Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the magik river flowing

Malaria gone
The smile on his face
Antares will be up
Fishing on the Magik River

What dirt he will dig
We wait for his spin
The journey never ends
Until a new party takes

In Putrajaya
Wasted money
On the wide open space
Populated by a majority race
1Malaysia hardly the game

The spin of male dominated lamp posts
On the streets openly displaying
Maybe nobody thinks about it
As they drive passsing through

No need RCI
We just change the party
With some help from friends
One such person

The Magik River
The dirt we have seen
Only a change will make it
Putrajaya will change!

the christmas tree

The Christmas tree
Standing tall by the glass panels
Glittering lights hanging decorative objects
Presents under its wings

The children eyes glow
Knowing there are presents
Eagerly waiting to receive
When it is time

The Christmas of giving
Teaching all to do
Gifts coming along
Wrapped up in time
and colourful wrappers delight

It's the season
The merriment on the way
The journey of goodness
Saying thanks for the year

the white and golden bird

The white and golden bird
Into the oven staying hot
Heating up with closed eyes
For 45 minutes bubbling wide

In the beginning the polishing
Glazed with oil and rosemary
Sprinkled it evenly soothing its soul
Before the chef made to the oven

The fingers touching pressing it softly
The bird never knew where it was exported
Into the home of a tropical Asia
The thunder only could be heard
In the hot oven no truce came

When it was done
The carving knife came
Slicing it into pieces
Laying out on a platter

Across the table
The layout was done
The centre piece
The welcoming ceremony
The white and golden bird
Finally it was done

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the game is over

Amino Selangor
Your past glory is gone
Don't dream on it any more
Just pack your bags and go

Selangorians know
The past misdeeds for all to see
The toyol runs hiding in shadows
Trying his best to spring surprise

Saying how good he was
Plundering the alleged state wealth
For alleged gains and cronies
Afraid to tell the truth

Paid alleged demonstrations trying to gain support
The crude ways of old isn't working any more
Amino Selangor don't dream of glory
You had your chances for over 50 years
You blew it in March 08

Now many skeletons came
Clogging the minds answering dead silence
It is now over for Amino Selangor
Just pack your bags and go

the christmas lighting

The fear gone
The eyes still feel the shadows
Lurking behind in his mind
As a child he has to take his time

In times he will
As the process of growing up
He will look ahead
Learn a bit here
A lot more in years to come

Now by the Christmas tree
Glittering lights smile on his face
The small step he has taken
A bigger role he will play

The fear gone
What the adults think so
Watch carefully of his bashfulness
He still has some yarns to learn

Not of his sister
The modeling instincts she rolls
Captivating she wants to display
On the pictures she poses
She is born natural
The way she will be

know the ground rules

Friends, lovers and affairs
Discreet in the beginning
Blowing out in public
When stir-frying getting hot
People will know

Youtube and other free sites
Boyfriends seeking cheap publicity
Revenging of lost affairs
Putting it up to discredit

The silent crying
The remorseful episodes
Friends, lovers and affairs
Nothing new only different players

Know the way of affairs
Lovers and sweet talking and video cameras
Play thing becomes vengeful toys
So know the ground rules
Don't get trapped

toll and toil

Toll and toil
On lowly paid wages
The express bus drivers
Falling asleep chasing money

Accidents on highways
Accidents on toll booths
Deaths occur frequently
How many deaths?
Before mandatory rest periods?

Reports and investigations
Nothing concrete will come to the fore
Like golfers practising hitting balls
“Fore! Fore! Fore!”

How many deaths before waking up?
In the buses and on the streets
Enforcement weak resulting deaths
And the bus itself safety compromise

Toll and toil
Deaths on the streets
Sleeping drivers chasing money
No rest company dreaming profits

Monday, December 28, 2009

parents dont lose focus

Parents don't simply ignore
Leaving children in the park
Crowded with people
Don't think children are safe

The monster predators
Walking with borrowed children
Looking for preys to catch
When targets are found
A few minutes a child is lost

Parents are guarded with eagle eyes
Don't let distractions take away your focus
By the time you look back to the children's playing
Some children may have got lost..........

The monster predators
They need a subtle distraction
Once the opportunity is there
They get on with it quickly

Don't blame anybody
Parents watch your children
Tell them no to strangers
As they play on innocently


Malaria and Antares
Missing in Action
We wish him well
For Magik River
It must flow again

Malaria medications plenty
In time Antares should recover
In ICU for his protection
Missing in Action
In his column for now

The Magik River awaits Antares
For the news must flow again
We pray for his speedy recovery
Let the stories flow in cyber-space

In God we trust
In the ways God makes magic
Into the river God will make it flow
The stories we need to know

the trendy grandmother

Walking in the park
The trendy grandmother and grand-daughter
Top hats and sunglasses sun shining bright
As they walk they feel the moment
Of a time it brings back memories

The child will grow
As the years getting on
In the pictures moments of memories
The trendy grandmother sharing her history

Down on the streets
The sun shining brightly
As they walk towards a dream
Of a time it brings back memories

Walking in the park
The windy breeze blowing away
Cool air brushing its presence
The trendy grandmother and grand-daughter
As they walk towards a dream
Of a moment of history

let the glow shine

Don't scare me
Don't scare me
In the dark alleys
The howling dogs echo

Don't scare me
Don't scare me
In the moneyed world
Every one tries to get in

The cut ways
The illusionist tries
The world in the eyes
You can't bring along
When death takes away

Don't scare me
Don't scare me
Live the way you know best
Let the glow shine

People want their ways
Let them get the headaches
You have seen and heard enough
You don't have to follow

The world enough ills
Don't clamour for the misery
Let the moment flow
Let the glow shine

Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry christmas

Merry Christmas
To all who celebrate
Don't get all broad base
Spending more in the end

Enjoy in moderation
In the recession goods costly
As you do walk the journey
Say a prayer for the unfortunate ones

It is also good to find
Christmas isn't a religious concept
It is the worshipping of Sun God
On December 25...............

Since we enjoy merriments
Don't think about religion
Cultivate friendship and tolerance
Share cakes and drinks
Salute to our well being
And say a prayer to God
Letting us go free

monster predators

Monster predators
On the loose again
Gunning for young girls
To satisfy sexual needs

2 years kept low
Now come out from hiding
Maybe foreigners
Go home waiting for new contracts

Malaysia the hunting ground
For the police playing politics
The criminals running at ease
With money many can escape

The underworld lords
Reaching right through
With wealth and power
They seem to control

What more with monster predators
Knowing the police can't move quickly
They can pick their choices
Then they escape

So parents and guardians
Don't be complacent
Police in politics
The streets and alleys
You watch out for your charges

For police will make you run around
They forget they should serve the people
They think they are the bosses
We have to run their errands

leaders of mca

Leaders of MCA
Don't drag your feet
The problem you make
Now unstitched it

Is it power you craze?
Finding hard to let it go?
The leaders come and go
MCA what is the price?

Maybe it is time
To fold up
1Malaysia slogan
The nail hitting it through

As the leaders playing hide and seek
The solution is obvious for them to see
Why wait and pretend?
Go for fresh election
Once and for all get it done

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the empire is going down

The empire is going down
Into the deep hole it will fall
Once it hits rock bottom
Nothing will be saved
Goodbye for stealing public wealth

The decaying cracks
The leaking walks to the press
Some may try to hide it
The smell of decaying
It can't fool the dogs

The newspapers playing on fear
Creating conflicts wanting to make a scene
People are now smarter than years ago
Welcome to the world of internet
Nothing will be hidden.................

The leaders must understand
You have stayed your welcome
Protecting your interests and cronies
Forgetting the roles of serving
The ordinary people and country

The empire will disintegrate
Into tiny pieces falling away
The break-up will be inevitable
The unfairness finally sinking in
The coalition partners finally see the light
They get the crumbs and small tokens
This isn't talking of partnership

The light will be closing soon
A new chapter; a new party shall rise
Into the 21st century and beyond
People you are in history
Make it counts soon!

umno like a volcano

Umno like a volcano
The years of good harvest
The OKU get a good run
The public funding smiling to the banks

Now the eruptions
Brewing small doses
Firing lava dripping on the slope
The years of good fortunes
Finally slowly showing its abuses

Yet the OKU run
Tomorrow isn't the day
Squeeze as many as possible
Let the public pay

The agencies low profile
Let them bleed the people
Money isn't belonging to them
When problems arise
Let the public deal with the politicians

Not all are bad apples
The OKU some are good
They believe in Allah
So the know the boundary

There are a few
Earning the correct ways
The believers of tomorrow
In the realm of Allah
They must answer
There shouldn't be any lie

the truth will set you free

Merry Christmas on the glow
Jingle bells and lights
Christmas trees decorated
Displaying a pagan ritual

the celebrating of Sun God
December 25 it is said
Roman Emperor wanted support
For the Roman Empire to prosper

With one stroke he made history
Every one embraced Christianity
With their rituals of Sun worship
Incorporated into its routines

Now Christmas is commercialized
Into business and profits.............
The last messenger warned them
Learn the truth and the truth will be free

Rituals of paganism
Jesus warned in his time
No idols worshipping
Do Christians heed his advice?

Say a prayer
Learn the ways of God
Learn the truth
It will set you free

$50 million jet engine gone

Jet engine disappeared
Right on the base
In 2007 now only got the news
Is there a protection?

Najib was the minister
Why was it not highlighted then?
A $50million engine stolen
From the base yet the public kept in the dark

The Bee Anne government
Always leaking in its administration
The truth will be hidden
Now it is expose
“No cover up!”

The people can't believe
In 2007 nothing was told
End of 2009 the expose incident
And Bee Anne government says
“Get to the bottom of it!”

Too many covering ups
The Bee Anne government singing
It is the sign of empire decaying
Now people learn the truth
We better change
Else we will be changed!

babies for sale

Babies for sale
The authorities chasing
When parents can't take care
Let the babies go
For those who can love
Give them a life to live with

The adoption procedures
Maybe there are too many red tapes
Leaving the would be childless couples
Going to the black market

Babies abandoned on the streets
In temples or mosques or churches
Some just leave the babies
Crying abandoned on benches

Now the babies rescued
To the welfare homes they will go
Where are the love and care?
In orphanage they will grow up

By law it is wrong
Make it easy for childless couples
Adoption should be a breeze
Else the underground will work

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

local government elections come on!

Local government elections
Promises many in any situation
At least fulfill one to appease
“ A promise has been kept”

It seems Pakatan forgets
Citing laws contrary to its promises
Laws are man made; it can be removed
There are reports citing certain sections of a law
Where the local government election can be done

I feel Pakatan in Selangor
The government should allow
As you suggested at least one local government election
It brings many cheers to the people

Khalid Ibrahim should wake up
As a corporate perfectionist before
He shouldn't forget about promises
During the March 8 election

Test it in one local government
Let the people feel wanted in the process
Promises must be kept by the politicians
Else they will become history in the next poll

God give God take

God give God take
You can't hide; you can't prolong it
When the time arrives, you know the drill
Praying hard it will be too late

Some say “I pray so hard”
Yet the going rate still no change
God give God decide
We are put here
To study and learn process

We have our minds
The way the journey unfolds
Many may fall on the wayside
God know all about it

The strong and powerful
The weak and meek
The rich and poor
They share the familiar traits
We live on borrowed lives

Help one another
Any small way to make it better
It is no use praying
It is no use saying grace
When you don't do it
When you are called
You become the innocent bystander

God give God take
You can't hide; you can't prolong it
No matter how many times you pray
When you forget the small things
You have failed

you are alive

You are alive
Go and play your games
Why worry what people say?
You are your own
Doing what you know best

When you are dead
Who want to know?
Maybe in obituary
Letting the world know

Life a passing parade
When you are alive
Go kick some butts
Don't live to regret
“I should have done this and that
Huh! It is too late six feet underground!”

Age shouldn't be a factor
Live the fullest of your moments
Within the borders of one convictions
Sail your dreams and living it

the sound of broken pieces

Roof collapse
Again in Terengganu
The second wave
The express bus and taxi roof down
Sheets of glass shattering on the ground

6 months after the stadium
The shoddy works came to town
Now what Bee Anne will spin
“Study the cause luckily no one died”

The messages clear
The power will collapse
The sum total with the taxes
The doom of an empire

The seeds of destruction
It is coming for Bee Anne
God has heard the prayers
The changing will arrive

Is Pakatan poise for the role?
It has a year to put act together
Else the changing will be a pipe dream
As the people will seek alternative party

Roof collapse
The bus express and taxi terminal
Broken sheets of glass shattering sound
The signs of small broken pieces
Soon coming to our ground

ordinary folks easy to say

Sex, lies and excuses
No leak video tape?
About fate about silly ways
Enough to go back history

Ordinary folks easy to say
Only the celebrated humans finding hard to reply
Is it true you got married today?
“Excuse me? What? Me? No!!!!”

The trumpets blowing
The high notes into the sky
The wind carrying it through
The truth hard to say outright

Sex, lies and excuses
Folders for magazines and newspapers
Let the reporters hit the trails
Write about them seeking publicity
Then when enough has been written
Coolly asking for privacy!

Monday, December 21, 2009

life is a gift

Life is a gift
Enjoy the journey
See your world
Far or near it is you

Only one life
Once you forget
Many diseases come to take
Hiding in your systems
Slowly taking it away

Life is a gift
Enjoy its fruit
Remember to pray
For God can take it away

The angels always around
Reporting and recording events
Do good deeds as life flourishes
Earn credits to sustain life
Wrong moves in your journey
God can take it away

kampar bridge tragedy

Kampar bridge tragedy
The pirate of pangkor brushing it away
Saying it was illegally built
Why the authority didn't know?

It claimed 3 lives
Acrossing the bridge and collapsed
Now it was reported of weak foundation
Why the authority didn't know?

No action so far
Brushing away responsibility
Catch the contractor
Hold the officers involved
Answers must be found

Why the contractor gave it free?
There must be something involved
The authorities mustn't close one eye
The ordinary people demand to know

The Kampar bridge tragedy
The backdoor government wants to close away
Putting blame on others...............
Thinking people will forget

life a circle of time

Life a circle of time
Moving around and around
In the light and in the dark
The seasons that it brings

The posts you make
The resumes of footprints
What you take along
What you leave behind

The circle of time
The events of life
It will cycle back
Haunting the dark
As you try to forget
It comes running

In the light
Time moving endless
You feel you are
The magic of life

Life a circle of time
Paradise and hell
Death and reborn
The cycle flourishes
As life begins
taking different forms

taxing burden

IMalaysia people's first
The fool we have been
The puppet on the strings
Pulling here pulling there
We fall without a clue.....

The Bee Anne wagons
Dragging on the streets
The noises advertising
Amino smiles

The credit card tax
Annually $50 a card
Saying to control spending
Saying to avoid debts
Who is fooling who?

Then we hear of GST
A burden to the ordinary people
A wrong calculation
The people have to foot the bills
About $6.7 billion a year

The toll charges will burden
Granting concessions to the crony players
It seems the toll will be forever
Even in Penang 2nd bridge
A toll for 45 years concession

Before we switch off the lights
We hear TNB asking for a raise
Burdening the people with its multiple calculations
Easy way to do business
TNB makes it so cumbersome

Property Gain Tax
People want some income
The government wants a share
There goes the retirement plan

Don't you think it's time to change?
The end is near Bee Anne losing focus
History will tell of empires
The burden of heavy taxes
The fall from grace
The people make it so!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

it's time a changing

Plans and targets
All laid out to see
Good news and bad
Some say it is just PR

Walk the talk
The way it should be done
Voters don't get hooked
Your future and beyond counts

Too long in government
The elected leaders forget
The ordinary people needs
They squeeze it out plenty

We know what Bee Anne do
The wealth chest digging out in open
Though the leaders try to put up diversions
We know it has happened

Now Pakatan tags
The 3 parties agreed on common platform
It gels into political cohesiveness
These leaders too must walk the talk
Else they are just nothing
A dirty coin ringing the familiar tune

It's time a changing
For the country needs fresh approaches
Change the concept of government
We the ordinary people should decide
We are the bosses; we want our dues


Sugee Sugee
In the hot oven heating
Spreading aroma enhancing smell
The mind goes into it

The golden colour
Even out smoothly
Sugee Sugee
It will be born in the oven

As the aroma spreads
The hot oven singing
The pastry chef smiles
The golden colour beckons

Ah Sugee!
The formation complete
The texture golden
The holding temptation glow

learn the ways

Learn the ways of life
Learn it best as you get through
Don't live with regrets
Recognize it a part of living

Who never makes mistakes?
As you go along with your journey
Along the way bad company
Along the way bad influences

In the beginning you think how great it is
The way of taking possessions
The way of talking about self influences
The way as if life belongs to you

Humility never crosses in your mind
You think the world owing it to you
You cross the journey laziness creeping in
You lose your way; your lose your soul

Payments come in many forms
One after another tags into your life
You can't get away; you can't hide
You cry in your sleep
As you beg to get it over

Learn the ways
The positive outlook
It enhances values
You don't have to worry

parents heartaches

The lovers get married
Be parents one day
Planting seeds to the future
Hoping the children support

Years down the road
Passing sweet memories
The children show colours
Some parents cry in sleep

The wild oats spread
Parents get sleepless nights
The wild party goers
Parents have no say at all

Truancy and indiscipline
Life on the fast lanes
The wild ones go rampage
Parents shading tears of sorrows

“When ask why no helping around?”
The sarcastic reply “I never ask to be born!”
The nails into the parents hearts
The regrets and sorrows flow
The children of Satan
There is no control........

The lovers get married
Thinking life can be a bliss
Yet in the lonely nights
Tears and heartaches break
When children go wild
Living lives as they wish

there is a time......

There is a time to seek God
There is a time to seek your way
There is a time to exchange
There is a time to find solace

You can't say everything
God come to help.........
There is a time for God to appear
There is a time you must find your way

There is a time to pray
There is a time to seek guidance
There is a time to show humility
There is a time you must help others too

Don't forget you must be like Jacob
Taking it all in his strides
Believing God will come
When he never gives up

When the loads are heavy
You find you are drowning
Pressures and hardships weakening soul
Will you seek advice when face with it?

God will only help
Those who help themselves
Work hard for your life
Show humility and grace
The journey will never end

Saturday, December 19, 2009

the wheel of fortune

The wheel of fortune
It cycles along each life
Many times it rolls along
It doesn't wait for you

The wheel of fortune
The wealth will come
Patience the way
It always wins

Once you fail
Impatience prolongs the agony
Hear how many complain missing the boat?
Yet the wheel will spin
Be there just spend some times

No one is born equal
The inequality drums into life
So recognize it as you grow
Take your opportunities
Even small ones will make a bundle

The wheel of fortune
Many chances in life
Only patience will win
As life moves swiftly along

the wheel of fortune

The wheel of fortune
It cycles along each life
Many times it rolls along
It doesn't wait for you

The wheel of fortune
The wealth will come
Patience the way
It always wins

Once you fail
Impatience prolongs the agony
Hear how many complain missing the boat?
Yet the wheel will spin
Be there just spend some times

No one is born equal
The inequality drums into life
So recognize it as you grow
Take your opportunities
Even small ones will make a bundle

The wheel of fortune
Many chances in life
Only patience will win
As life moves swiftly along

change the civil servants games

The Bee Anne leaders
Whipped up the civil servants
They are the ones who implemented
Rules and procedures

The bottlenecks at them
Public calls always at meetings
The top brass seem so busy
Running the administration
Long lists of complaints

It's no use publishing roadmaps
From the top down the lines
Opening to public views and suggestions
When the civil servants never change

The roadmaps to fulfilment
Start from the bottom up
In this way services will be done
Change the mindset of the civil servants
Then the ordinary people can benefit
It's a long way to get rid
The 'Ahini' in the administration

telling us why

The lightning strikes
Across the sky
Once you are hit
There is no escape

God's anger
Once a while
On God's sign
Telling us why

Maybe it has nothing
Yet the forces once hit
Lives can be gone
And people question why
The innocents must die

It's a sign
There is God
You can't hide
Telling you why

Friday, December 18, 2009

faces of life in the world

Going blind
Only when old age comes
Touching reality
Dreaming of those good times

Some are born blind
Others through carelessness
Striking at the sight
Stay healthy good habits

Growing up years
Knowing the pitfalls
Sometimes it makes mind crazy
Resulting in blind vision
Refusing to accept its ways

The freedom of growing up
No more cocoon protection
You are free flowing with the wind
Only this time worrying alone

As you get used to the new
The stability will return
The bouncy self will flow
Into the new form
Spreading wings capturing light
As the days bring surprises
Sad, sorrow, happiness
The world is a stage
Act on it the faces of life

what will tomorrow become?

Dotty Dotty on the go
Shopping around the world
With money flowing like water
Dotty goes thinking of tomorrow

Dubai, London, Paris
New York, Los Angeles
The bright lights plenty to buy
Dotty swinging along
The cool fat cat roams

New Delhi Mumbai
Bollywood hunks welcoming signs
The parade of well connections
For tomorrow will come

PR works smiling for cameras
Clicking all the way home
Dotty knows what she can do
The cool fat cat meows
The rats run hiding in the holes

The power on the dot
The way it will for a short while
The ordinary people will know
When the time arrives
They have to decide

Yet for Dotty
Hot pursuits spending like water
For tomorrow she is afraid
What will she become?

ipoh hollywood

Ipoh Hollywood
Along the highway
Zambry and gang spent
The rakyat's money $800,000
For what value?
Telling people where Ipoh is?

Ipoh is known
Michelle Yeoh
Blazing trails in Hollywood
Giving free publicity

The pirates can't wait
Plundering the wealth
Knowing the fate unfavourable
The Federal Court will rule
The Constitution is right

It was reported
The palace wanted it last year
Nizar didn't approve
A waste of money
It had no value
Only the pirates smell the aroma
Quickly got it done
One letter costing $100,000 each

Now the Perakians wait
The time Bee Anne will know
You will not see what's coming
Go on play your games

malaysian football

Is there light for Malaysian football?
The footplayers didn't score in Vientiene
The Vietnamese did a favour scoring own goal
So what's the hurray all about?

Now the Bee Anne jumping wagon
Talking about $60-70 million programmes
The ordinary people should be aware
Milking the public funds Bee Anne knows best

20 years couldn't shine
The years millions gone away
Now there is a reason
Pumping millions again
Malaysia won the gold in SEA Games

In KL 89
The same method arguing the game
Then everything gone downhill
Until this year SEA Games

Bring it 1Malaysia game
Involving the other races
Maybe there will be a true revival
At it is nothing significant
We are still far far far behind!

we game for a change

Hit and run
The political dogs wag
Licking tongues hidden goals
The ordinary people will not know

Sweet tongues in election
Wanting your vote promising millions
As the flood-gates open
Only empty promises
Yet the ordinary voters
Game for a change

In this 1Malaysia
Many work as One
For the agenda camouflaging images
Read properly know the hidden roads

The curse of the black gold
Eyes glow heartbeats pumping
The shining wealth cursing allegations
Yet we game for a change

Now 1Malaysia
Doing the PR exercises
Country's wealth eroding
“Come give us a hand!”

The political dogs
Barking wildly
As the gates close
The voters see emptiness
Yet we game for a change

Thursday, December 17, 2009

the way of humans flow

Days in the sun
You watch the antics flow
On the streets; in the offices
The way of humans glow

Days in the moon
The bright light shadowy figures
On the streets; in the offices
Chasing wealth even others sleep

Days in the shadows
Subtle ways intrigue games
Only the sound; darkened images
The way of humans flow

Nights in the mind
Working day and night
Earning hard for the money
The cycle begins all over again

pr why keep silence?

PR don't run away
Of issues people want change
Don't follow the pack
Of Bee Anne and its drawbacks

Local elections
Bring it on
Why keep silence?
Ignoring requests

Rules and laws
Man made can be changed
Just tell the voters
The votes will come in

PR don't take us for rides
You will suffer in agony and shame
You know the rules and laws
So don't talk cheap
We aren't fools in blind fold trap

We want change
It has to come
There is no two way about
For the people or nothing

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

time will go

Time will go
It doesn't wait for any one
Whatever one has to do
Do now before it is too late

Today turns yesterday
It just comes so quick
One can't see it coming
By the time waking up
The morning sun blazing through

A new day
About yesterday
One keeps wondering
What has been done?

When can be done today
Finish it get moving
For time will not wait
It will move by quickly

i will grow old with you

Love cherish
The memories
As the passing years gone
Life partners may go
Leaving one alone

On the bench or any where else
Walking sometimes smiling
Of memories rupturing the mind
The sweet remembrances touching souls

The true love
Sometimes romantic flow
Though one may grow old
Leaving the world

Nothing will stop
The love and memories
Sharing through the years
Stitching life together
Pursuing dreams and adventures

“I will grow old with you”
The way love blossom
Enduring the long journey
Of old age and dreams

of life many faces

The “Berlin Wall”
The rockers wail
Smiling at the flow
Of life many faces

The places they go
Planting footprints
Sometimes to recall
Returning home
Of a time earning glow
In memories the dreams unfold

Overseas journey
Seeing and listening
Taking pictures to remember
The places of interests
Stitching memories portfolio of dreams

On the “Berlin Wall”
The rockers stand
Without drums and guitars
Only the smile
“We are here!”

you only know the moment

Don't think you have all the time
When life moves; when life changes
You will not know its directions
So make it fullest every day

Life swings as the day moves
The light and cloudy images
One minute sunshine; one minute rain
When you sit down take a break
Think about it

You only know the moment
Where you see and dream
What's beyond you aren't aware
The deciding factors bringing good or bad

So don't think you have all the time
Learn every moment; cherish every memory
Enjoy what comes along or what you seek
You mustn't think you have all the moments
You may not finish the race.............

uk visa rules

UK visa
The 20,000 over staying Malaysians
You aren't doing the country proud
You make us looking bad

Don't think of your rice bowl
Working illegally hiding away
Never for a moment think
What disgrace you bring!

UK visa
The overstaying Malaysians
By your action the majority will suffer
Coughing out $1,200 fee unrefundable
Approved or disapproved on application

The way the world see
Malaysians a long way from learning
Rules and laws they forget
The village champion in the world we fail

UK visa
We will be bundled away
Imagine we want to progress in 2020
Yet a minority make a fool of majority

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the people must vote for change

Anwar and BTN
During his heydays
He was part of the regime
Now 16 years later
Umno used it to haunt him
Why only Anwar video tape?

Politicians change
The political objectives
In one's journey
Leaving Umno

Sacking him for something he never did
Only to pull Anwar down
So that others in Umno could rake in riches
Milking the country for the cronies

Some underhand tactics
Release other leaders tapes too
Anwar was just one of the leaders
Giving speeches in BTN

Now Anwar a changed man
The years of his sacking
Put in jail changed his plan
He is fighting to give a better living
For the people and country

GE13 will knock the doors
Do the right voting cut the noose
Let the chain reactions begin
Feel the wind and freedom soar
Into the bright shining light
The people must stay united
Change will come; it has to come

babies for sale

Babies for sale
Millions racketing
The childless couples coughing money
Just to get one crying baby!

When you are in love
The person in your eyes
Is it because of producing babies?
Then the love is really shallow!

When you get married
Babies aren't the bargain
When you get married
It is the person glowing in your eyes

Why after marriage in years going crazy of babies?
Life shouldn't be short-changed with your partner
You get married to the one you get involved permanently
It isn't about producing children to populate the Earth

The orphanage has many unwanted children
The abused children housing in welfare homes
Go there to find the choices you can make
You don't have to cough out thousands
You may get them with sincere gratitude

Babies for sale
The childless couples wrong choice
You get married not because of producing children
You get married because you loved the one glowing in your eyes

the languages of the world

The mass production graduates
Jamming up the queue in the job markets
Qualifying posts these graduates come up empty
With qualifications poor command of English

In the commercial world
English shouldn't be left behind
Learning languages many the better
These graduates must learn to prosper

The government can't employ
This isn't the way to cut civil service list
It has already ballooned to 1.2 million
At one point it is touted to reduce to the figure
With privatisation projects

It never happens
The graduates hope and wish
The government will come to aid them
Spoon feeding never ends

Learning languages
The advantages to be gainly employed
The market trends the world at large
Don't be a frog
The coconut can't be there forever

the long goodbye

The long goodbye
Underground for all eternity
The silence of the God
Listening to the call

The day the hot sun
Shining golden rays penetrating deep
Into the deep sleep souls
Knowing nothing feeling no fear

The night the cool breeze
Sometimes the bright shining moon
Spreading her wings of light
Shadowing it with dewdrops fall

The long goodbye
Underground for all eternity
The songs of angels caressing souls
Brushing away tears and sorrows
Waiting for the call
God will say
“Come home children!”

the crappy confinement rituals

It depends on wealth
Richer you are easy lay
On the bed let the maids do
Life will be easy
Nothing to worry

The poor can't afford
Less than a week confinement
Off to do the chores
Working for the money
Many mouths to feed

The crappy confinement rituals
Only the old wives tales.......
Amongst themselves living of the old
It can't be applied; it may sound silly

Resting to heal the wound
Get back the energy knowing more to do
It isn't easy to feed many in the homes
Only what make you enjoy
Feeling good doing it
It will make you happy
Seeing the world around you

Monday, December 14, 2009

balance diet

Don't be a miser
The health will bring disaster
Down the road years later
And you wonder why

A balance diet
A sure bet of healthy runs
Look on the bright side
Healthy body active mind

Unbalance reciepe
A sure fire of diseases
It will crop up one find day
And you wonder why

Years before
You think you are young
Body healthy mind can take it
In between the cracks appear

A balance diet
Many years of good health
Don't be penny wise pound foolish
When the bad hits the road
You will lose more

woods affairs

Tiger Woods
One freak accident
A can of worms on affairs
Blowing up on his face

Putting greens
He thinks he is good
Winning titles earning billions
Yet he forgets
He is a family man

Pursuing off courses
Affairs on the alleys
Hiding facts wind blowing
Now he canned in

Many women
Claiming got him between the sheets
The hounds get plenty of juices
Telling tales spreading wild fire

Now he hides
Golf put aside
On family and his wife
He has to pursue with total commitments
When everything around him falling

Tiger Woods not the only one
In centuries they were many
Riding on the affairs blowing them away
Until God decide to put it right
The sorrow and shame, dignity and grace
A long time to heal and forget

the sentul village

copy from zorro-unmasked

The Sentul Village
The century old dwelling will go
By 15/12/09 for new developments
Saying the old has no value

Tomorrow the bulldozers revving in
Sinking its jaws on the helpless homes
“People's first Performance now”
The trick majority seems to fall

It is money in the eyes
Pockets need to get full all the time
Any prime land within the city
“Goodbye folks it is mine!”

It reminds me of my village
Uprooted and made way
For concrete buildings and highways
Fully congested and smog get into your eyes

Footprints all gone
Nothing only in memories
Few days ago I was told
This highway I cut rubber trees
Passing through streams and small waterfalls
Drinking streamed water
and refreshing natural secondary forest

It is sad to see
The people needs always fall
Money seems to be the object of envy
The Sentul Village another one to go

come drink with me?

So many complaints
In the press and reports
What you have done PM?
Still the old hands scratching

Now you want people to say
The opportunity as you put it
Come say your piece
Tell the government what to do

I think you know the answer
The equality of the people
Let no race be treated special
Let each one earns the race

Let there be no racist
Amongst the leaders of Bee Anne
Let there be opportunities for all
No leg up to any race

The Constitution has spelt it clearly
It is the King's pregorative to decide
It isn't to any government leader
To say and implement certain priviledges
Nothing ever said of percentages

It is just an eye watch
Digging up sentiments trying to sparring ideas
It is all slogans then nothing concrete comes along
Treat every one race equally
No special incentives for any race
They should earn it with skills and knowledge
It is the country not of a race


You ran away
On your allegations
Of abuses and tortures

We may not know
The truth of your life
Now the Syariah Court ordered
You must return to your man

You have your choice
You should know better
What you want to do
With a life you had been through

Count your blessing
In your own country
You may live free

Sunday, December 13, 2009

the perception will go underground

They say silence is golden
They can't pin on you
As long as you don't say
There is nothing to implicate

They don't tell you
Silence can be guilty
Of events or things get done
When there is no smoke
There is no fire.............

When smoke flowing in the air
The perception will tell on you
So silence will dish you in
In the flames burning like hell

They say silence is golden
They want you to fall from grace
As long as you keep quiet
The perception will go underground
You will be found guilty
When small fire raging like hell

dont be choosy

Don't be choosy
Finding jobs to earn a living
Uneducated or graduates
Life isn't a bed of roses

Don't be choosy
Take what job comes your way
Start living pay your bills
Learn the experience
It helps in the long run

Don't be choosy
No need working in offices
Go for high paying jobs
Dreaming will not make the pain going away
It is still glued in the beginning

Don't be choosy
Grab the opportunity
Make it worth the time
Until a good one comes along

Be a taxi driver
Be a small direct seller
Be a small hawker
Be a tourist guide
Learn the trade
It has to start somewhere
Only don't be choosy
Life isnt a bed of roses

the beggars of no regrets

Beggars on the streets
In market places and complexes
Enduring the heat and stare
Decades ago genuine suffering

Now with syndicates involvement
Pestering on emotional give aways
Of sentiments seeing the beggars
Disfigures and broken limbs
Giving alms pitying them

Then we realize
What extreme disfigurement they endure!
Just not to work but to beg
On sympathy of ordinary folks

The syndicates go for aids
Using these beggars for profits
Our emotions running astray
Seeing these disfigurements on the streets

Yet these beggars
They are fooling us of our sentiments
Parting our donations believing for a good cause
Now it isn't
It's the sydicates making the money!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

the small fishes

The small fishes in the net
Struggling to get free yet it is done
In PKFZ fiasco the scrape goats finally unleashed
3 are charged in this $12.5billion project

Former minister too may rope in
In this biggest scandale in the country
The truth must be found to cleanse her image
The fiasco had tarnished the country's creditability

The judge too lenient
Allowing small bail without surrendering passports
Is this the way to capturing culprits?
Is this the way the shadow playing?

The closure of PKFZ
It may take some years to unravel
Now the laws have set in motion
And Macc where are your action?

It's time the people wake up
Enough of Bee Anne administration
Too many decades on the job
It has become stale and inefficient
Time for a new kid on the block
To bring forward the country's developments
When GE13 comes along
People know how to choose
For you and your next generations
Choose wisely

the balance of life

The balance of life
It comes in pockets
One emptying a new one comes
In it nothing is said or done

Sometimes good wishes
Sometimes testing of faith
Sometimes dropping tears
Sometimes wondering where's the magic
It's the balance of life

It makes you realize
There is a bad and a good vibe
Learn it to stabilize your journey
When it falls, be ready to shoulder on

Like Job of the old scriptures
Testing him to his utter disbelieve
Yet he shoulders on his tasks
Believing there is light in the darkness

The balance of life
The taste of good and bad
Be prepared when it falls
Drop a few tears yet shoulder on
It comes in pockets
The journey will unfold

Friday, December 11, 2009

the years passing by

The years passing by
So quietly in our lives
Childhood friends we meet
Decades finally say hello

The eyes of the yesteryears
Some you may recognize
Others you can try to remember
Placing events or something done

The smile and wishes
The years take its toll
White hair big bellies
Drinking beers eating well
No exercise always saying no time
Earning wealth seems the way

Yet the years quietly taking us away
Leaving us breathless as one tries to recall
Memories of childhood reflecting back
Life changes faces change

When we talk
We seem back to the familiar ground
Linking the past to the present
Reconnection of years gone by

The footprints had gone
Concrete buildings and highways
Places knew now obliterated
Only in memories the cries of birds
Dogs and cats, lizards and poultries
Black Maria and gangsters
Flying kites and playing marbles
On the ground now concrete buildings
And tarred roads to highways

We live memories
Of the years gone us by
The present all scattered around
Only meet on special occasions

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

talking is cheap; action brings the work

You want to lead
Yet you don't show the way
Talking is cheap; action brings the work
Leaders must learn; they aren't made

Every day there will be changes
New developments and ideas come along
Leaders must adopt to new ideas
Where it brings stability and pursuit of wants

Nobody should live
On old ideas hoping the best
Leaders must embrace new innovations
Coming in fast and furious paces

Any leader fails to recognize it
He will fall back behind
Crying with tears of missing opportunities
Who is to blame?

macc actions not promises

A new head
A deputy gets promoted
In Macc promising changes
It isn't words the public wanted to hear
It is action and action without fear or favour

Perception of unfairness
Perception of selective prosecutions
Perception of bias in its investigations
It is how the public read the report

Macc gets the bashing
By itself making its darkness
Constitution provides the framework
These officers infringe on it
Until the High Court ruled
“Day to day” means working day
Starting 8.30am to 5.30pm

The deputy knows
Now he should make it right
Reopen the files on the high profile cases
On UBN leaders allegedly creating wealth

Catch the big fishes
There are many under investigations
Files are closed for lack of evidence
Yet the physical images for all to see

Macc time to make it right
Guard the country's wealth and catch corruptors
Be brave and honest pursuing your tasks
Above all be humans too

no web browsing

No web browsing
Streamyx is hiding
Paying services
Long time waiting

Friday Saturday and today
Streamyx dares not show its face
Hiding in the darkness
Biting its fingers wishing sparks light it

Let the engine runs
No it never happens
TM can't get it up
It has cut itself
Competing with its adversary

No web browsing
TM net can't find the fault
How the nation want to progress?
When IT speed is so slow...........

The company likes to compete
Advertising with gimmicks and products
The speed of IT forgetting
Now Streamyx is sucking
And I can't get on to the web

wall lighting 2

The garden wall light
One more gone on strike
It isn't bulb fused
It is the wiring connection

The buried cable
Maybe the palm trees got into
Uprooting it breaking its connection
Buried under the earth
Nothing can be seen

I tried to change bulb
Nothing came out of it
So one more gone
The wiring snapped

Now I must call the electrician
Rewiring the wall garden lights
This time fixed on the concrete wall
With casing to protect the cable wires
On sun and rain we never know

wall lighting

Wall light on strike
A few days ago it happened
I thought it was the bulb
Changed it yet nothing came to light

I brought the wall lighting set
To the repair shop hopefully get a spare part
The electrical technician broke the connection
Inspite of I told him there were two screws to remove

So I took it back
A lost cause hanging on the wall
Rain or shine the electrical line isolated
It feels safe for the other wall lightings

Today I bought a new one
Thinking it could help
Nay there is no light too
So my final countdown
The electrical wire got shot
Now it is beyond my ability
DIY only at the fixing bulbs
Maybe some wiring connections
And I wasted money
Buying a new set wall light

streamyx wake up!

You just never wake up
I can't access
Yesterday, today and tomorrow?
I can't even tell

Your opponents
Cut for better coverage
Touting the customers
Switch broadband
4G on the rise

Access so slow
Speed 11
Don't just fool us!

You are slow coach
Running your Streamyx
Better wake up and take the challenge
Don't say you have done
The connection is still slow
In this highway broad bands

the ghost of TBH

The ghost of Teoh Beng Hock
Floating in Macc uilding
Guards who saw his soul
Watching in the night

One asked to be transferred
It is too scary to see the ghost
Of crime happening in Macc building
Until MACC officials change
The way they interrogate

The bad image
Macc has become
The death on its building
The truth must be found

Yesterday its chief resigned
Citing enough of his time
Maybe TBH getting into him
The ghost waiting for his soul

Teoh Beng Hock
He will not rest in peace
The unfateful day he lost his life
The officials must be held accountable
They can't be scotched free

dont waste your life

Don't waste your life
Doing the unproductive pursuits
When you are young
Learn the ropes then go out to get it

You may have 30 years
To plan what you need
Within this time frame
Work hard to get your dream

It may be big or small
Within it you must acquire
Living life of bliss
The satisfaction of pursuits

Don't waste your life
Getting into mess or disease
Life will pass by so quickly
When you wake up
Age has arrived

Friday, December 04, 2009

life can be gone

Life can be gone
So go out and enjoy
The little pleasures life bring
As you take the stage

Life can be gone
Within seconds or a wink of an eye
So enjoy the best you can
You shouldn't live with regrets

Life can be gone
The day or night
The seconds ticking by
You never know
Only enjoy the life richness
While you have it

Life can be gone
The richness will not help
It's only credits earned
Where angels will sing
As you step down from Earth
Into another journey
The God's way

umno and its newspapers spin

Umno and its papers spin
On DAP stepping pictures on its former colleagues
What that got to do with them?
They spin man they spin!

When Koh Tsu Koon picture was torn
By Umno members nothing to say
Quietly Umno and its papers hidden away
Facing the truth they failed

When Umno leaders spin racial slurs
Nothing was done everything no laws to touch them
When Umno leaders engaged in money politics
Again nothing was done they got free
Macc turning a blind eye

When Azhar showed off his butt
In the Penang State Assembly
Did Umno leaders say anything?
Did the PKR MP say something?
Nothing to say they are tongue tied
Even the its newspapers silently kept quiet!

When Umno and its partners burning pictures
Of DAP leader outside the State Assembly
Is there comment from Umno leaders?
Nothing on uncultured members......
Everything for them
"Kami semua bolih!"

crimes watch

Crimes watch
It makes you alert
Of the uncultured gangs
And the polished savvy groups

Besides religious brainwashing
The doctrines of yielding to the power that be
The fear of banishment of one's thoughts and reasons
The shackles drilling into the minds
Until you don't know the truths and lies

Crimes watch
In many forms getting into our lives
The daily journeys; the daily works
Learn to recognize
Where evil plans to execute

When you mix with good people
You will learn the good and treasured life
When you mix with bad people
You will learn the ways to get into others
Taking what they have as your own
When you believe in God
There is the way to salvation

Yet it is your own
Crimes watch
It makes you
Stay alert walking free
To the destination
You seek to find
Dont get lost
When temptations cross your way

Malaysians ashame!

"The penalty imposed on Fatine may be more severe than the two-year passport issuance deferment as he has brought great shame upon us," Immigration Department director-general Abdul Rahman Othman said

Abdul Rahman, you really want to know what SHAME is?

We should be ashamed that:

That 114 cases involving illegal funds transfer were detected from 2006 to 2009.

In March 2008, a wife of a senior minister transferred funds amounting to RM600,000 to Dubai. Between June and August 2008, a 'Tan Sri' transferred 3.5 million pounds sterling (RM22.2 million) to the United Kingdom.

Last week, Bank Negara confirmed that it is investigating Negeri’s MD Mohamad's alleged transfer of RM10 million to London.

Last week billions were siphoned off in Sarawak!

Shouldn't we be ashamed that:

630 Malaysians leave the country everyday!

304,358 Malaysians were reported to have migrated from March 2008 to August 2009.

You not ashamed of:

our shambled judiciary

our mounting crime rates

illegal immigrants galore in our midst

2000 over deaths in custody

There are too many things for us to be ashamed of, I am ashamed of these, are you?

The Bank Bumiputra twin scandals in the early 1980s saw US$1 billion (RM3.2 billion in 2008 ringgit) wasted;

The Maminco attempt to corner the world tin market in the 1980s is believed to have cost some US$500 million (RM1.6 billion);

Betting in foreign exchange futures cost Bank Negara Malaysia RM30 billion in the 1990s;

Perwaja Steel resulted in losses of US$800 million (RM2.56 billion). (Eric Chia was charged with corruption for allegedly steering US$20 million (RM64 million) to a Hong Kong-based company.) but was acquitted.

Use of RM10 billion public funds in the Valuecap Sdn. Bhd. operation to shore up the stock market;

Banking scandal of RM700 million losses in Bank Islam;

The sale of M.V. Agusta by Proton for one Euro making a loss of €75.99 million (RM 348 million);

Wang Ehsan from oil royalty in Terengganu amounting to RM7.4 billion from 2004 – 2007;

For the past 10 years since the Philharmonic Orchestra was established, this orchestra has swallowed a total of RM500 million;

Thursday, December 03, 2009

it isnt about one man

The fix up charge
It will go to High Court
Medical reports say no penetration
Yet the judge wants to hear it out

The same arguments
No peneration no charge
It is the fix up charade
Afraid of one person
Derailing Bee Anne

It isn't about one man
It is the ordinary people
They have heard enough
The changes will come
By the people as they make a wish
Change of government
For ourselves and the future
Don't Bee Anne get it?

Playing the dirty game
Using the underhand tactics
The ordinary people have heard
Don't take us for granted
We want change
So it will be!

stay alert walk or drive

The streets of Malaysia
Walk with eyes wide open
Drive with care and alert
You never know the madmen's rage

Crimes commit every day
In broad day light along highway
Don't take security for granted
The streets in Malaysia
Stay alert walk or drive

In housing estates
Gated community safety in doubt
You think you pay for security guards
Patrolling the streets days and nights
Yet you mustn't lose sight
You make your own security
All the times

Turn the pages
The newspapers will report
Robberies and deaths
All for goods and cash

The streets of Malaysia
Walk with eyes wide open
Drive with care and alert
Protect yourself every day
Eyes and ears tune high
Be on guard always

where's the protection?

Cars accident turning violence
Police couldn't control the crowd
The mob got angry turning on the driver
Smashing up him full view of men in blue

The police allowed it to happen
Allowing the mob to attack a man
No help to control the situation
The angry mob they should be charged

The police will forget
The incident in their eyes
The smashed up guy should sue
The police and the guys hitting him
In this clip enough evidence

The men in blue
They failed their duty
They didn't handcuffed the attackers
On a defenseless man

Prisoners die in prison
In many mysterious ways
Now in open public view
The police allegedly failed to protect

The police never changed
In the years I knew and saw
Punched and kicked gangsters
When they rounded them up
In trucks and Black Maria

Some how it looked like a failed state
The present government has to be blamed
Many migrate every day....................
We must change the government
When GE13 comes along
Else it will be downhill......
For us and the future generations
video in youtube pandan mewah road accident 31/10/09

where is the compassion?

Fatine got married
In a civil same sex marriage
It was said
A British guy in UK

Now UK immigration rules
Fatine must return home
On technical ground it seems
Fatine afraid to return

Immigration chief here
Fatine will be banned for two years
Where is the compassion?
A woman in man's body
Trying to live a better future

The dilemma
Unless UK immigration relents
The way out for the same sex couple
Legal in UK illegal in Malaysia

hiv on the rise

HIV on the rise
Don't you know?
Life will be gone
Sexual intimacy and drugs abuse
Multiple partners sharing needles

Learn the rules
Of life pursuits
Learn to play safe
Why want to show?

Casanova game is over
You have your chances
Now the crying shame
Tears will not help
Death writes on the face

HIV on the rise
The stigma writes its way
Living it regrets plenty
Why forget?

We don't have 9 lives
Once inflicted a sad goodbye
HIV on the rise
Learn the rules
Play safe all the times

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

lovers displaying

The world their own
They will do
They don't think of others
Smooching in public
Parks and bus stops
Others feeling uncomfortable
Watching them affection in public display

They don't think
Only their eyes matter
As they go frolicking

Some in cars
Thinking who will know?
Yet displaying get caught
In web world displaying blown

Tears may fall
Lovers finally get a shock
When video clips start appearing
In the world wide web....

ah sugar!

Sugar sugar
People blame you
Death at the door
As they consume more

Sugar you are so sweet
Every one loves you
Addiction becomes routine
Everything must be good

Ah sugar!
The white drug hunting us down
On every step we take
Into our bodies working us death

The addiction easy to get
For a few ringgit it lasts in weeks
Nothing to worry about supply
Every shop every hypermarket every retail
It is there waiting, stalking for the addicts
Of sugar in all type of foods

Ah sugar!
The addiction comes slowly
When it rules in the body
Death stalks waiting to take away!

breakaway without fear or favour

Judges impartiality
You can't toe the line
The political master wishes
As you decide

Cases come under your care
Give out justice fair and square
Give light to the Judiciary
it is now in a bad light

Judges your obligation
Judging without fear or favour
Apparently this has failed miserably
The political master wields the power
Rendering the judges obsolete

Judges you are paid by the taxpayers
Rendering jobs recognizing your roles
The separation of powers under the Constitution
Don't bow to pressure bring them to book

This you must do
Save the Judiciary
Going down the hill
It will be a sad day
Now you still have a chance
Breakaway without fear or favour

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

we forget our noble birth

We have the gifts
Of minds and experiences
On the daily basis of pursuing wants
Yet we still find others bending hell
Imposing their views and characters
Intolerating resistance to the hilt

We are given the gifts
The way we behave and think
We are humans born for a reason
To inherit the kingdom of God
Yet we behave like monkeys
Forgetting the noble purpose
Why we are born..............

We are given the journey
Learning all the way home
Of the kingdom written by God
Yet we never learn

Look at us
The gifts of life
The way of death
To be reborn live in Garden of Paradise
But what have we learned?
We let sins interfere our lives
We forget our noble birth
Of the kingdom of paradise

flavours of life

Flavours of life
It doesn't come in silver platter
You have to go out and make it happens
Which way you want to go

It's in your own routines
Learning and acquiring it
Admit mistakes and move on
Past is a guide post
Don't dwell too long
There is life beyond

Flavours of life
You are alone decide
You have a choice
You make your own difference

Don't put blame on others
Don't try to hide your weaknesses
It's the flavours of life
You make the difference

mca you feel ashamed

You feel ashamed
Greedy leaders let you down
Even internal problems
You find no answer

The leaders what are they thinking?
Working for the party and community
This is the main thrust of its existence
Now it is personal agenda........
All because of 3Ps

MCA you cry in shame
Yet the leaders turning a blind eye
Don't they see you losing balance?
It is greed forgetting about creed

MCA you know your time
It's the ending you don't like it
Tearing apart its existence
For the leaders greed and glory