what heaven will be like....only thing is nobody could tell us convincingly....Yet we always believe there is something special that we were born to do. But no one can say it positively...

Malaysia........ bloody demonstration on Sunday last

water hike

The PM wanted us to walk with him. And you know what we got from him? Price of essential goods got higher! And the statement from Putrajaya 'we take care of the lower income groups'
Seriously are the government doing it? First we had the toll hike. Then the petrol hike. Before the dust could settle we had the electricity hike. Lately from Perak water bill hike of 15%. The MB said the same thing as it was with Putrajaya. The welfare of the lower income groups are taken off. Arent we all paid for our essential goods? This is trying to cover our eyes with sweet talking words painted beautifully to entice our eyes. In the end as consumers/rakyat we will be asked to absorb the cost of goods increase. As usual the minister will come out with all kind of excuses except axe those deadwoods or those who can't perform. Last Sunday bloody demonstrations had taken the authorities to task. It was suppose to be a peaceful demonstration but then it turned ugly with police condoning their actions. Whose fault would that be? The PM words still ring true first class facilities with 3rd class mentality So I guess it would be for a long time. The Cabinet doesnt flow with the statement. And the PM forgot what he said. In the end the rakyat are at the mercey of the little napoleans running the daily affairs in the country...

Malaysia....what taxes are coming?

Sunday, May 28, 2006

indonesion earthquake

My silent prayers to those died in the Indonesian earthquake. Current death toll was 4,000. We are neighbours divide by the Straits of Malacca. Yet we are bless with Allah's guidance to spare us the ugly faces of death. After awhile we tend to forget. Memories fade so fast that we can't remember the sad episode.Tsunami has become a distant now every one flocks to the seas....they dont think about the sudden strong waves....Life has to go on living!

Looking at the pictures, I feel sad indeed. What sins that we make until God's fury came. Perhaps we did many wrongs in this world. Wrong interpretations of His Words resulting in different ways to live. Yet we have to live to get the punishment for our transgressions...Sad.

In His Grace we live for now. Learn our lessons and pick it up from there. Tomorrow will come and the sun will shine and the moon will glow her magic....

Malaysia a peaceful country and we should count our good fortunes!

Friday, May 26, 2006

charity walks the talk

A chief monk in Ipoh was disrobed. A police team went to investigate on a report filed by the chairman of the temple committee on threat to his life. During the course of the police raid, they found the chief monk with a naked woman in the temple and some pornographic materials. The temple committee told the chief monk to leave the temple within a month. The chief monk had been staying in the temple for the past 27 he is in his late forties. Now where is the compassion? He is human and has his flaws. Though he made his life mistakes, he should be forgiven. This is the hardest test for society to believe in the talk 'love thy neighour' Even Jesus (pbuh) and Mohammad(pbuh) forgave sinners. There must a line of forgiveness on transgressions of the people. Prophets were humans too. They werent perfect. They too asked forgiveness in their praying...When we talk about charity, it goes beyond mere words of wisdom. It is the action that made the man/woman. I always remember that every human has his/her flaws. No one should run away with it. Face up to the weaknesses and life will be easy to live with. Most of us have been following the teachings of the think it is right way to salvation? A company has its articles of association and its memorandum yet there are faults though it is written in legal at times it seeks legal amendments to justify doing certain projects not listed in its framework...God's words is final.....

Malaysia....a multi-religious framework of people.....

Thursday, May 25, 2006

electricity hike

Oh...the cost of living is still low! Our status compare with the African nations. The mentality of our Cabinet leaders who are afraid to compare the Southern neighbour. I have been reading the factory manufactured words through the years. Yet most people just flow with it. Only when the pockets feel the pinch then I hear the protests.....You think it will last long? It will go in whimper and disappear from their radar screens. We dare not change the present government at all. We feel we are comfortable with the government. Look at the Sarawak election, the same government was shot to power. Promises never make it. Every election the same slogan change context to woo the people. After that it is forgotten again. Only in speeches to smoothen the passage and the rest leave it to the PR gurus to their jobs.

Only a few days ago before PM left to Eygpt, he said he defered the hike of power decision. Tasked the TNB to study the lower income group. Now we read it had increased the electricity by 12% effective 1/6/06. Can you imagine TNB get its facts so fast? Money is the motivating factor after all though many have not agreed. It is used to pay its huge debt of $30 billion...because of its wastage and lack of management expertise in managing the utility company. It is a failure as far as I am concerned.

Privatisation never works in the long run. It benefits certain group of people and the tax payers will be the ultimate sufferers...

The cost of goods will increase no matter what the government has to say.....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

on the wrong road

We always see bad guys get the best. They seem to have the raw mechanism to draw out the desire of the women. They show how macho they are. Perhaps bravery inks the capturing heart. When your parent says dont go with So and So. They are bad, children. Yet they watch with despairing eyes....the children do the opposite. I had watched during my kampong days how these people magnet the women. Charismatic way wins the woman's heart. Although these guys arent the boy next door type, they have the pull and they know it. And the women.....fall for them. Look in the night clubs, lounges or the walk by cafes you can see the action moves. The glory in whisper which tickles the heart of women. The desire to be in the winning parade. But it is only in the short term of their lives. Pretty soon most women grow out of it but some have gone down the road with these bad guys....

Sunday, May 21, 2006

the cake

The cake is baked. Every hungry child waits. The mouth watery eyes eager to hit the scene. Thinking about the sweet aroma oozing out in the oven. The hands clenched and opened trying desperately hard to control. When one is hungry, everything eatable will do. So how hungry are we? The government is baking cake. The citizens wait in line. Will it come? Or somebody hijacks it away? Patience brings success albeit at a slower pace but in the end it brings character to the one who practises it. Currently the smell of cake springs forth many hungry children knocking at the door. Will they get it? Somebody will make a killing in bundles as long as the delivery system is not changed.

A leader should know his time is up. Or aged has reached its limit. He should go happily and pass the baton to a new leader. Let him takes it to the forefront. A parent will let go of children after reaching a certain age. The children when grow up too will move on. The parents should let go the power of over them. The children have become adults. The game has changed hands. have grown yet the parents refuse to let you go...

Saturday, May 20, 2006

american idol 5

Taylor Hicks and Katherine Mcphee entered the final of American Idol. Before when the 24 were announced, I thought this group could be different. When I watched the programmes then, some were really outstanding with their voices. Like Mandisa, Paris, Bucky, Chris, Katherine and Elliot. Infact I predicted that Bucky and Katherine could enter in the final. Well..I got one right. Bucky was knocked into the final 12. But I though Paris too could race to the final after watching her for so many weeks. But she was booted out by the public responses. I believe she could go far in her singing career. But Chris was the sad one to leave. He did very well in this competition showing his vocal skills in Rock songs but he was knocked out at No:4. Infact I thought Taylor Hicks would go out earlier but he survived and entered into the final 2. Maybe he has the look of George Clooney....Katherine towards the end faltered in her singing. Yet she survived because of her look and her smile. I think she won her fans over many times.

My final verdict will be Taylor Hicks. He has the charisma and the older people will like him dance...Katherine will be remain second best unless the public response breaks the rules again

Friday, May 19, 2006

the mind is the culprit

What is gone, it is gone. No use crying or thinking about it. Sure it hurts to remember. Pain is the cause of the bruising night. Imagine it let it grows then chop it off and start anew. Yesterday's news let it be that, today's is something needed to do and tomorrow a new chapter starts to unfold. Many spend so much on yesterday's trying to figure out how to make it better yet the premise is gone so there is nothing really to make in the end. Today's one forgets and so misses the chance to make something out of it. Only leaving tomorrow's which is there to catch the rainbow...The mind is the culprit burning flames of yesterday's story. Dont let it swings over. There must be a line to make a difference. The events is in the hands of one who needed to make a difference. Use it. Make it happens. Dont worry. Let the shine comes and there be merry!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

death by the door

Death comes at any time. It has no time frame. It doesnt give notice. It happens. It brings a life to an end. Period. We have a fixed time to play, to learn, to earn, to live, to pray, to search for truth or wealth and along the way make many mistakes/sins to forge ourselves ahead. Death is forever walking by the bell toll no soft wind blowing no time to say goodbye....It comes at the most unappropriate one has to seek good fortunes, smile to people, say thank you and learn to accept criticisms and learn to forgive too. I was calculating this has to spend 13 years in secondary school, another 3/4 years in university then out to learn a living maybe at aged 24 years then in a hurry to settle down and work it up from there. Procuring wealth and greed of money forgetting the basic wealth, then children come along, delay weath takings, family comes first work longer hours. After which things change.Perception blinds the eyes. Things come to a standstill. Emotions roller coaster rides. Never know what to expect next. Greed comes to nudge the mind. Emotional stress slowly kicks in. One forgets about basic living...All the while in a hurry to earn wealth. Going for the good life. Financial crisis. Personal problems. The foundation all wrong. It cracks. It makes life so hard to live. What happen then? Death at the door! The receipe of life disaster. Yet nobody thinks about Death. It shouldnt happen right? It happens because we make the wrong chess moves. Learn to live within the means. The ability to pay and the knowledge that every one can't be rich....honestly!

death on the railway tracks

The death on crossing the railway tracks. Damn. People still never learn. I read a secondary story book about the kampong folks and the railway tracks. It sounds so familiar on today's event. Put up fence. Destroy the fence. People divide. The KTM personnel and the short cut kampong folks. Every postal destroyed. Every advice ignored. Until death walks at the door.
Now they are talking about building overhead bridge for these kampong folks. Will they shit on the bridge one day? If the people do it, then it sounds so familiar in the story book. One gang shit on the bridge while the other tries to catch the culprit resulting in fist fights right on the bridge...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

the political talk

UMNO recently held its 60 years of its formation in Johore. The PM spoke of the Malays survival and said that failure isnt an option! Why talk about race? What happen to Malaysia? Without a country called Malaysia, there won't be a race! Do these leaders know what they talk about? I am a Malaysian. I am proud of myself to live in this bless country called Malaysia. Only the politicians and the political gurus think of race. No wonder I see the segregation worsens in our society. Malaysia for Malaysians. Period. Nothing about race. I dont recognize myself as such and such a race; I know myself as a true born Malaysian. UMNO died in 1987. Dr Mahathir registered a new party called UMNO Baru. So the celebration of UMNO wasnt right. Those diehard ones will say it is the continuation of the old UMNO but the founder isnt the same anymore! Onn Jaffar and Dr Mahathir totally different persons founding UMNO. History will record it as such. But the political bigwigs in UMNO Baru dont see it that way....When honesty fails in the battle field, it is a lost cause already. Look around ourselves. The political landscape will change in our country. The present government has stayed too long. The BN government has lost its direction to service the people. Now it is only lip service to woo the people. After that the ruling government will rake in their benefits. And dont forget about the little Napoleans acting as the Lords of the districts...currying favours from the political bigwigs. The principle of managment has gone down the drain...

Malaysia shower your grace................

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

politics is a mirror

Politics is unpredictable. Today's enemies is tomorrow's buddies. It is there. People who hunger for success joins the ranks. This is the sure way to get to the top. It is like an insurance company where the agents try to get to the top yet not many are successful. It is only the handful amongst the millions who make it to the ranks. These are the cream that got printed in the press. Likewise politicians entered the fray on the pretext of helping the people. But how many amongst themselves really go down to the people? Not many I am afraid. The joke is these people come around every 4 0r 5 years painted the town red! Many promises and giveaways and the poor folks are taken in....Every election it is the same story generated.

So don't believe the politicians all the time. Use them to the fullest. Learn their tricks and trades and perhaps one becomes as good as them. Use pro-active words. It hits the spot all the times.

Don't flow blindly. Politics though make laws for the country through parliament; in the end it is the people who have to learn it or fine for it. In between a trade is made. Go enjoy the time!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Water bills will drown consumer rights C HashimMay 8, 06 5:01pm

I am greatly concerned over serious inadequacies in the two water bills - WSI (Water Services Industry) and Span (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara) Bills 2006. These two bills do not safeguard the consumers (ie, Malaysian citizens), do not protect the environment (the source of all water) and do not protect the sovereignty the country at large (particularly with the coming of Gats and WTO).
Water is a fundamental right and requirement for all Malaysians. While there is a need to regulate the water sector and embrace public sector reforms in order to improve efficiency, privatisation is not the solution. There is no evidence that privatisation of water in Malaysia has increased efficiency or quality of the water supplied to the public. Rather, privatisation has merely transferred wealth to an appointed private sector. Since 2004, there have been over 17 cases of ammonia leaking into our rivers, despite privatisation, two in the last two months alone. A working alternative to privatised water supply can be found in our own country, in the state of Penang, which is a public-public partnership for water management. The tabling of both the bills should be stopped immediately until the bills can be totally re-written to properly protect consumers, the environment and the nation. If this is not possible, I would like to see, at the very least, the following changes made to the bills:
The protection and rights of the consumer is very weak within the bills. Proper protection and avenues for compensation for the consumer, that are strong and enforceable, must be clearly written into the WSI bill. This must include the consumer’s right to compensation if the water company (licensee) breaches any provisions or conditions of his license.
Ninety-seven percent of our water comes from our rivers, yet no part of the WSI bill addresses water resource management and conservation from an ecosystem perspective. The bill must include legally binding clauses for the long-term protection and conservation of the water catchment forest areas, lakes and rivers, all the way to the water in-take and treatment plants downstream along the river, in the form of Integrated Water Resource Management. A specific part within the parent act should be allocated for this vital issue.
Water is a finite resource, yet water consumption is very high and often wasteful among Malaysian consumers. This must change if we want to have sufficient water for future generations. The water bill can address this by stipulating that water companies (licensees) be obliged to practice demand management of water, and conduct substantial awareness raising programmes for the consumer. If water demand is properly managed, much of this finite resource can be conserved. Demand management for water can also reduce the costs for additional infrastructure associated with un-managed water demand.
The bill should also include strict, binding clauses on water pollution and effects on downstream health. At the moment, the bill only has a few clauses if pollution results in death or near death.
The water commission should be an empowered regulator where the commissioners should advice the minister independently and without fear or favour. Therefore, any power to revoke the commissioners appointment arbitrarily in the Span bill should be removed.
The water forum should be a consumer body to protect consumer interests in relation to supply and distribution of water. The forum members should comprise water consumers, with no members from the water industry allowed.
These changes can help to make the WSI and Span bills truly reflect the needs and rights of the consumer, the ecosystem and the nation. Until such changes are made, the WSI and Span bills should not be tabled in Parliament.

Privatization won't work in the long run. It is the crony company which made the most out of it. It should made a public company so that all people can have a stake in it. In this way the consumers will have a say in the affairs of the company. Look at the highways. It is to me like one sided flow. The consumers have to pay for the inefficient system of the road flows. Look at the Mycard....the company makes millions at the expanse of the taxpayers. The Mycard won't last either. Yesterday the officer in the Registration Dept said it is like that lah.....Look at IRB e-line filing difficult to connect. I didnt use it. The department sent form end of December 05. I sent back the form in Jan 06 so I missed using the e-filing. There are case studies about privatization projects in other countries -UK and Canada.

Monday, May 08, 2006

the party whip

The party whip used to toe members to party line. If it is in the party, I dont have any complaint. It is within the party rights. But in Parliament? Parliament is above all parties rules and regulations. These MPs represent the mandate from the people not the party. So how can a party whip decide the outcome of any rules or laws? It is absolute absurd that Parliament bows to party wishes. So what is Parliament for? A rubber stamp just to justify that my country is democratic? It is time that all MPs should declare that they owned their allegiance to the people and party comes second. Any law or rules that seem to make the people suffer should be removed by Parliament. No other body should pass rules or laws as if they run the country. Now we have local councils acting as the Lord of the people and we pay them for it? These local presidents and officers dont care what the people say. Mind you they are the Lords. They forget what is 'civil servant'. I am living in this country and the laws are meant to benefit the elite party and the rest of the people can only observe the wrongdoings running out from the administration
of the government and the local councils. The ironic issue is the federal minister has no jurisdiction over the state administration. The PM can only advice the chief ministers...though in party line these chief executives of the states report to the PM. So in this area I see the dividing line to usurp authority from the PM..yet the laws have not been changed. In Parliament every MP should be allowed to second motions from any source -BN or opposition - as long as it benefits the people. Currrently this never happens. The next election there will be major drawbacks for the ruling government.

Malaysia.....time to change the scenes

Sunday, May 07, 2006

live life simple

Wisely simple, simply wise

MIM SpeaksBy Barbara Tey 7/5/06

AN experienced business leader once advised that we should learn from the experiences of others, simply because we don’t live long enough to learn on our own.
In this, an excellent resource is the Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM) whose 40-year history has been carved by unsung heroes who have dared to trail blaze against the odds to enhance managerial knowledge, standards and practice to build the nation.
One such torchbearer is Tan Sri Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid, a Fellow member of MIM who is currently chairman of Permodalan Nasional Berhad. It is well known that he is a simple man, and his simplicity belies the wisdom he has amassed over 35 years holding key positions in various Government departments and Government-linked companies (GLCs).
From Ahmad Sarji’s perspectives of his experiences, we infer five key points that would offer a better understanding of management, especially to the young and upcoming generation of managers.
Management – then and now
“In the early 1960s, management, or rather administration as it was then known, was not as complex as it is now,” he says.
“In those days, the main concern of the civil service was on the delivery system, i.e. to ensure proper management of the local authority through town boards. At the district level, management was concerned mainly with revenue collection, managing land schemes as well as the administration of rural development programmes.”
Having also been involved in the civil service at the Federal level, Tan Sri Ahmad attests, “The 1960s and 1970s were most challenging in terms of establishing infrastructure, a task which included the setting up of rules and regulations, as well as the determination of an appropriate code of ethics.”
KEY POINT 1: Management EvolutionManagement focus evolves with the needs of the time, people and
“Now with a rapidly expanding private sector within the context of globalisation, things have changed tremendously. Today’s clientele is very different. Organisations nowadays have to grapple with global players. As such, the public sector has to deal with a very demanding private sector. This is an especially significant scenario since the private sector is the nation’s main engine of growth,” says Ahmad Sarji.
From the management of physical resources to human resources, inevitable change has taken place.
“The management of physical resources has expanded tremendously. For instance, companies today possess a multitude of assets, including global assets, all of which have to be managed efficiently.
KEY POINT 2: Impact of globalisationGlobalisation changes many things – clientele, competitors, company assets, and the way these are managed.
“Even from the perspective of human resources, there are now many different forms of specialisation, each requiring a different set of management principles!” Tan Sri Ahmad further observes.
In meeting societal needs at the national level, the concept of Malaysia Inc. (MI) was introduced by former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, in 1981.
“The MI concept was mainly concerned with facilitating support for the private sector through speedier approval of licenses, de-brokering of public services, reduction of red tape, etc.
“As such, the Government produced books on dealing with the Malaysian civil service. We outlined in a compendium form, for instance, the route, rules and regulations for the private sector in acquiring a licence or other facilities from the Government,” Tan Sri Ahmad explains.
“Only from there were we able to identify which steps had to be obviated and which could be retained. We had to understand all the existing processes first before we knew how to rationalise them, helping to reduce the private sector’s cost in getting permits. But knowing the processes intimately is in itself a great challenge.”
Moral challenges
Contributing to the complexity of the management landscape today are moral challenges.
“The underlying reason behind such moral challenges is that there are people who are prone to corruption, especially as the pernicious lure of materialism creeps in,” says Ahmad Sarji.
“If you tell people that wealth is money, then people are going to be persuaded by this kind of impulse. But if you impart in people the fear of God and teach that wealth is not merely material but spiritual as well, then the people who have been imbued with these values won’t forget them. It isn’t that we should not pursue material wealth, but we must not be involved in corrupt malfeasance.
“The true index of one’s success is not based on the number of big cars, houses and other evidence of opulence, but rather by the wealth of knowledge one possesses.
“To me, my health is my wealth. Happiness is my wealth. The ability to think properly is wealth. Education is important, as what we are now is the mirror image of not only our background but also our education.”
KEY POINT 3: Management EfficiencyUnderstand all existing processes before you rationalise them to achieve efficiency
A keen reader, Ahmad Sarji advocates reading to “try to reduce intellectual poverty. We need to read books about the subject that we are given charge over.”
KEY POINT 4: Overcoming Moral ChallengesTrue wealth is not the accumulation of material gains but the enhancement of our spirituality through the fear of God.
And he practises what he preaches, a striking case being the fervour in which he learned about lawn bowling when he was elected president of the Malaysian Lawn Bowls Federation in 1997. In a few short years, he was able to raise the standard of the game that was previously almost unknown in the country. He even authored a book titled Lawn Bowls in Malaysia: The President’s Memoir last year.
Ahmad Sarji was charged with the responsibility of implementing the “Look East” policy while reporting directly to then Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. In that time, he ensured the inculcation of work ethics by introducing the Clients’ Charter and applying techniques such as Quality Control circles, and organising a campaign against unproductive practices as well of clearance of arrears of work in the civil service.
A God-fearing man, Ahmad Sarji believes that unproductiveness or low productivity stems from a lack of godliness.
“Today, although management has become a complex thing in the private sector, the government has resolutely introduced best practices in corporate governance, including the requirement of quarterly reports, appropriate filling up of directorship and introduction of key performance indicators (KPIs).
“KPIs constitute useful tools to measure productivity; they represent landmarks in the evolution of management practice in the GLCs, which are needed to evaluate performance and sustain the best practice in management.”
And KPIs, he stresses, must be carefully monitored.
“Reward and punishment is a useful mechanism. If a manager does not perform, action needs to be taken on him. Bonuses should be disbursed in relation to profitability – a policy that must be honoured. There should be no mystique in running a company but rather, transparency and accountability.”
KEY POINT 5 : Performance EvaluationTransparency and accountability are crucial, with no compromises.
Ahmad Sarji who attributes his leadership and management principles to the valuable lessons he learned from his parents, grandparents and teachers, says, “I do not have any lofty or pristine principles, but merely simple principles which my elders have passed on to me.”
In this increasingly complex world, simplicity in wisdom and wisdom in simplicity might be the right moral antidote.

p/s I am an ordinary member of MIM. Live life simple enjoy its richness

Saturday, May 06, 2006

BBC Chairman resigned

BBC Chairman resigned. Because his colleagus didnt support him on the opposition motion about an MP interference in the Malacca customs which was published in the newspapers. All MPs are elected by the people to do business in Parliament for the benefit of the people. It is not for the government. In this case the party whip becomes the Lord over the peoples' representatives. Shahrir resigned because his conscious couldnt accept his tenure. I think the party whip should go and let MPs debate in the August House and it shouldnt be detect by the whip of BN. In this case we better dont go for election. What's the point when MPs can't bring up issues even the opposition table it first? If it is for the good of the people, it should be supported not otherwise. It is time PM should clarify. If he doesnt do it, then he is no different than Dr Mahathir. Currently he is surrounded by too many ministers which I think he has no confident with himself. Too many cooks spoil the soup........When Parliament is in session, all MPs and ministers should attend. They know the dates and duration and why disappear from Parliament? Diary is a form book for writing appointments and so they better use it to the fullest. Parliament is supreme and all elected representatives should attend......period. Maybe I am dreaming here....I dont see ministers attending Parliament except when the King opens Parliament sessions or an address by the prime minister. The PM should let the deputy ministers run the show when Parliament is in session. This is the way to groom leaders to take the helm of government. Will they do it?

Malaysia.....sakitlah mata dan telinga...nampak MPs hanya memandangkan diri mereka saja kesian rakyat jelita ini..

Thursday, May 04, 2006

mazda & toyota

I didnt tell about my cars. Mazda and Toyota. One bought on mainland the other on the island. One day Mazda got her fever. Maybe she was for many years. Because of Toyota. You dont believe cars get jealous.....? Unlikely scene. No life you mean? What about spirits in lifeless things? I think Mazda got jealous with me. I drive her around only in the evening nowadays and I dont take her out for long journey anymore...because I think Toyota is much better on the road and bigger size than Mazda. So she silently plan her devious ways to fool me. She let me drive her around for short distances and I didnt suspect anything amiss. When her paint turned ugly I had to send her to the paint shop to make over. Mazda went with blinking eyes. Now you see she seemed to tell me. So she stayed in the paint shop for about 2 weeks before I finally took her home. On the way she gave me the puff and pull and stalled her engine. I was quite annoyed and I revved up the engine thinking maybe she didnt drive for the last two weeks. She got into life and I drove her until I reached the T-junction. Then suddenly I heard a loud cranking noise....the whole engine stopped right on the T-junction. She couldnt move at all. Then a mechanic friend passed by. He came to help me. I pushed the car but it couldnt start either. Finally he said he had to tow it to his workshop. The following day he told me Mazda needed a new engine. The old one died on me yesterday. Now Mazda got a new conditioned engine of 1500cc. Mazda wants to vroom believing this is the trend on the road. Of course now she has more vroom than before. Now I had to send back to the paint shop because of water leaking and other rusty problems. Maybe she will stay there for another week....The next stop will be at Puspakom for her certification.....this is her final test and I hope she passes it.

Toyota too has her problems. I changed her fan motor today. She gave a lound squeaky noise once awhile on the road or at stationary. Now she is alright. So one has to take care of these women(cars) otherwise one wont get a chance to ride on her................

Malaysia.....Proton cars have so many problems...even to buy need many feedbacks to make a buying decision.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

the spirit of gotong royong lacking

Gotong Royong is to cover the areas within the section of a housing estate. This is what would be done. In the rule of thumb it shouldnt go beyond its boundary. It belongs to another section head to determine his own needs. Unless he wants to participate in joint operations to clean up the adjoining areas. Sometimes it is difficult to get these people to volunteer on a Sunday or public holiday to clean up their respective areas. Bearing in mind these people need rest or the usual clique to spend 'quality time' with the family ( I always wonder what happen to them every quality time with family or friends?) The mindset always differ to offer assistance when it is required. It is something unfamiliar living in the city. You can't find many people come out to make a picnic in gotong royong. Days of the kampong life is going off to twilight. So when I was in Kota Kemuning I saw a notice asking the residents to chip in their times for gotong royong. I didnt see many people turn up. This section 104 is rich with people and professionals but the outcome wasnt encouraging. When the residents themselves didnt want to spend a few hours to clean up their own places, they wont get outsiders to help. I saw them cleaning up the playground only. I again wonder what about their own areas along the road...drains...perhaps side roads too...I hope next time the association can do a better job...It was the first time I saw them doing the kampong it is so easy for every one to come along then drinks and cookies/cakes sometimes fried mee/ nothing at all!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I was in Shah Alam for the 3 days until 1 May 2006. I stayed around section 104 Kota Kemuning. A quiet place facing the golf field. This type of neighbourhood one won't see the friendly neighbour type. It isnt the kampong way of life. It is to each to his/her own. Nowadays eating at the coffee shops/restaurants in Kota Kemuning is expensice. It is something like 100% jump compared to my present place. Some items jumped to 2-3 times. Because the people who stay in Shah Alam are well to do type....? With these stiff prices I can last for a whole day. Here for one person costs something like $9 whereas at my place cost around $3...comparing with similar items and drink. Anyway I dont return to my home state that regular so I dont try to hide my displeasure over the prices. Take it like I am on holiday. I went to see Pangsapuri Tasik and so happened I met a real estate agent who showed me an empty unit. She told me the owner would sell for $272,ooo/- I just nodded my head. In my mind I could buy a landed property in Kota Kemuning for a double storey house. So I just took her card and said thank you and I was off to drive away. Before that I was talking to the guard who told me some agents sold way beyond the actual price of the condos. I am thinking the property slum will hit the market soon. Now with the rising BLR, it isnt easy to sell houses/condos/apartments. The contraction will hit the market but the developers and banks arent selling the drawbacks. They advice to invest in is a good buy for investment. Stop. Listen to the whispers floating in the market and the gives you a semblance of what will happen...

When I went home I went to the net to check the prices of the Pangsapuri Tasik(Lake Condos) in Kota Kemuning. The prices range from $198,000-210,000 per unit nothing of the high range of $272,000. Some real estate agents try to muscle in to make a quick buck. So it is good to check out with other agents or view website to feel the prices range for this location. I feel the price can go down say around $10k-15k for a unit. Bearing in mind this condos has maintenance fee. I dont ask then but I guess it can be around $120 per month because it is gated, security post and swimming pool. Anyway I haven't decided to buy. Right now I want to settle my two houses first then I decide.

Shopping in Subang Parade, Ikea and walked around The Curve and also k-four. Bought a few things - plants, ink and hangers. Actually spent many hours in Ikea had lunch there too. aggressive and dont get bullied by thy neighbours!

Monday, May 01, 2006

labour day

Labour Day. So what is new? The conditions of work maybe have improved but I have a feeling it has not changed drastically as expected by the government. Safety is one of those concerned expressed so many times for the work place. It is still lacking in most work places. Unless there is a law to cane the bosses then I think it will move like there is no heaven. Now every boss will take his/own sweet time to get certain requirements done. Excuse? Money. Econimic is bad so it has to forgo. You hear it all the times. The company directors will take time to implement it and as such the workers will try to improve because too much noises they make lose their jobs security and hence their families, cars, houses, education, etc....Advantage the company bosses. This is where the government should really consider caning the errant bosses and reward the responsible CEOs. Right now the government is pro-business so the workers will have to fight on their own and they shouldnt depend so much on the government for assistance. The government will take so many general elections before something concrete is done. So for those who are working HAPPY LABOUR DAY!

Malaysia.... a long way to achieve that humans is the best asset.